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  1. Well, Jalaudek is the son of Councillor Jalaudek the celebrated paper-merchant.

  2. That is Jalaudek, the son of the town councillor and member of Parliament.

  3. Then the Carrimon Islands were suggested by the Resident Councillor of Malacca, at that time Major Farquhar; but the harbour was too exposed to the prevailing monsoon.

  4. In May, 1857, Captain Man proceeded from Malacca to Penang as Resident Councillor of that settlement, and Captain Macpherson took his place at Malacca.

  5. The officers met in the Hotel-de-Ville, where a councillor proposed to proclaim the Commune.

  6. I have the honour, Councillor of State, to address you a packet found on the former Duke d'Enghien.

  7. Hulin, General of Brigade commanding the Grenadiers on Foot of the Consular Guard, to Citizen Réal, Councillor of State charged with the conduct of affairs relating to the internal tranquillity and security of the Republic.

  8. When a Doge died, the eldest Ducal Councillor filled the office of Vice-Doge until the election of the new Prince.

  9. At the top of the Giants' Stair the eldest Ducal Councillor placed the beretta on his head, and he was brought to the Sala dei Pioveghi, where the late Doge had lain in state, and where he too would one day come.

  10. The office of Ducal Councillor was, perhaps, the most venerable in Venice.

  11. As late as the sixties the learned historian, Pogodin, then a town-councillor of Moscow, opposed the lighting of the city with gas on the ground that those who chose to go out at night should carry their lamps with them.

  12. A noble, provided he was a house-proprietor, could become Town Councillor or Mayor, and in this way a certain amount of vitality and a progressive spirit were infused into the municipal administration.

  13. The king and the Parliament sent a force thither; Brizard, councillor in the high chamber, captain of the district, had the fathers removed, and put them in security in his own house.

  14. Dispirited and beaten, like his country, John van Witt had just given in his resignation as councillor pensionary of Holland.

  15. We have seen a councillor of state die like a saint after a crime which men cannot justly pardon.

  16. Monseigneur has plenty of wits," said Councillor Le Gout de Saint-Seine in his private journal, "but his wits are under a bushel.

  17. I would likewise humbly recommend to make Colonel Anthony Hamilton a privy-councillor here.

  18. How Prince Nutcracker and his councillor Harlequin happened to come hither the following Chapter will tell.

  19. All this was admirably executed with the aid of his indefatigable councillor Harlequin, who was the soul of the whole undertaking.

  20. By Augustin Cochin, Ex-Maire and Municipal Councillor of Paris.

  21. The vill was subsequently divided into two manors, one of which belonged to William de Cantilupe, a Steward and Councillor to King John, and the other, during the reign of Henry VII.

  22. But in 1570 Elizabeth, who showed the greatest forbearance and favour to Sir James Croft, made him a privy councillor and controller of her household.

  23. Toward the end of the year the government, by deposing the Supreme Church Councillor Heintz, began to assume the patronage of the supreme ecclesiastical court.

  24. Meanwhile, too, the negotiations carried on at the instance of the government by privy councillor Von Schlözer, with the curia at Rome for the restoration of the embassy to the Vatican had been brought to a close.

  25. However, Velchaninoff ate up his dinner, and then drove off to pounce upon the town councillor at the latter's house, if he could.

  26. The family I mean is the Pogoryeltseffs--Alexander Pavlovitch Pogoryeltseff is a state councillor (he may be of use to you in your business!

  27. The councillor was not in; and he was informed that he would scarcely be at home before three or four in the morning, because he had gone to a "name's-day party.

  28. It so chanced that Velchaninoff had just met, accidentally, that very state-councillor mentioned a few pages back, whom he had been so anxious to see, and on whom he had intended to pounce unexpectedly at his country house.

  29. Certainly, if this letter of Milton's to a Councillor of the Elector of Brandenburg had been intercepted by the English government, it is so cleverly worded that nothing could have been made of it.

  30. To the very distinguished Peter Heimbach, Councillor to the Elector of Brandenburg.

  31. He had also been Privy Councillor for the Kingdom of Ireland, to their majesties, Elizabeth and James.

  32. Footnote 13: Doctor and ducal councillor Valentin Stroientin was the friend of Ulrich von Hutten.

  33. At the end of February, 1533, he was elected councillor and afterwards burgomaster.

  34. Struck with the result, two notable burghers of Stralsund, namely councillor Conrad Oseborn and Olof Lorbeer, the son of the burgomaster, went into partnership with some of their kindred, and promptly exploited the invention.

  35. Nowadays the city receives from the burgomaster a piece of silver-gilt; a councillor merely gives a piece of silverwork.

  36. He learns that the respected Councillor Von Keller had in his student days been Magda's lover, while she was battling for her economic and social independence.

  37. The rigid military father of Magda demands as retribution from Councillor Von Keller that he legalize the love affair.

  38. In 1868 he became a privy-councillor in the ministry of justice.

  39. He was sworn a privy councillor of England on the 1st of October.

  40. Moreover, Councillor Hopper, on further thoughts, was not despatched at all to the Netherlands.

  41. He was “a man of learning and business,” and was much employed in important affairs by his sovereigns; filling the posts of Treasurer of the Chamber and Privy Councillor to Henry VIII.

  42. He was “a man of learning and business,” and was much employed in important affairs by his sovereigns, filling the posts of Treasurer of the Chamber and Privy Councillor to Henry VIII.

  43. If the Queen of Hungary has sent a manifesto to Silesia, we must, above all other things, answer this manifesto," said the councillor of state.

  44. You married the Councillor Cocceji, then, from love?

  45. I will that to-morrow all Berlin shall know and believe that the young Councillor Cocceji, the son of the minister, the favorite of the king, loves the Barbarina ardently, and that she returns his passion.

  46. A few days after, they brought the intelligence that Barbarina had returned; and the councillor dwelt with her in her new house; and the servants were commanded to call the signora Madame Cocceji.

  47. One day, the Councillor Cocceji did not appear in the halls of justice, and no one knew what had become of him.

  48. Our councillor will write the answer to Maria Theresa's manifesto.

  49. Glowing and lovely from excitement, Barbarina entered the boudoir where the young Councillor Cocceji, son of the minister, awaited her.

  50. So the young councillor was released from the castle of Landsberg.

  51. Sartine, lieutenant of police and councillor of state, a man of polish and refinement.

  52. Dumouriez says that he was examined after nine hours of detention by three commissioners: "The president was an old councillor of state named Marville, a man of intelligence, but coarse and sarcastic.

  53. Then the King saw his opportunity to ease his conscience and inquired of an old councillor if there were not a law which gave the king power to alter his decree if thereby he could satisfy his soul and acquire knowledge.

  54. Beware, my dear Councillor Schiller, lest our court atmosphere stiffen you, too, and rob your heart of its youthful freshness of enthusiasm.

  55. Pray tell us, why is it this councillor only comes when you are alone, and is certain of meeting no company here?

  56. But it would be a glorious fete-day for us all if the privy-councillor would grant what my dear brother so ardently desires.

  57. I had determined to return home as a well-trained and respectable privy-councillor and courtier.

  58. The duke had briefly replied that he would send the privy-councillor word; nothing more!

  59. What is this request, my dear privy councillor of the finances?

  60. Councillor Schiller is a man of high respectability and eminence.

  61. The king asked advice of his newly-appointed Privy-Councillor Woellner.

  62. The Privy-Councillor Goethe showed no desire to cultivate my acquaintance, and I would not have him think that I desire to intrude myself on his notice.

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