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Example sentences for "braying"

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brawn; brawny; braws; braxy; brayed; brayn; brayne; braynes; brays; braza
  1. The young traveller was awakened from his profound slumber by the discordant braying of the asses grouped under the windows of the hotel.

  2. Our companions were awakened early next morning by the coming and going of travellers at the inn, a noise which was only dominated by the braying of asses.

  3. Not even the roar of the cannon overhead and the crashing of timbers, the shouts of the combatants and the rattle of the small arms, and the braying of the trumpets and other instruments, could altogether overpower those sad cries.

  4. Yesterday I heard a donkey braying down the gully, and this morning he is braying again.

  5. The world seemed to expand about him, to grow luminous with the glory of great deeds; he had the braying of a hundred trumpets in his ears.

  6. His breath seemed to her more unsavoury than the miasma of a gutter, and it needed but the sound of his voice to bring all her baser passions braying and yelping against him.

  7. Much to our surprise, however, about ten o'clock, just as we were about going to sleep, we heard a mule braying about half a mile to the rear upon our trail.

  8. My recollection is that, observing a braying donkey with tail erect, he argued that if the tail were forcibly kept down, as by tying a stone to it, the braying would not occur.

  9. There are braying men in the world as well as braying asses; for what’s loud and senseless talking, huffing, and swearing any other than a more fashionable way of braying?

  10. You would say the croaking of the crow in the desert was the burden of his song, and that this verse of the Kurán was intended for him, "Verily the most detestable of sounds is the braying of an ass.

  11. I should not perhaps find the roaring of lions in Africa, or of bears in Russia, very pleasing; but I know no beast in England whose voice I do not account as musical, save and except always the braying of an ass.

  12. The braying of the donkey was to Cowper the one exception in animal life; but he never heard it in its proper conditions.

  13. They make a noise like the braying of an ass; -- hence the name.

  14. An implement for pounding and breaking or braying substances in a mortar.

  15. Then, as she and Anthony went towards the house, the old lady looked up from the braying stag and found herself alone with her sister.

  16. When it lifted again, there was the flash of gold and colour from the Greenwich road, and the high braying of the trumpets pierced the roaring welcome of the people.

  17. Trains of sumpter mules and squires with led horses mingled with the infantry; and shouts and laughter, the braying of trumpets and neighing of horses, mixed fitfully in the soft south wind.

  18. For three years had the trumpet of war been braying loudly over the land: and England's best blood, marshalled into the field, was arrayed on both sides of the fraternal strife.

  19. Still other slaves filled water-skins which they strapped on the backs of asses and drove the braying beasts to distant points where springs and streams were not; so the labors of men went on.

  20. Train on train of lowing, braying beasts were driven from out the land; and so soon as their tails had ceased to switch in Syria, a cry went up for more.

  21. The mouth of a braying ass is closed with the dust which wise Boabdul sendeth as a gift to Ninus.

  22. He finally went to the braying ones, and, having begged their leave to address them, he began a stirring discourse on war and peace that lasted a considerable time.

  23. They were greeted by a multitude of noises: barking dogs, braying asses, mewing cats, and grunting pigs; noises that seemed like an ill omen to Don Quixote.

  24. The braying troops remained in the field until evening, but since no opposing army appeared, they returned to their village after dark.

  25. Both of them were expert in braying, and they decided to place themselves at different ends of the forest, each one braying at intervals.

  26. Do you not hear the neighing of the steeds, the braying of the trumpets, the roll of the drums?

  27. Then the knight cut the rope, and they started to drift out into the stream, while Dapple was braying and Rocinante was trying to break away and plunge in after them.

  28. I hear the white-nosed donkey in the distance braying at me, with an overpowering echo of contempt.

  29. I verily believe that I support half his army in the bands that are for ever braying out their discordant sounds in my streets.

  30. Well, Uncle Lucky and Billy Bunny took turns giving those pills to that obstinate braying donkey.

  31. The directions are on the cover," she said, handing the box to Billy Bunny, who ran back to the automobile to give some to the poor donkey, who was braying dreadfully just then.

  32. So Uncle Lucky thought he'd tell her what was the matter with the donkey, for the donkey was feeling pretty miserable and wouldn't get out of the automobile, but just sat there braying every once in a while in a mournful way.

  33. In the day-time the prevailing sound at Alexandria is the braying of donkeys, diversified by the grunts and moans of the almost equally numerous camels.

  34. The hum of human voices, the grunting of the camels, and the braying of donkeys, kept up an incessant din, and therefore some minutes elapsed before my attention was attracted by a wordy war which took place beneath my window.

  35. I should not perhaps find the roarings of lions in Africa, or of bears in Russia, very pleasing; but I know of no beast in England, whose voice I do not account musical, save and except only the braying of an ass.

  36. The monster braying with unusual din Within his hollow lair, and sore amazed To see such sudden inroads of the light, Alcides press'd him close with what at hand Lay readiest, stumps of trees, and fragments huge Of millstone size.

  37. And the sound of voices and laughter, and the neighing of horses and unearthly braying of mules, all combined to render that (my first) bivouac a something to be remembered forever.

  38. After this there was a profound silence, broken only by the distant barking of dogs and braying of donkeys, sounds which never cease day or night in Cairo, and Hassan fell asleep with the song on his lips.

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