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  1. Here and there the picturesque costumes worn by the natives of some cantons still faithful to the old usages.

  2. Large flags wave slowly in the light breeze and the many-coloured banners of the different Swiss cantons hang from every angle of the high roof with its many turrets, which surmounts this gate.

  3. Peace with Spain followed in the summer, while Sweden and the Protestant cantons of Switzerland recognized the republic.

  4. They are now divided into cantons and give little trouble, though some differences have arisen between them and the government about land questions.

  5. Thomas's Eve, the deputies of the Cantons met at Stanz, in Unterwalden, for deliberation on matters of the highest importance connected with the welfare of the Confederacy.

  6. It was in vain that the cantons of Glarus and Zug sought to interpose their mediation, and that meetings were held in various places to reconcile differences.

  7. The so-called Sonderbund of the seceding cantons was dissolved.

  8. In the forest cantons the freemen met in the open field on stated occasions to enact the laws and transact the duties of legislators and judges.

  9. The spirit of freedom prevailing throughout diverse communities brought the remainder of the Swiss cantons into the confederation.

  10. The first liberties possessed by the various cantons were indigenous to the soil.

  11. Darius contemplated a great expedition; he wished to cross the straits with a large force, but not to pass to the west against Macedonia and the cantons of the Greeks, but to the north beyond the Danube.

  12. The cantons of Hellas were the aim towards the attainment of which Megabyzus and Otanes prepared the way.

  13. Yet it suited him to enter into negotiations with the Spartans, who after a series of successful contests against the Pisatae, Argos, and some cantons of Arcadia, had obtained the foremost place in the Peloponnesus.

  14. Beyond the Aegean Sea a branch of the Arian stock had developed an independent civilization and civic life in small mountain cantons surrounded by the sea.

  15. Herodotus only tells us that the whole kingdom was divided into cantons for the support of the king and army; a full third of this burden fell upon the satrapy of Babylon.

  16. These had formally apportioned among them the regions of Asia Minor, and each one of the three cantons raised its fixed tribute from the territory laid under contribution.

  17. The five cantons gave up the Austrian league document to be destroyed, undertook to defray the costs of the war, and agreed that the majority in each canton should determine the faith of that canton.

  18. In this way all the cantons referred to, with the exception of Bern, were won.

  19. At the diet at Lucerne, the five cantons resolved in September, A.

  20. But when each of the cantons interested claimed to be made the episcopal residence negotiations were at last suspended, and in 1828 six small bishoprics were erected under immediate control of Rome.

  21. In the other German cantons the most diverse theological schools were represented alongside of one another, yet with steadily increasing advantage to liberal and radical tendencies.

  22. Since that time the Jesuits settled there in crowds, and assumed to themselves in most of the Catholic cantons the whole direction of church and schools.

  23. In the other German Swiss cantons they did not confine themselves to the use of the Psalms, but adopted unhesitatingly spiritual songs by both Reformed and Lutheran poets.

  24. Even after the treaty the five cantons continued to persecute the reformed, and renewed their alliance with Austria.

  25. The champions and representatives of the cantons and bishops appeared there in May, A.

  26. In the five forest cantons the Catholics had the upper hand, and there every attempted political as well as religious reform was relentlessly put down.

  27. This led the forest cantons to increase their cruelties upon the reformed.

  28. Either all conjectures deceive, or in a short time we shall see the whole of Europe in a state of war, for already the seven cantons are said to murmur.

  29. That town, then independent, and already Reformed, was united by a treaty of alliance to the Protestant cantons of Switzerland.

  30. The deputies of the Reformed Swiss cantons were met at Zurich to treat about the union with the Lutheran Church.

  31. When there, he received a visit from the Reformer in May 1545, when on a tour to Berne, Zurich, and Basle, which he had undertaken in order to rouse the Protestant cantons in favour of the unhappy victims of Cabrieres and Merindol.

  32. Many mayors of cantons (not to speak of the district mayors) put up their bundles of seeds and herbs with the printed statutes.

  33. It will be seen, by a glance at any map of Switzerland, that the district which forms the canton Valais is, in reality, nothing but a ravine sixty miles long, between that central chain and the Alps of the cantons Fribourg and Berne.

  34. The nobles hated him, and hoped to drive him back to the Swiss cantons from which his father had come.

  35. Of the cantons in Asia Minor, Xenophon particularises that of which the muster-place was the plain of Castolus, as that of Thymbra was for the army of Syria; Herodotus also mentions the Aleius Campus in Cilicia.

  36. Herodotus expressly mentions the cantons on this side the Halys, and consequently we must conclude the same to have prevailed on the other side.

  37. It would be madness to be seen in so many cantons where searches end in a riot; in Burgundy and the Lyonnais, where castles are sacked, where aged gentlemen are mauled and left for dead, where M.

  38. Bavaria is divided into four Cantons or Provinces, viz.

  39. I ought to add that in France the mayors of the chief towns (or chefs-lieux), the arrondissements, and the cantons are nominated by the Government at Paris.

  40. It has been unluckily discovered that these names are the old names, somewhat disguised, of certain cantons of Germany.

  41. The shields of the Cantons which formed a frieze above the panels shone brightly, the or and azure, gules and argent of their quarterings, undimmed by time or wood-smoke.

  42. He might lift up and cast down at will, might rule the Council as his creatures, might live to see Berne and the Cantons at his feet, might leave Geneva the capital of a great and wealthy country.

  43. He has of course no control over the legal courts of law attached to each provincial government; he has a Cashier and a Secretary, and each province is divided into Cantons (Sres), over each of which a captain rules.

  44. In fact, on one side the AEdui complained to him of the devastation of their country by the Harudes; and, on the other, the Treviri announced that the hundred cantons of the Suevi were preparing to cross the Rhine.

  45. On another side, he orders the Gabali and the neighbouring cantons of the Arverni to march against the Helvii, and sends the Ruteni and the Cadurci to lay waste the country of the Volcae Arecomici.

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