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  1. The only serious objection I have to the Grand Hotel is its middle class Yiddish clientele of all nationalities who stare rudely at the other guests and while eating, wave their forks and knives as they loudly explain some anecdote.

  2. Some of the moustached clientele that happened along, I called up to the bar to have a treat on me.

  3. The clientele of the Express will not be made up of his puppets!

  4. In my special clientele I have often found that going to church in the early morning hours was an excellent remedy for many of these patients.

  5. Only after it had been thus abandoned by the regular profession, was it taken up extensively by others who advertised its virtues widely and secured a great clientele for it.

  6. But no doubt an opulent clientele has peculiar tastes of its own, especially when its dazzling costumes sparkle with thousand gems.

  7. It is a long time since such an opulent clientele has been united in a seaside resort.

  8. Mr. Brann meant only to lift the world up, and one of his queer conceptions was, that his own dragging down of things pure to the lowest levels of life and thought and feeling was calculated to make his multitudinous clientele look upward.

  9. He had at the time of his death a larger clientele of readers than any living writer.

  10. While its clientele is drawn from all Paris, the majority of it is Montmartrois.

  11. There are many bars in Paris with barmaids who speak perfect English and a clientele of demi-mondaines who do not.

  12. Lelise glides into the "Nouvelle Athenee," a cafe whose clientele is made up of soberer habitues.

  13. Now its clientele has changed, and the scow used as a ferry is shouted for from the opposite bank by Parisians with a fondness for game and champagne.

  14. The interior of the Quat-Z'Arts was not made to order; it grew, and it walls are hung with souvenirs gathered from its clientele of comrades whose work as sculptors and draftsmen is known the world over.

  15. The final breaking down of this prejudice and the building up of the new clientele of readers that at length gave prose fiction its later enormous vogue is one of the most interesting phenomena of the period.

  16. It is possible through such a market to build up a clientele of buyers who will return for further purchases.

  17. However, if you want to build a clientele who will recommend you to their friends in an ever-widening circle, you will remember that you are selling sleeping comfort--something that the customer will be able to check every night of the year.

  18. In New York the average was just as large, and, in addition, we had a large clientele in distant cities to whom we sent the information by telegraph.

  19. A good many of them, to be sure, regard magazines as table decorations, and for such a clientele some one some day will publish a monthly so ornamental that it will be unnecessary to read it in order to share its beneficent influences.

  20. Colville knew where to look for Mrs. St. Pierre Lawrence in Paris, where she always took an apartment in a quiet and old-fashioned hotel rejoicing in a select Royalist clientele on the Place Vendome.

  21. He had, it was currently whispered, inherited from his father an enormous clientele of noble names.

  22. Pierre Vallet, embroiderer to Henri IV, created much in his line of distinction and note, and acquired an extensive clientele for his flowers and models.

  23. The Hotel de Paris rooms are reserved far in advance, too, but by a clientele less exclusive.

  24. He knew many of the autocrats of fashion when they first put up their signs and, through the advertisement and backing of his firm, many a Paris dressmaker now famous obtained the American clientele that was the foundation of his fortunes.

  25. I have discovered that 'Clarke' is in reality Peter Marre, the shyster lawyer, better known among his clientele as Wizard Marre.

  26. Here his relations with the German and his clientele came to an end.

  27. The rather cosmopolitan clientele was reviewing the European nations.

  28. The decorator, having his check, did not attempt to argue, since his clientele were not apt to stop off at Hanover and discover the crime.

  29. To make a scene in a fifty-cent café was not worth the effort, Trudy had once proclaimed, but to run the gauntlet of real rough-house emotion in a jewellery store frequented by his clientele would be social suicide.

  30. A salesperson may become not only a distinct asset to the house, but may develop a personal clientele through especially intelligent and courteous attention to the customers' wishes.

  31. Then it still made certain things that it wished fashioned along the lines which its clientele still demanded.

  32. He has often occasion to demonstrate his ability and has handled many important cases since his admission to the bar, his clientele being of the most representative character.

  33. Capable, earnest and conscientious, he has been connected with important litigation before the local courts and his clientele is representative.

  34. One of the well known legal practitioners of Montreal and a notary public, Benjamin Napoléon Ladouceur has a clientele both representative and important.

  35. Forget & Company at 7 Rue Auber, was the first to be established in continental Europe by a Canadian financial house and readily secured a clientele that materially broadened the operations of the firm.

  36. He enjoys a representative clientele and his practice is extensive as he has gained a wide reputation on account of his extensive knowledge, which is based on a thorough education.

  37. During the first ten years--as is so often the case in professional careers--his clientele grew slowly.

  38. Subsequently he practiced alone for six years, during which time he acquired a clientele that was not surpassed by any of his contemporaries.

  39. This firm’s extensive clientele is not confined to Montreal, but branches out into a great many towns throughout the province of Quebec.

  40. Their clientele is extensive and of a representative character, and Mr. Buchanan has proved himself a capable and careful lawyer.

  41. The new dominant class encroached upon the ancient in two ways, by depriving it of its clientele and by acquiring a considerable weight in the State.

  42. It was but the beginning of the tourist season, and the foreign clientele must not be antagonized.

  43. They are a queer, child-like lot--the people who compose the clientele of the Murray Hill and the Third Avenue.

  44. It is a morning paper published at midnight for the benefit of a clientele that has plenty of time for reading between that hour and bed time.

  45. A wider gulf existed between the clientele of the two places than that between a red table cloth and a fine damask one, or Canton china and Mrs. Pete's heavy stone crockery, or a vase of roses and a toothpick holder.

  46. The clientele of 126 was an ever-changing one, but the class characteristics were stationary.

  47. Although he seems to give his clientele soft food, he does not insist on spoon-feeding them.

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