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Example sentences for "ceremonially"

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  1. Thus the hands had to be ceremonially cleansed after touching a copy of the scriptures, or even a written passage therefrom.

  2. To ceremonially shake the dust from one's feet as a testimony against another was understood by the Jews to symbolize a cessation of fellowship and a renunciation of all responsibility for consequences that might follow.

  3. It is a common rule that he who performs a sacred act or enters a holy place must be ceremonially clean,[121] and no kind of uncleanness is to be avoided more carefully than sexual pollution.

  4. Among the Maoris a slave would not be greatly bewailed after death, nor have his bones ceremonially scraped.

  5. Further, a son of living parents must solemnly fetch the water with which the bridegroom's head is ceremonially washed by women before marriage.

  6. This rule he would explain in like manner by supposing that the death of one or both of his parents would render a boy ceremonially impure and therefore unfit to perform religious functions.

  7. This alone may suffice to prove that the custom of entrusting certain sacred duties to children of living parents was not based on any notion that orphans as such were ceremonially unclean.

  8. He supposes that such a bereavement would render the Flamen ceremonially impure, and therefore unfit to hold office.

  9. M211 But the rule which excludes orphans from certain sacred offices cannot be based on a theory that they are ceremonially unclean through the death of their parents.

  10. She bent forward and ceremonially shifted the bowl a short distance toward her.

  11. For example, in seppuku, the ritual disembowelment sometimes called hara-kiri, there is always a second participant who stands behind you and ceremonially lops off your head as your body topples forward.

  12. Easter, as we have seen, is one of the times when fires are ceremonially kindled, perhaps to recruit the fire of the sun.

  13. M144) A similar significance is probably to be attached to other cases of ceremonially passing through a cleft stick even where the intention of the rite is not expressly alleged.

  14. It matters not how filthy the water may be, chemically; if it be ceremonially clean, he uses it freely.

  15. The young man, deserted, divorced, and ceremonially buried by his wife, married a Christian woman, with whom he lived happily for many years.

  16. If it be ceremonially polluting, it is eschewed.

  17. Victory songs, of which this is one, were sung when the people with rhythmic steps celebrated ceremonially the return of victorious warriors.

  18. The following choral was sung immediately after the "calumets" had been ceremonially taken from their resting-place, with movements that simulated the eagle rising from its nest.

  19. For three days subsequent to this, the budding Grihastha is considered ceremonially impure, and the pollution is perhaps based on the death of the old asrama, and birth of the new.

  20. In the fourth month, the child is ceremonially taken out of doors (nishkramana or vittil purapattu) by the father, who carries it to a cocoanut, round which he makes three pradakshinams.

  21. Because of its strong emphasis on the holiness of Jehovah and on the necessity that he be worshipped by a people both ceremonially and morally holy, it is now commonly designated as the Holiness Code.

  22. Then they go ceremonially pure into the dining room, as if into a temple.

  23. On the east, however, there was one large gate, through which those of us who were ceremonially pure could enter with our wives.

  24. Sometimes she is ceremonially married to him, and then wears the tali.

  25. But they cease to paint the vermilion mark (kunkumam) on their foreheads, which married women who are living with their husbands always wear, except at times when they are considered ceremonially unclean.

  26. At both Belur and Melkote, as soon as the festival is over, the temples are ceremonially purified.

  27. Fish are eaten both ceremonially and privately whenever they may be obtained.

  28. The priests have ceremonially washed themselves, but their snake brothers are unable to do this, hence they must have it done for them.

  29. The reasons for extinguishing fires ceremonially appear to vary with the occasion.

  30. Everything which was touched by her hands during this period was deemed ceremonially unclean.

  31. Among the Hopi (Moqui) Indians of Walpi, another pueblo village of this region, new fire is ceremonially kindled by friction in November.

  32. After the fire has thus been ceremonially kindled, the women and girls of all the families in the village clean out their houses.

  33. Finding no other victim than a hunting dog, for the chicken was considered by her ceremonially unclean, she at once ordered the dog to be killed for AnĂ­tan.

  34. The chicken may be then killed ceremonially and eaten, but if it is not killed it becomes consecrated and is given to the priest until it can be disposed of in a ceremonial way on a future occasion.

  35. And here the idea seems to be that the official memory of the crime which had ceremonially defiled the land rested with the high priest.

  36. Those who have touched any dead body and all the captives are to be ceremonially cleansed on the third and seventh days.

  37. Tanzan Mino gestured for him to sit opposite as he immediately began the formalities of ritually cleaning the bamboo scoop, then elevating the rugged white tea bowl like an ancient chalance and ceremonially wiping it.

  38. After the utensils were ceremonially cleansed, he wordlessly scooped a portion of pale-green powdered tea into the bowl, then lifted a dipperful of boiling water from the kettle and poured it in.

  39. The Osiris who entered it had to be morally as well as ceremonially pure.

  40. The purifying effects of the water of the "deep" were transferred to that of the mimic "sea," and the worshipper who entered the temple after washing in it became ceremonially pure.

  41. Although not in the same cave as the main ruin, certain other rooms in the vicinity of Cliff Palace may have been ceremonially connected with it.

  42. Although it may have originated as a simple entrance to the room, it became so modified that it could no longer have served that purpose, ceremonially or otherwise.

  43. To make ceremonially unclean; to pollute.

  44. He had an unobstructed path, a path ceremonially clean.

  45. They came side by side, both in the simple white garments of the ceremonially clean, but Marsyas' head was uncovered and Lydia's locks were wholly unbound, after the custom of Jewish brides.

  46. Marsyas met face to face a Pharisee of erect and imposing figure, with flowing beard and aggressive features, who drew his spotless linen draperies away from contact with the ceremonially unclean horde at the gate.

  47. It was required of her that she be morally and ceremonially pure, and she had to undergo a special preparation for the delivery of her message.

  48. The other was a woman, poor, weak, ceremonially unclean, friendless, who for twelve years had been suffering from an incurable disease and who knew that by no human power could her life be prolonged.

  49. He further compared the evil influence of hypocrites to the defiling contact with a grave, which is level with the ground, upon which one may unconsciously tread and so become ceremonially unclean.

  50. First, I ceremonially washed my hands and rinsed my mouth.

  51. Further, there was a special bath-house where the young men and women who were to plant the rice had washed ceremonially at an early hour.

  52. Good Moslems will not hold the Holy Volume below the waist nor open it except when ceremonially pure.

  53. The custom was perpetuated by Al-Islam because the position prevents the ejection touching the clothes and making them ceremonially impure; possibly they borrowed it from the Guebres.

  54. Footnote 592: He was ceremonially impure after touching a corpse.

  55. The men would far rather open those doors ceremonially now and then than allow her to go freely in and out.

  56. The funeral was not ceremonially complete till Grandfather Vine had done choking over his heel-taps, but Ellen had undoubtedly endured a good deal with remarkable patience--her virtue ought in justice to be rewarded.

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