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Example sentences for "catlike"

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  1. Moving with a catlike tread toward the door, he put his hand upon the knob.

  2. In a far corner of the lumbering machine Fred could see two catlike eyes glimmering.

  3. Since she still lived, which was strange indeed in the illuminating light of her later insight into Kells and his kind, she had to meet him with all that was catlike and subtle and devilish at the command of a woman.

  4. With catlike agility Cleve leaped backward, so that he faced all the men, and when his hands swept to a level they held gleaming guns.

  5. He had suddenly moved with catlike swiftness; when I lowered my eyes from the rigging, I saw he had left his refuge behind the mizzenmast and was standing in the open deck.

  6. Newman crossed the foc'sle with one catlike bound.

  7. Snip snarled fatly as Bill passed with his catlike tread.

  8. As they passed the clump of bushes the near horse of the half-broken pair gave a catlike bound to the right against his tracemate.

  9. Suddenly he rose and climbed with swift, catlike movements up the ladder stairs behind him, which led to his sleeping loft.

  10. Yet the sound kept on, and soon a head appeared above the rock, and two hands were placed upon it; then a strong, catlike spring landed the lithe young owner of the head only a few feet away from the sleeper.

  11. The discussion ended in a compromise and the withdrawal of Shoddy by the catlike ways and means of his arrival.

  12. He decided to steal out and write some letters, and take them to the post himself before locking up; and was getting by inches to his catlike feet, when some sense held him bent like a bow.

  13. And the Men of the Mountains watched them from between the spiky branches, with eyes round as the Minimuls', and mouths ajar, showing in their hair their catlike teeth.

  14. But the Men of the Mountains had plucked and roasted the eagles, and were squatting, with not quite such doleful faces as usual, picking with pointed, rather catlike teeth, the bones.

  15. And while the Mulgars were sitting silently munching, out of the shadow before their faces came on her soundless pads a young she-leopard, and with catlike face stood regarding them.

  16. With catlike swiftness Culvera sprang from where he sat, flung his weight low at the furious man from an angle, and tipped him from his feet so that he fell staggering into a chair.

  17. Only by his catlike agility and the toughness born of many clean years in the saddle did the cowpuncher weather for the time the hurricane that lashed at him.

  18. The black stallion had reached his master and now he turned, in that same catlike manner, and watched with pricking ears as Strann dragged himself up from the dust.

  19. When the thunder of the cavalcade had rushed upon him down the street he had turned with catlike grace and raised his head to see; and his forehead and his eyes arrested Jerry Strann like a levelled rifle.

  20. He noted the catlike grace of the horse in moving, as if his muscles were steel springs; and he noted also that the long ride had scarcely stained the glossy hide with sweat--while the piebald reeked with the labour.

  21. Again she put her fingers across her lips, and took another catlike step toward the sleeping man.

  22. He quickly and stealthily slipped out of his shoes, then stole with catlike steps around the building, and approached Browning from the rear.

  23. It has a catlike mew, though it often makes a louder cry more resembling the noise of the jaguar.

  24. It was Mrs. Bruce, and she was moving with catlike caution.

  25. She caught me off my guard and came at me in her old, catlike way, spitting and snarling--a thing I'm not proof against.

  26. Twas in the very act, while I was watching catlike every movement, that I saw the precious scrap of parchment in his hand.

  27. The candle was burning brightly now, and he crept catlike around the cask to peer into the bin beyond it.

  28. As they disappeared in the distance, the old cripple followed them, flitting from shadow to shadow, with catlike agility, astonishing in such an apparently old man.

  29. Alfred took his partner delicately; they made just two catlike steps forward, and melted into the old-fashioned waltz.

  30. Grey was as anxious as the rest; but officers of his rank seldom go aloft, and soon fall out of their catlike habits.

  31. It was bad going for a horse carrying a rider, and even the catlike certainty of Satan's tread could not avoid sharp edges here and there that might cut his hoofs.

  32. She tried none of her usual catlike side-steps and throwing of the head.

  33. But the curses would turn to compliments if Bull left this little man, this catlike and dangerous fighter, this Pete Reeve, dead on the trail.

  34. Bull decided that this was a conversational topic on which he must remain silent, and yet he yearned to speak of the little withered catlike fellow with the wise brain who had done so much for him.

  35. Even in sitting up, one caught many possibilities of catlike speed of action.

  36. But the head was jerked away with a motion of catlike deftness.

  37. Diablo took one of his long, catlike steps, and paused without bringing up his other foot.

  38. The catlike movement brought him head and shoulders above the sill.

  39. But even as he toppled backward, he crooked a leg with catlike quickness over one of the rungs.

  40. His fate was in the hands of chance and with the realization he gave a final spurt and running catlike up the side of the wall among the vines, sought with his hands for something that would sustain his weight.

  41. Catlike in his movements, the ape-man had no sooner touched the roof than he was upon his feet again, facing his adversary, a man almost as large as himself and armed with a saber which he now whipped from its scabbard.

  42. She watched him moving across the clearing, noting the easy, catlike tread and the grace of every movement that harmonized so well with the symmetry and perfection of his figure.

  43. It was his catlike quickness, the quickness almost of the great northern loon that evades a rifle ball, that had won for Jan in the forest fight.

  44. It was a catlike watchfulness, filled with his old cunning.

  45. She held her breath as Tom shut the door behind him and approached catlike to his prey.

  46. He retrieved his knife from the floor and took a few catlike steps toward her.

  47. Tarzan saw and even as Es-sat drew the blade from its sheath he dropped catlike to the pegs beside the battling men.

  48. This was no Ho-don and though she feared the Ho-don she feared this thing more, with its catlike crouch and its beastly growls.

  49. So unexpected the catlike attack that In-tan had not even time to cry out before steel fingers silenced him.

  50. Catlike they had crouched and watched since early dawn.

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