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Example sentences for "chequered"

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  1. In his early days of chequered possession he writes, anonymously, an insulting letter to his mistress, which she forgives; but he has at least the grace to repent of this almost immediately.

  2. The curious misogyny which chequered Maupassant's gynomania seems to have tried hard to express itself in her portrait.

  3. It is a chequered experience that has made him what he is.

  4. I see her looking back over her chequered life, and pining to know her birthright.

  5. He casts upon her a look of withering scorn, the past of that life so chequered flashes vividly through his thoughts, his hate deepens, he hurls her from him, invokes a curse upon her head, and shuts her from his sight.

  6. It was there that he admitted to me, quite shamelessly, that he had never, in the whole of his chequered career, set eyes upon the late Samuel Million.

  7. Million, bustling over the black-and-white chequered linoleum to the range, and setting the lid on to her saucepan full of potatoes.

  8. It had a chequered history during the wars of the successors of Alexander, being occasionally in Egyptian hands.

  9. The fringes are pale buff, chequered with brown in both sexes.

  10. Hind wings blackish on upper margin, pinkish on outer margin, and ochreous tinged with olive between; fringes chequered whitish, sometimes tinged with pink.

  11. It was a life of want, never chequered by hope, that was striving to elude its own observation by hurrying into some temporary dissipation.

  12. Mr Root's armorial bearings were now, at least, on his crest, blanche chequered noir.

  13. All above him to the zenith was chequered with small vapours, layer over layer, like the scales of a breastplate of burnished gold.

  14. For the amusement of youthful visitors a canoeing lake has been made in the gardens, behind the sea-wall running eastwards, with its fine view of Spithead and the chequered forts islanded in the Solent.

  15. His triple army had no more fight in them after the death of their leader, and the delivered citizens of Southampton hailed with joy their true lord, who at last thought himself entitled to wed Josyan after so long and chequered a courtship.

  16. In these few sentences, Mr. Dillon brought before the House his strange, picturesque, and chequered career.

  17. Never in his chequered and stormy early career did that wonderful Parliamentarian have a task more difficult than that by which he was now confronted.

  18. Yet, unless I greatly deceive myself, the general effect of this chequered narrative will be to excite thankfulness in all religious minds, and hope in the breasts of all patriots.

  19. Oh Life, without thy chequered scene, Of right and wrong, of weal and woe, Success and failure, could a ground For magnanimity be found?

  20. London streets was sometimes a rather chequered one.

  21. But the thick white pillars and their wooden cross-beams, around which are entwined the leafless coiling limbs of the sleeping vine, throw dark blue patterns of chequered shadow upon the sunlit ground.

  22. Pictorial delineations of the judgment of the dead, represent Osiris as Ameuti, swathed in the white garments of the grave, girt with a red girdle, and seated upon a chequered throne of white and black spots, or good and evil.

  23. The ground, I remember, was all chequered with sunshine and with shade from the tree above; little star-like primulas grew here and there.

  24. Their melody rang in our ears when we stood once more in the chequered shadow of the chestnut grove, already gilded with autumnal gold, and looked across the wide pale valley to Orvieto.

  25. He had the unshaken confidence in the final victory of good over evil, that is so necessary to help us to any measure of success in this world with its chequered lights.

  26. Karl and Norah sat in the garden under the plane-trees which made a chequered pattern in shadow on the ground, and sipped glasses of Apfelwein or cider in German fashion.

  27. It was a hot afternoon; the sunlight made a chequered pattern through the forest trees.

  28. Brunel's Bridge, after a remarkably chequered history--its construction being actually suspended for a period of nearly thirty years!

  29. Here the fields are fresh, the undulations capped with glorious trees, and the whole valley is chequered with tints; for it is a region rich of soil, and highly cultivated.

  30. One Dreadnought, the Goeben, and a light cruiser, the Breslau, escaped to play a chequered part in the war.

  31. In Egypt we stood and were still to stand for another year upon the defensive; but farther east in Mesopotamia we were slipping into an adventurous and chequered offensive which grew insensibly after the manner of the Dardanelles campaign.

  32. A breeze began to play over the bay, and chequered it with undulating ripples.

  33. So gentle were their undulations, that one might have fancied a field of green wheat chequered with white camomile flowers.

  34. In the 13th century also comes into vogue the highly decorated diaper-work, generally of lozenges or chequered patterns in brilliant colours and brightly burnished gold.

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