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Example sentences for "capsizing"

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  1. He was afraid of capsizing the canoe and being unable to get back in it.

  2. He would have pulled through with credit, but for the slipping of his pole on a point of coral rock, when he fell heavily in the water, capsizing the craft as he went overboard.

  3. The canoe was half full of water, and as it would have been difficult for Ned to get aboard without capsizing it, he swam to the nearest key, while Dick paddled the canoe to the shoal water beside it.

  4. Dick landed on his back in the water, capsizing the canoe as he fell.

  5. On one swift bend, around which poured a healthy young rapid, they lost two hours, making a score of attempts and capsizing twice.

  6. This fell on the boughs beneath, capsizing them.

  7. Roger yearned to look behind him again, to ascertain how far away the white squall still was, but he dared not turn his head; all his nerve and skill and courage were now needed to enable him to beach the boat without capsizing her.

  8. Striking down the first kayak with his enormous tusks, the infuriated animal ploughed through the miniature fleet, capsizing and breaking up the four tiny crafts and drowning the unfortunate hunters.

  9. Soon frozen solid, it attracted another bear, who rushed at it and after capsizing it was killed by a volley from sailors lying in wait.

  10. Of one critical situation he reports: "The heavy sledge was continually capsizing in the rough ice.

  11. The spectacle of confusion is fairly completed by an unfortunate slip, which has left the person of the unhappy victim a stumbling-block for the general capsizing of the hurried file which is following in his footsteps.

  12. Two others now followed up the attack, armed with heavy stones, but they were shot in quick succession, one of them falling overboard and capsizing the canoe.

  13. On returning to the settlement, we found some excitement prevailing, for two of the inhabitants had just been drowned by the capsizing of a boat near the landing-place.

  14. And if it was true--well, he did not see how they could have done otherwise than stay and help him out of the water after capsizing him into it.

  15. I am not angry with you for capsizing me this afternoon.

  16. Those who were really careful had anchored their sledges to a peg firmly fixed in the snow; others had contented themselves with capsizing their sledges; and others, again, were even more reckless.

  17. Personally, on such occasions, I used the only remedy I could see -- namely, capsizing the sledge.

  18. One of the bars was wrenched bodily from its setting, throwing the Sub to the ground, at the same time capsizing the lamp.

  19. He was kicking right and left, almost capsizing the bulky form of his captor, the while yelling and shouting in a blood-curdling manner.

  20. In an instant I faced back, just in time to prevent the vessel from flying up into the wind, and very probably capsizing her.

  21. Besides, we may get into bad company-- uprooted trees, floating islands of weeds, and all sorts of things that would make nothing of capsizing us.

  22. Capsizing means feeding the fish, and I've a great objection to being used for that purpose, without taking into consideration my duty to my passengers and men.

  23. He served the company through the noon meal, although it was all he could do to refrain from capsizing the big tureen of split-pea soup over the head of Simon Nishikanta.

  24. A roar of laughter from the passengers greeted the capsizing of the fox- terrier and the good-natured gravity of Michael.

  25. I witnessed last summer the capsizing of a boat resulting from this desire.

  26. Galloping now, the game little mare was hard to guide, but Manners stood up and fairly dragged her around the corner, the dust whirling in clouds from the flashing wheels, the buggy nearly capsizing by the sudden turn.

  27. It had swung clear around after capsizing the canoe, and was shooting along at a rapid pace, as though to make up for lost time.

  28. The plank dropped into place, and by a reckless swing and drop Hocker landed fairly in the center of the boat, very nearly capsizing it.

  29. That a canoe could go through such a place without capsizing seemed an utter impossibility.

  30. The serjeant, brief in hand, is thrusting his angry face through the front of the capsizing vehicle, vehemently threatening penalties and vowing to bring an action against his coachman.

  31. The reply was, that in a sudden flaw of wind, which came nigh capsizing them, not an hour since, the cutter had lost all four foremost men by the violent jibing of a boom.

  32. Next moment one of the officers was at the helm, to prevent the cutter from capsizing by being without a steersman in such an emergency.

  33. There is no danger of the boat capsizing or the water splashing into the barrel.

  34. Illustration: Boat Made of a Barrel Which is Kept from Capsizing by Timbers Attached] The boat is to be propelled with a single, double-end paddle.

  35. They were much liked by the boys and girls of the village, and were at once a part of a jolly group, each of which party had a separate detail to recount in the capsizing of the canoe as they had seen it.

  36. It bagged out like a huge balloon, holding the wind and nearly capsizing them.

  37. Moreover it just slides out from under one, without even capsizing at all.

  38. This little squadron sailed from Cowes on June 2nd, and on the 7th a frightful disaster befell them, the Prince George, under circumstances not explained, capsizing and going down.

  39. I was thinking that your boat must have taken several minutes in doing the capsizing trick.

  40. It must have been a leisurely capsizing to give them time for that.

  41. When this result was reached, it must have been fully an hour after the capsizing of the boat.

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