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Example sentences for "classmates"

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classis; classischen; classless; classman; classmate; classmen; classroom; classrooms; classy; clastic
  1. In the class room I found a number of my new classmates in quite as damp a condition as I.

  2. A thorough bully, he made me feel always that he was aware of my religion, that he could at any moment disclose it to the rest of my classmates and make me the subject of their taunts.

  3. The classmates who belonged to that man's fraternity snubbed me on the street.

  4. It was galling to see classmates being escorted across the campus to the fraternity houses, to overhear them accepting invitations to theater in the evening, to watch the process of their conversion to this fraternity or that one.

  5. He made good use of the social no less than of the intellectual opportunities which college life affords, and became as great a favorite with his classmates as he had been with his schoolfellows.

  6. The close of his college course was marked by the exceptional distinction of his being chosen by his classmates as their Orator, and by his having the first part at Commencement as the highest scholar in the class.

  7. But she was not yet acquainted with any of her classmates or with the sophomores.

  8. It was very strenuous for the first month or so, establishing my fighting rank, taking up new studies, especially Latin and French, getting acquainted with new classmates and the master and his rules.

  9. Your musical friends will be glad to help you, and your teacher will take charge of the refreshments, while you and your classmates serve the guests.

  10. They left the boat-house with downcast eyes, but the glory of the day soon made them lift their gaze, and the first thing they saw was a joyous crew of their classmates going to sea in a moist-floored row-boat.

  11. It's too bad there are not more of our classmates here to see her.

  12. That was rather scathing of her, those of her classmates who were present thought.

  13. Ambler House would get a wonderful reputation for having the best freshmen on Campus if we all boosted our house and our classmates everywhere, I can see that," ventured Florence Thomas eagerly.

  14. The senior of the party laughed at the pretty compliment, for she herself was only in the mob, and her classmates didn't think she had such a marvelous success either--so it was pleasant to have the adoration of a popular freshman.

  15. Bill's classmates had not shown this tendency, or if so individually it was not made evident.

  16. His grateful testimony addressed to his classmates is, "I have enjoyed almost uninterrupted health, and a degree of happiness and prosperity far beyond the common lot.

  17. Here, through the kindness of the faculty, he took the studies of the freshman year, entered the sophomore class at Waterville at the same time his fellow-classmates entered as freshmen.

  18. Among his classmates at Dartmouth were several who became prominent at the bar and in public life, including the late Hon.

  19. In college young Spalding made good use of his opportunities, and counted among his friends and classmates at Dartmouth Rev.

  20. Four released and exasperated freshmen, headed by Lola Elster and reinforced by the ten classmates in sympathy with the ex-team besieged Miss Reid, demanding re-instatement.

  21. Still they had not become much acquainted with their classmates and they had not yet reached a stage of active interest in their class.

  22. When the seven freshmen bade their congenial classmates good-bye, and struck off across the campus for Wayland Hall, it was with a new and delightful sense of fellowship and cheer.

  23. Among his classmates were Charles Seymour, subsequently Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Illinois, and the distinguished lawyer Frederick R.

  24. No matter how much opinions or residence separate grown-up men, to have been classmates is a tie that like blood never loosens.

  25. The rest of her classmates were still in the study hall.

  26. She wasn't angry at Fanny, for she knew to just what extent her classmates were to blame.

  27. Warn her that too much association with our classmates will not improve her disposition?

  28. Dorinda Moody, Virginia Lee Patterson, Musidora Owen, Mea, and myself were classmates and cronies.

  29. The daughters of distinguished clergymen, of eminent jurists, of governors and congressmen, of wealthy merchants and rich James River planters, were our classmates in school sessions and our companions when lessons were over.

  30. Some of my classmates will never know how their thoughtless jeers and jokes wounded the sensitive, shabby boy who swept the floors, built the fires and carried in the coal.

  31. Did you ever sit alone with a picture of your classmates taken twenty-one years before?

  32. She evidently thought it was time to change the subject of conversation, for she turned to me and said, "You promised to read us the poem you read before your old classmates the other evening.

  33. Six of the ten living members were there, six old men in the place of the thirty or forty classmates who surrounded the long, oval table in 1859, when I asked, "Has there any old fellow got mixed with the boys?

  34. It was a pride and a happiness to have such classmates as he was to remember.

  35. The score now stood Harvard 4, Princeton 0, and Philip and Will excusing themselves for a few minutes leaped down to talk matters over with their classmates standing below at the end of the benches.

  36. This was not entirely an idle boast, this readiness to spend a large sum of money for a small thing--on the part of Will, as Philip and some of his classmates might have testified.

  37. In that cowardly army which had rained shot and shell upon a little worn-out band of regular soldiers for thirty-three hours were some of his classmates and companions in arms on the bloody fields of Mexico.

  38. One day in St. Louis, whither he had come with his team, he heard that Professor Coppee, one of his classmates at West Point, was in the city.

  39. Although the only colored man in his class, yet he was so highly esteemed by his classmates that he enjoyed the unique distinction of being elected every three months for four years as Class Secretary and Treasurer.

  40. As in the high school so now in college young Arthur distinguished himself among his classmates by winning a scholarship and at times leading his class in Greek.

  41. Altogether, she looked very sick and very poor, and when she changed her position a little to glance at a man who was passing, something about her profile made me think of one of my classmates at St. Catharine's.

  42. I thanked Miss Merk and told her I intended to dine with my classmates Maudie Joyce and Kittie James.

  43. Classmates back in the medium-sized city of Clarion in the middle west, Janet and Helen had been fast friends and their families had been neighbors for years.

  44. Though Doctor Ebbett's temples were whitely frosted, he and Eben Tollman had been classmates at Harvard.

  45. We were classmates at college, and he was my best man.

  46. Lovers of irony like to remember that he was the seventh choice of his classmates for the position of class poet.

  47. Thereupon Charley's classmates formed themselves into squads, and took turns in patrolling the grounds about the Lee house.

  48. Mason, For oft have I seen the briny tear start To his bright kindly eyes, while my classmates so smart Were kept waiting, while I tried to write like the chart.

  49. Of this beautiful calm which has followed that night; And I'm sure that my teachers and classmates unite In thanking Class '90 for this pleasant sight.

  50. Sometimes Neale collared his own classmates by mistake; sometimes a couple of Sophs.

  51. To tell the truth, as spring advanced and all his classmates began talking over their plans for next year, the uniformity of having a recognized respectable destination was not disagreeable.

  52. Meantime he was keeping up his correspondence with his classmates and friends.

  53. He possessed mathematical talents of the highest order, standing in this branch, as in every other, at the head of his class, notwithstanding rival classmates of great abilities.

  54. As already stated, Cadet Stevens was put forward by his classmates to deliver this address himself.

  55. Hannibal and Ireton promptly suppressed in the interests of decency, nevertheless at West Point my surname was twisted by fellow classmates into Lothario, giving it a connotation quite foreign to my nature.

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