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Example sentences for "convulsed"

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convoy; convoyed; convoying; convoys; convulse; convulses; convulsing; convulsion; convulsions; convulsive
  1. Her voice was clear and distinct, modulating itself with natural and winning ease; and when exerted in song, its gentle flute-like melody formed the most captivating contrast to the convulsed and thundering bravura.

  2. His breast heaved at times very perceptibly; an involuntary convulsed motion agitated his lip; but never did I see an eye more indefatigable and penetrating!

  3. For whereas he had left the camp convulsed in throes of constructive labor, the whistle of his engine raised piercing echoes; no other sounds disturbed the sleeping forest.

  4. But she held on, eyes snapping, cheeks aflame, throat convulsed under the strain of suppressing imminent hysteria.

  5. The whole drama is the tragedy of the convulsed reaction of the mind from the flesh, of the spirit from the self, the reaction from the great aristocratic to the great democratic principle.

  6. Young, handsome and a fine elocutionist, her imitation of the "remonstrants" and their objections to woman suffrage convulsed the audience and was quite as effective as the most impassioned argument.

  7. I found her in bed, her face to the wall, the coverlet right up to her chin, and her body convulsed with sobs.

  8. His features were almost convulsed by the violence of his emotions.

  9. Terrible was it to look on the convulsed face of the dead.

  10. Doctor Minoret was in so convulsed a state that he left the room without bowing, followed by Bouvard, who called to him from behind.

  11. This cruel event convulsed the whole town of Nemours.

  12. In his terror, he dragged the dish after him to a considerable distance, and his grimaces were so irresistibly ludicrous that they convulsed the beholders with laughter.

  13. During this brief period the harmony of the States as well as the great business interests of the country demand that the people of the Union shall not for a third time be convulsed by another agitation on the Kansas question.

  14. This was the question which had convulsed the Union and shaken it to its very center.

  15. In an instant I could hear his voice high above the rest--that cheerful ringing tone that seemed the very tocsin of a happy heart--while at some observation he made, the whole party around him were convulsed with laughter.

  16. The recital must have owed something to his ingenuity in telling, for indeed the gentlemen seemed convulsed with mirth; and when Mr. Burke concluded, it was plain to see that he stood several feet higher in the estimation of hie acquaintances.

  17. The Rooneys were well known to them all; and the idea of poor Paul, who dispensed his hospitalities with a princely hand, having his mansion degraded to the character of a chop-house, almost convulsed them with laughter.

  18. His extreme weakness made the anger that convulsed his thin, wrinkled face painful to see.

  19. Quickly as the trick had been done it was detected by both Harry and Joe, and the next instant Harry was on his feet, his face convulsed with anger and his slight frame quivering with excitement.

  20. Michael burst into tears and the policeman bent over and led him by a convulsed hand to the police station.

  21. I feel it is now my duty to my country to return unreservedly into her hands all the force and influence with which I was intrusted for her defence during the tempests that convulsed her--such is my only ambition.

  22. They hoped to interest the statesmen of Great Britain in a Revolution, imitated from their own, which, after having convulsed the people, was now becoming moulded in the hands of an intelligent aristocracy.

  23. They look as though they had been convulsed with throes of mortal agony, and were then suddenly petrified.

  24. Her whole frame was convulsed with a storm of sobs.

  25. The new patter, with up-to-date allusions, had resulted from serious conclave with Horatio Bakkus, whose mordant wit supplied many a line that should have convulsed the house.

  26. Seneca was so convulsed with agony that, fearing to break down Paulina’s courage, he persuaded her to depart to another room.

  27. Nero was convulsed with laughter throughout, and was equally delighted by the insults upon his predecessor and the flattery of himself.

  28. Poppæa turned her languid glance towards the opening door, but when she saw who her visitor was, the poor face, drawn and convulsed with pain, brightened for an instant.

  29. While enlightened nations of Europe are convulsed and distracted by civil war or intestine strife, we settle all our political controversies by the peaceful exercise of the rights of freemen at the ballot box.

  30. He had seen Victoriano and his own Everett so convulsed with laughter, laughing at him, laughing in his presence, laughing so heartily that they could scarcely stand up.

  31. Lean on me, father," said Everett, but as he held up his arms towards his father, he became convulsed with laughter.

  32. Great questions that have agitated one or more nations have convulsed the whole earth because steam and electricity have annihilated time and space.

  33. When Mr. Gladstone returned home from Italy he found England convulsed over renewed papal aggressions.

  34. It is convulsed with woe, but the intellectual grip, the self-command are never lost in these two pages of perfect writing.

  35. To her increased disgust the sobs of growing fear convulsed her throat.

  36. They passed straight down together in silence to the convent-gate; and were admitted immediately by the portress whose face was convulsed and swollen.

  37. I entreat you, Master Layton--" The Prior's voice was convulsed with terror as he cried this with outstretched hands.

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