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  1. Almost the only exceptions are the early civilisations (Himyaritic) of Yemen (Arabia Felix) and Abyssinia, where the low latitude is neutralised by altitude and a copious rainfall.

  2. Why," he asks, "should civilisations thus wear out and great communities decay?

  3. Sir Henry Maine's formula, marking off progressive and unprogressive civilisations as different species, is merely verbal, and is not adhered to by himself.

  4. The "money economy" they introduced was a great instrument of social and industrial evolution;[141] and on such city civilisations the ancient empires themselves seem always to have proceeded.

  5. Egypt and Syria and Greece and North Africa had older civilisations than the Roman.

  6. The Arab civilisation was arrested and anchylosed by forces which in other civilisations operated in exactly the same modes.

  7. Draper, by the American habit of regarding European and ancient civilisations as necessarily decrepit because "slow" and "old.

  8. Save for such a conception and such a purpose, the civilisations of to-day could have no rational hope to survive in perpetuity any more than those of the past.

  9. What she gained from older civilisations was the knowledge and the arts developed by specialisation of pursuits; and such specialisation was not necessarily dependent on slavery, which could abound without it.

  10. But it is a law of life and development in history that where two national civilisations meet they fight for ascendancy.

  11. But I am sure we shall not banish the evil spirits which destroy human lives and nations and civilisations by any mere change in the methods of government.

  12. It is a law of life and development in history that where two national civilisations meet they fight for supremacy.

  13. Civilisations and traditions of human freedom have always begun on the plains--by sea-shore and river-bank.

  14. Or you may sit and muse on the life of the employee of this place, who gets from it all that in less favoured civilisations family, guild, club, township, and nationality have given him or her.

  15. Two years ago, in one of the belligerent states, there were founded great institutes for the comparative study of the civilisations of Europe and of Asia, and to promote their mutual penetration.

  16. The marvellous civilisations of antiquity could not have existed without slavery.

  17. For my own part, I consider it neither right nor useful that humanity should draw a line of demarcation between civilisation of European origin and the lofty civilisations of Asia.

  18. When more widely studied, there can be little doubt that it will cause us to reconstruct many of our judgments, both concerning the history of the past and concerning the civilisations of the present day.

  19. The records of older civilisations bear testimony to their labours, and are familiar to most students of ancient literatures.

  20. The great civilisations developed in the land mass of the Old World, though the waterless desert of the Sahara cut off much of Africa from participation in them.

  21. It has been pointed out that, as a result of this fact, the great civilisations have developed in regions where water transport was possible, and have involved the progressive utilisation of larger and larger masses of water.

  22. We may begin with that type of climate which has so profoundly influenced the civilisation of western Europe, and therefore also the new civilisations of America, Australia, South Africa, and so on.

  23. The first civilisations developed in river valleys, where water transport in one direction at least is very easy.

  24. In America, the Mexican, Peruvian and other civilisations learned to gather from the great stocks of Nature, and built up fabrics of greatness from her rifled treasures.

  25. From the earliest civilisations to the latest, there is not a single instance of a people of the southern hemisphere exercising any notable effect on the world's destinies.

  26. Many civilisations have thought little of infant life.

  27. It was gladly admitted by the Greeks that these oriental civilisations had flowered while Greek culture was yet in the bud.

  28. Yet in some respects the story of the Babylonians and Assyrians is unique; because this well-nigh greatest of civilisations was blotted out absolutely almost before the oldest European civilisation was under way.

  29. The civilisations of Greece, of Rome, or of any modern state, seem mere mushroom growths in comparison.

  30. To attempt a brief exposition of the varied civilisations of these four peoples during a period of several millenniums within brief bounds, would clearly be a presumptuous task were full details accessible as to all the periods involved.

  31. Her influence left indelible traces even on the civilisations of western Asia and of the Greek world, partly through the agency of the Phœnicians and Aramæans.

  32. Of the exact origin of any one of the civilisations with which he deals he knows absolutely nothing.

  33. Two other great civilisations of which we have authentic records are those of Egypt and Mesopotamia, both of which appear to have been much older than those of India or Greece.

  34. We see great conquerors and great material civilisations as a result of their accumulations of wealth and of slaves.

  35. For more than 2,000 years the history and remains of this once greatest of civilisations was absolutely unknown, except by a few doubtful facts and names in Greek and Hebrew writings.

  36. Interest in the remote peoples of the earth, in the unfamiliar civilisations of the East, in the untutored races of America and Africa, was vivid in France in the eighteenth century.

  37. Man is a brute, only more intelligent than other brutes"; and "even the best of modern civilisations appears to me to exhibit a condition of mankind which neither embodies any worthy ideal nor even possesses the merit of stability.

  38. Their matchless strength and their indomitable will further one particular cause: the infusion of French and Latin ideas in the Anglo-Saxon people, and the connection of England with the civilisations of the South.

  39. The first consequences of the Conquest had been to bind England to the civilisations of the south.

  40. True sages and true civilisations can accordingly flourish under a dispensation nominally supernatural; for that supernaturalism may have become a mere form in which imagination clothes a rational and humane wisdom.

  41. Perhaps modern cosmopolitanism, if not maintained by commerce or by permanent conquest, may break apart in the same way and yield to local civilisations no less diverse than Christendom and Islam.

  42. In the magnitude of its territorial spread it is one of the most majestic lies that the civilisations make it their sacred and anxious care to guard and watch and propagate.

  43. Now there we have instances of three prominent ostensible civilisations working the silent-assertion lie.

  44. Among the high civilisations he seems to be very comfortably situated indeed, and to have more than his proportionate share of the prosperities going.

  45. We can say to-day what no other nation of first importance in the family of Christian civilisations can say--that there exists no Austrian who has made an enduring name for himself which is familiar all around the globe.

  46. We discussed comparative civilisations for a short time, and I protested feebly against the defilement of the streets of Tokio by rows of houses built after glaring European models.

  47. Here the views of two civilisations collide and the result is awful.

  48. Fortunately, however, in the ancient civilisations the idea of virtue had from the earliest times been so indissolubly connected with that of political activity that the danger was for a long period altogether avoided.

  49. The refined, artistic, sensual civilisations of Greece and Asia Minor might easily produce fine examples of the Epicurean type, but Rome was from the earliest times pre-eminently the home of stoicism.

  50. One of the first facts that must strike a student who examines the ethical teaching of the ancient civilisations is how imperfectly that teaching was represented, and how feebly it was influenced by the popular creed.

  51. It originated in the Roman Empire at the time when the union of the Greek and Latin civilisations was effected by the conquest of Greece.

  52. The civilisations of Babylonia and Egypt were already decrepid when the ancestors of Periklês were still barbarians.

  53. The great classic civilisations included a poetic obscenity with easy nonchalance.

  54. How many vanished civilisations have been reflected for a time in that ever-flowing wave!

  55. In highly complex and scientific civilisations he may sometimes find himself forced into an exceptional vigilance.

  56. Without this power all civilisations tend to perish under a load of language and ritual.

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