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Example sentences for "chipped"

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  1. The walls of the church were all scraped and dirty, the corners chipped off by passing animals.

  2. We could see a huge circular crater with eroded lips, rising like the chipped edges of a gigantic cup, in the centre of the great volcanic basin.

  3. A stone wall had been built about three feet high to enclose that end of the pond, and all the way along both sides the granite had been broken and chipped until the edges were sheer and unclimbable.

  4. The bottom portion of each was made from a tree-trunk, hollowed out by burning, and chipped very roughly into shape.

  5. Along with these were also found a number of circular discs of slate, about half an inch thick, roughly chipped into shape, and about the size of a common dessert plate.

  6. Sir Lionel being somewhat frigid and remote in his manner, appearing to take no more interest in me than if he were a big star and I a bit chipped off a Leonid, I delivered myself of what I had to say without great difficulty.

  7. By and by the latter begins to be chipped away, little by little.

  8. He had plenty of chances to nail me if he wanted to, and he had chipped in on a game that he didn't have to take cards in; and to help me out.

  9. They was a-chasing me some plentiful and things was getting real interesting when he chipped in and took a hand from behind.

  10. But the latter seemed more chipped and worn than the others, and just as I was about to abandon all hope I made a sudden discovery that thrilled me with joy.

  11. The stones are said to be the first pieces of rock chipped during the foundation of our City in the Clouds, which, as thou art aware, was her work a thousand years ago.

  12. The other way was to heat the ice-rock in the fire, and then with a grass stem place a very small drop of water on the part to be chipped off.

  13. Pitamakan had never seen any flint or obsidian flaked and chipped into arrow-points and knives, but he had often heard the old people tell how it was done, and now he tried to profit by the information.

  14. Michelangelo had never handled a chisel before, but he chipped and cut away the marble so marvellously that life seemed to spring out of the stone.

  15. And when the last covering of marble was chipped and cut away there stood out a magnificent figure of the young David.

  16. I was going to say yes; but she chipped in and says: "About what, Sid?

  17. I turned to a smaller, aerial view, showing a gigantic pyramid, its polished stone facing chipped in places and with a few panels missing from the lower levels, revealing the cruder structure of massive blocks beneath.

  18. He was enormous: his neck was as thick as my thigh, his features chipped out of granite, the grey variety.

  19. You're on," laughed Amesbury, as he chipped some ice from a frozen brook to fill the kettle for tea.

  20. Dan chipped some ice with the axe, filled a cup, and Paul held it carefully beneath his jacket.

  21. As if she had been at the work all her life, she chilled the ladle and chipped off the small adhering bits of glass from it, and slipped the last test from the table, carrying it to the refuse jar with tongs.

  22. One of them was a little chipped by the crowbar, and he rubbed it with the greasy tow and scattered dust over it.

  23. And he didn't even realize the full extent of his carelessness until a bullet, fired from a silenced weapon, chipped a granite wall not three inches from his head.

  24. It was then that the first bullet, fired from a silenced weapon, chipped a granite wall not three inches from his head.

  25. Magic signs chipped out on stones, and books made of string with knots instead of writing.

  26. Yet still all the tools were made of stone, no longer rough and merely chipped like the old stone weapons, but neatly cut and polished.

  27. So I chipped off a small piece of rock and brought the fringe home, and found, when I hung it up in clear sea water as I have done over this glass trough (Fig.

  28. It was a long and tedious task, for the black substance was harder than anything I had ever chipped before.

  29. At one place on the side, doubtless where it had struck the big rock, the black coating had been chipped away, disclosing a surface of yellow metal underneath.

  30. When cooled stand on ice and add chipped ice to tumblers when serving.

  31. Then boil all together until the chipped rinds are tender.

  32. A couple tablespoonfuls added to a tumbler partly filled with water and chipped ice makes a delicious and quickly prepared drink on a hot day.

  33. Go to Kansas City and Omaha and see the transformation of the Texas steer into the corned beef you ate at your last picnic, or was it chipped beef?

  34. But the cake slipped out of my hands and hit the rock, and a piece of the icing chipped off.

  35. Usually this comes after he has chipped the furniture or broken some of the china.

  36. How he contrived to exist I don't know, but I guess the boys chipped in a dollar or so every once in a while for the old man.

  37. They all chipped in with a crack at the doleful-looking sport, who appeared to be rather a guileless sort of chap for a man with a short stable of racers.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "chipped" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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