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Example sentences for "capsized"

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  1. Before the whale could turn, he was alongside the capsized boat, dragging Noll over his own gunwale.

  2. Brander started toward where lay the capsized boat, the swimming men.

  3. Fred did his utmost to avoid it, but he was too slow, and a second later the pointed log not only struck the side of the canoe, but capsized it.

  4. The capsized schooner was drifting rapidly down the stream.

  5. At length he felt convinced that it was a vessel, either capsized or with all her canvas lowered.

  6. The first two were capsized and sent back on the beach, which the people in her (or rather out of her) very easily regained, as if perfectly accustomed to that mode of proceeding.

  7. In those days the range was in a primitive state, and coming down my mate capsized his dray.

  8. Well, here is a paragraph in this paper, which says he capsized the coach in Elderslie Street, opposite your office.

  9. Tassard lay on his back, snoring hideously, his legs overhanging the capsized bench.

  10. I durst not lie down in her; if nature overcame me and I fell asleep in a sitting posture, I might wake to find the boat capsized and myself drowning.

  11. Buoy I ran foul of; it nearly capsized me," he thought.

  12. A boat capsized in a squall of wind, and none of the three boys could swim; so they were all drowned.

  13. The more prudent of us protested against the folly of this course, well knowing that we would be capsized in the surf and dashed to pieces on the rocks.

  14. A strong flaw from a gap in the land struck us suddenly, and would have capsized us had we not let go every thing, and clung to the weather gunwale till it was over, when we quickly pulled down the sail and took to the oars.

  15. Just then another breaker broke on board and capsized the boat.

  16. Cause we should be capsized before we had time to wink.

  17. There is no reason to doubt the truth of the story that a Kandavu chief, whose canoe capsized a mile from the Serua reef, when attacked by sharks, was protected by his men, who formed a ring round him as he swam.

  18. Mana, a Soro native, capsized in the open sea, called upon Ndakuwanka to save him, and a shark rose near him and towed him safe to land by his back fin.

  19. Fuller, leaning over the side waited in eager expectation of the anticipated explosion, quite prepared to find the seaplane capsized under the blast of the terrific detonation.

  20. A swinging table occupied the centre of the floor, with four revolving arm-chairs, the feet of which were clamped to prevent them being capsized in heavy weather.

  21. The killers were a source of anxiety, for a boat could easily have been capsized by one of them coming up to blow.

  22. A case of provisions which had been placed on them to keep them safe had been capsized by a squall.

  23. The 'James Caird' was nearly capsized by a blow from below as the berg rolled away, but she got into deep water.

  24. When the 'James Caird' was afloat in the surf she nearly capsized among the rocks before we could get her clear, and Vincent and the carpenter, who were on the deck, were thrown into the water.

  25. At one stage a terrific gust came along and capsized the sledge.

  26. We were almost instantly capsized into the dashing, foaming sea.

  27. Thus we sat for twenty minutes or half an hour, expecting constantly to be capsized and flung into the sea.

  28. We were hurled up on a wave, and from the crest I saw the capsized jolly-boat some distance off.

  29. The longboat was heavily weighted and it probably capsized soon after it left the ship.

  30. He capsized backward into Shand, knocking him off his seat as well.

  31. Joe capsized of his own weight, and, slipping off the end of the table, found himself on his back among broken dishes on the floor.

  32. The sledge capsized and both Meares and I were thrown down somewhat forcibly.

  33. Then we crashed on to the ice ridge beyond this crevasse, the sledge capsized and rolled over and over, dragging us three with it until it came to a standstill.

  34. The beholder struck him with a pole, and in revenge the serpent capsized his boat; but he forbore to eat his enemy, and, diving to the bottom, disappeared.

  35. She watched until the speck faded in the twilight--then leaning over the side of the boat she capsized it, and passed from the view of men.

  36. The sail lay flat upon the water, with one poor fellow under it, while another, encumbered with a big overcoat, was floundering in the waves; the third succeeded in climbing to the upper side of the capsized sloop and sitting astride of it.

  37. As we were naked, and the cold was very great, the oars loosened in our hands, and the next blow the sea struck us, capsized the boat.

  38. We now spiked the cannon and capsized them into the mud, where they instantly sank, and I had time to look around on the scene of conflict.

  39. Here all hands of the rogues who were in the secret, began again to roll about and grimace, as if a travelling menagerie of baboons had suddenly burst, and capsized its inmates all about.

  40. And yet the men went out, fought for hours against the wind, and the boat capsized twice.

  41. Then came a fearful wave, the boat capsized again, and we were cast ashore.

  42. Having arrested the carriage in its downward course, the next thing was to get it on its perpendicular; and this we accomplished with the assistance of the same three mules which had capsized it.

  43. This is a retired part of the country, and half Scotland might be capsized in one of its loughs, and we not know of it, for a week, down here in Devonshire.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "capsized" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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