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Example sentences for "chintz"

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  1. She had large hands, brown and wrinkled, but with such a soft silken touch of kindness;--and this was my Alice as she stood folding up the pretty chintz curtains in my dismantled room.

  2. My pretty room with its bright chintz hangings, and its muslin draperies which I did not care for, and yet loved!

  3. How oddly it happens that the worthy farmer in the chintz waistcoat is always in arrear with his rent, and always stands in the relation of tenant to the dissolute squire!

  4. She wished to assure herself that the chintz bedroom, opening off the main landing and overlooking the lawn and front garden, had been duly made ready for Colonel Carteret.

  5. I looked round the room; nothing had been added to it, except red damask curtains, which were out of keeping with the old chintz covers.

  6. A huge bed, with a chintz top shaped like an elephant's back, was in one corner, and a six-legged mahogany table in another.

  7. It was a pretty room, with a set of maple furniture, and amber and white wallpaper, and amber and white chintz curtains and coverings.

  8. The walls, the armchairs, and a big divan with a spring were adorned with a chintz pattern on which was traced a great deal of foliage.

  9. At last she got up, and, drawing aside the chintz curtain across one of the windows, she looked out.

  10. She lay down again, and in the now dying firelight, fixed her eyes on the chintz square of the window curtain nearest to her.

  11. Others wore pasteboard collars, whose points extended far above their heads, while a whole window curtain of flaming chintz served them for a cravat.

  12. They rested upon the chintz curtains of the room upstairs, from the window of which he had heard her voice calling the chickens.

  13. There was no carpet, the curtains were of chintz and the lambrequins evidently home made.

  14. Everybody was pleased with the neat little after-piece, most of all Patty Lester, who was to play the soubrette, in a short chintz petticoat, and high red heels to her shoes.

  15. The intruder was Mrs. Granger, modishly dressed in a chintz silk tucked up over a black satin petticoat.

  16. Mrs. Jones gave a satisfied look and then hurried to the chamber prepared for her daughter, and began to array her comely person in the chintz dress, which had created such a sensation in the village.

  17. His bed, provided with light chintz curtains, was placed with the head against the wall of the room, so as to leave a good open space on either side of it.

  18. The other candle I gave to Mr. Bruff; the light in this instance being subdued by the screen of the chintz curtains.

  19. She went to the corner where the bed was hidden from view by chintz curtains.

  20. On the fourth day, early in the morning, she and Sofya appeared before Nikolay as burgher women, poorly clad in worn chintz skirts and blouses, with birchbark sacks on their shoulders, and canes in their hands.

  21. Broad-shouldered and tall, he was dressed in a patched-up coat, in a clean chintz shirt, and reddish homespun trousers.

  22. You think a chintz kerchief can conceal the blot of the nobleman from the eyes of the people?

  23. In the rosy depths of a large chintz chair sat Anna Belle, loyally keeping her eyes open in spite of the hour.

  24. It was a charming place to continue the story, there in the large chintz chair by Mrs. Evringham's window.

  25. Wash the chintz in this till quite clean, and afterwards rinse it in the water the rice was boiled in.

  26. You begin to understand now why I said you might call the story 'the chintz curtains,'" she said.

  27. The morning sun peeping in at the lattice-window of her bedroom, and lighting up in its turn, as the moon had done a few hours before, the queer quaint patterns on the old chintz curtains.

  28. And I wonder if she will let me sleep in the room where the bed has such beautiful chintz curtains, all covered with pictures, mamma?

  29. I will tell them the story of 'The Chintz Curtains.

  30. Beneath a red chintz vest of Arabian manufacture, he wore a striped cotton robe, which fell in graceful folds from the girdle, and from the crown of the head a tassel of minutely-braided locks streamed to the middle of his back.

  31. He was not deterred from rounded surfaces, and the cramped pattern of the panel was discarded, to make way for the style where the pattern, like chintz or wall-paper, conveniently repeated itself.

  32. Chintz has a better excuse to imitate satin.

  33. On the right of Tom's room is "the blue-chintz room, into which a ray of sun was never allowed to penetrate.

  34. She pulled back the chintz curtain and pushed up the window.

  35. Then she pulled out the folds of the chintz curtain, hanging on its draw-string half-way up the window.

  36. Why had she put on that chintz dress with tufts of wild flowers glowing on a maroon ground?

  37. Upon a little chintz couch that occupied one side of the room she found the scarlet sacque and a dainty little hat, which Ruth had flung there before going up to her father, after her return from "The Rest.

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