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Example sentences for "contentedly"

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content; contenta; contentation; contente; contented; contentedness; contentement; contenti; contenting; contention
  1. Thus, between times of bellowing and screaming his carefully-prepared, rabble-rousing speeches, he watched calmly and contentedly the devious workings of his smooth and efficient organization.

  2. Samms licked his lips and stared at it, glowing so satisfyingly and contentedly upon his wrist.

  3. Contentedly he fell to cropping the coarse beach-grass which grew at the forest's edge.

  4. In the gray of the morning he would wake to contentedly look out through his grated window at the flying landscape, remembering with a sigh of satisfaction that no longer was he routed out at cockcrow to be driven afield.

  5. If I were a man of property, I would have nothing to do with the quarrels of other persons, but live quietly and contentedly to myself.

  6. In his pride at having shot the owl, Roland forgot everything else, and went contentedly to bed and to sleep.

  7. The men acknowledged, when Tom spoke to them, that he was right, and promised to remain contentedly to assist the missionary and his wife.

  8. Contentedly self-buried in her country retreat, she was proof against every social attraction that would have tempted other women in her position and at her age.

  9. I received half his salary, and lived contentedly on his reversionary scraps.

  10. And quite right, too," thought Allan, sauntering contentedly down the broad, gently graduated stairs.

  11. He sat contentedly flicking the flies from Brown Becky's glossy sides and listening to the distant cawing of rooks.

  12. He would lie for hours contentedly watching her as she worked or read to him.

  13. Winsome, shrugging her shoulders contentedly and swinging her feet.

  14. I was in no hurry, and could have sat there contentedly for any time in the pleasant evening sunshine.

  15. Joy seemed to be sitting contentedly beside me sharing my bread and butter; and when I drove away towards Thiessow he got into the carriage with me, and whispered that I was going to be very happy there.

  16. She moved along the side of the house till within ten feet of him and sat down, her tongue lolling out contentedly as she watched the frenzied hound almost strangle himself in his efforts to reach her.

  17. Fluff lay sprawled contentedly in the sunshine while her mate worked on the den.

  18. But Mrs. Phelps felt satisfied that enough had been said to make her begin to realize that she was serious, and she contentedly resumed her dreaming over the fire.

  19. Jerry took the instrument away from her and the little lady contentedly began her dressing.

  20. Her eyes were moving contentedly over house and garden.

  21. And since the expense will be no more, I shall contentedly insure it, as I mentioned in my last.

  22. He has been long in the hands of the Scots, and has already favoured them more than the English will contentedly endure.

  23. She tends that old man now with the patience and devotion of a saint--that old childish invalid in his garden chair, prattling of his early exploits, playing contentedly with his little dog, fretful and impatient about his dinner.

  24. A woman must have mental resources to enable her to face contentedly life in a scantily-furnished, comfortless bungalow, dumped down in a monotonous stretch of unlovely tea-bushes.

  25. Two old muzzle-loading nine-pounder guns, their teams of powerful bullocks lying contentedly behind on the grass, formed the right of the line.

  26. Lorimer nodded contentedly at the stage, as Thayer ended his song.

  27. Thayer smiled contentedly down at her, as he sat by the piano, with one muscular arm thrown across the rack.

  28. And Mrs. Alexander smiled contentedly because the Count was so kind and chivalrous to her.

  29. What astonishes one over here is to see how contentedly people prosper along on their own level.

  30. She talked contentedly on in the monologue to which the wives of absent-minded men learn to resign themselves.

  31. Only those who have endured the torment of hot nights in the tropics can appreciate his thankfulness as in the silence broken only by the monotonous cry of the nightjars he drowsed contentedly to sleep.

  32. Thus, contentedly and free from care, the three fugitives wandered on towards the south where on the frontier they expected their troubles to begin.

  33. Mrs. Norton looked contentedly at her image in the long mirror which reflected a graceful figure in a well-cut grey habit and smart long brown boots, a pretty face and wavy auburn hair under the sun-helmet.

  34. And they are all imperfect--contentedly imperfect, How can people sing incorrectly?

  35. It is a gentle joy, and the world contentedly resigned by a good old man, fatigued, who has run his race, and longs to sleep after life's fever.

  36. On one side Russia is bearing off a toy engine and train of cars, labeled "Manchuria," and on the other France is contentedly jingling the keys to a number of Chinese seaports.

  37. The big and clumsy Shanghai is warily watching his diminutive foe, while the Russian bear, contentedly squatting in the background, is saying softly to himself: "Hi!

  38. And while they contentedly munched sandwiches and sipped steaming coffee the girls learned a good deal more about Arnold Dempsey, and the more they learned of him the more they felt drawn to him.

  39. Gee, but this is great," said Frank, stretching contentedly and looking about the group with happy eyes.

  40. Of course we will," said Grace, munching contentedly on a chocolate.

  41. The mystery thus satisfactorily solved, he swung on contentedly for the next mile or so.

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