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Example sentences for "cheroot"

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  1. Gervase accepted a pale green cheroot from the dispenser.

  2. Florea took a cheroot of his own out of a platinum portable.

  3. You never can get a cheroot now worth smoking.

  4. He had scarcely time to produce a cheroot from his case and light it under many difficulties, when the horses would begin fidgeting, and pulling at their bridles, and shifting round to get their tails to the wind.

  5. King took a dozen pulls at the cheroot and stared about again.

  6. There, with eyes long grown used to the dark, King stared about him, recovering his breath and feeling in his pockets for a fresh cheroot and matches.

  7. King lit a cheroot and made mental note of the wisdom of referring to her by pronoun, not by name.

  8. King threw away his less-than-half-consumed cheroot and they started to walk together toward King's camp.

  9. After a while King's cheroot went out, and be threw it away.

  10. Tell me anything you know," said King, offering him a cheroot which the other accepted.

  11. Long before dawn the thirty prisoners and Ismail squatted in a little herd on the up-platform of a railway station, shepherded by King, who smoked a cheroot some twenty paces away, sitting on an unmarked chest of medicines.

  12. I can explain all that," said Salter, putting down his cheroot and sitting forward in his long chair.

  13. But what would have been the sensation of these worthy people if they had received a portrait of Mee Lay in full festival costume--flowers in hair and white cheroot in hand!

  14. Quietly, his cheroot stuck in a corner of his mouth, he opened it--tearing the end off as all Americans do.

  15. By the time we get there," said the latter, rolling the inevitable cheroot from one corner of his mouth to the other, "it will be dark enough for our purpose.

  16. Alden moved his cheroot from the left corner of his mouth to the right.

  17. Mr. Alden carefully extracted a cheroot from his case and lighted it with loving care.

  18. Having eaten he lit a cheroot and was jotting down in his notebook the information that he had gathered that morning, when a shrill trumpet from the invisible Badshah made him grasp his rifle.

  19. Putting it down on the dressing-table he lit a cheroot and proceeded to seat himself in a chair beside the bed.

  20. This information pleased the juggler, for he smiled and drew out a cheroot and lighted it.

  21. Trent closed his book; placed his burnt-out cheroot in an ash-bowl; got up.

  22. He puffed on his cheroot and Trent continued to jot down notes.

  23. Then he lighted a cheroot and leaned upon his elbows, a queer smile lurking in the corners of his mouth.

  24. But Trent could not fix his attention upon the reading matter, and he sat with the book in one hand, a lighted cheroot in the other, and his interest nowhere in particular.

  25. Rawley took the cheroot from his mouth, threw back his head, and laughed mirthlessly, ironically.

  26. He took a chair near the door, lighted a cheroot and smoked, watching the old man, as he tipped the great bowl towards his face, as though it were some wild animal feeding.

  27. Rawley leaned forward, one elbow on a knee, the cheroot in his fingers.

  28. And there's something else," said Seton quietly, knocking a cone of grey ash from his cheroot on to the dirty floor.

  29. Irvin and Gray found a common fascination in the door itself, and Seton, cheroot in mouth, looked from group to group with quiet interest.

  30. And if the gentleman smoking a cheroot is not satisfied that he has quite destroyed any clue perceptible by the sense of smell I should be glad to send out for some fireworks.

  31. The odor of Seton's cheroot announced itself above the oriental perfume with which the place was laden.

  32. Seton stared hard at the speaker, tossed his cheroot into the fire, and taking up the packet withdrew a cigarette and sniffed at it critically.

  33. Did n't I give up smoking of a morning, except one solitary cheroot after breakfast, when she asked me?

  34. These ain't bad cigars," said Cutbill, knocking the ash off his cheroot with his finger.

  35. I was dressing when Max entered, with a miserable cheroot between his teeth.

  36. My boy, I have news for you,"--tossing the cheroot into the grate.

  37. I'm up a tree, Melcombe," he said to a man of his own corps that day as he finished a great cheroot before mounting.

  38. His services would be better appreciated were he as punctual at the beginning of the day as he is at its close, and as diligent in the use of his tools as he is in keeping his cheroot lighted.

  39. This is overcome by a dose of opium, deadening the sense of feeling, and dazing the mind, though not to such an extent as to keep him from puffing his cheroot while the operation is going on.

  40. I myself have seen a mother take a lighted cheroot from her own mouth, and put it in the mouth of a wee child in her arms.

  41. Madame Bill lit her cheroot thoughtful, and there was conversation.

  42. He looked for help to Madame Bill, who gazed at the smoke of her cheroot and seemed absent-minded.

  43. On confiding his hopes and plans to his host over a cheroot after dinner, he was assured by him that the firm in question was an excellent one.

  44. The Collector vastly prefers his cheroot and Moideen's company to yours or mine," said Mrs. Goldring with a malicious air.

  45. One of them was a young woman, not very good looking perhaps, who did not join in the general hilarity; and it occurred to Lavender that the jovial man with the cheroot was perhaps cracking his little jokes to keep up her spirits.

  46. They would hardly make a Trichinopoly cheroot from leaf grown in the West Indies, so we have here a striking anomaly of an East Indian cigar sent to us by a West Indian grower.

  47. The Trichinopoly cheroot is Thorndyke's one dissipation, and, I must say, he takes it very temperately.

  48. Captain Hervey, amused by the surprise visible on every face, sauntered forward, hat on head and cheroot in mouth as usual.

  49. Hervey nodded three times, and twisted his cheroot in his mouth.

  50. Hervey came to anchor on a chair and turned the cheroot in his mouth with an odd look at the mummy.

  51. I'll smoke a cheroot if the lady don't mind.

  52. The cabin lamp under the skylight had gone out too for want of oil, without being noticed as long as the moon shone, and not even the planter's cheroot was to be seen.

  53. I declare'; and we felt the scent of his cheroot in the hot calm as he walked aft again.

  54. Lingard took this opportunity to expel the smoke in a mighty expiration and threw the stump of his cheroot over his shoulder.

  55. Lingard took his cheroot out, and, with his mouth full of white smoke that oozed out through his parted lips, listened, attentive.

  56. But Mrs. Vinck had gone in already, and after shaking his head he threw away his cheroot and followed her slowly.

  57. Hawkshawe stared at him, and then, pulling his cheroot slowly from his mouth, apologized awkwardly.

  58. And the stranger watched the end of his cheroot keenly to see that it was burning properly.

  59. Thresk filled his pipe and lighted it, Ballantyne for his part lit a cheroot and replaced the box upon the top, close to a heavy riding-crop with a bone handle, which Thresk happened now to notice for the first time.

  60. The Captain-sahib then lit a cheroot for himself and replaced the box on the top of the bureau.

  61. He avoided the Colonel's appealing looks without ostentation, and selected another cheroot with more than usual care.

  62. Highness, taking his cheroot from his lips, and looking keenly into the other's face.

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