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Example sentences for "crashes"

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craps; crapulous; cras; crash; crashed; crashing; crashings; crasis; crass; crassest
  1. The heavy crashes of falling buildings were almost incessant.

  2. A moment later there were three crashes as a heap of faggots were thrown down against the end of the hut.

  3. The tossings and the crashes and bumpings of the ice caused the little barque to leak seriously, and to threaten dissolution.

  4. We will pour into them like a deluge, and fire volleys upon their heads like crashes of thunder.

  5. They made a clean breach over her, as over a deep-swimming log; and the gathered weight of crashes menaced monstrously from afar.

  6. It was tumultuous and very loud--made up of the rush of the wind, the crashes of the sea, with that prolonged deep vibration of the air, like the roll of an immense and remote drum beating the charge of the gale.

  7. But those near-by crashes had really ceased.

  8. Muffled squeals and tinny crashes told that conflict was still raging beneath the bed; the tinker women screamed abuse and complaint; and suddenly the dachshund's long yellow nose, streaming with blood, worked its way out of the folds.

  9. Solemnly a general service wagon rolls by, carrying a load of fuel, and a limber crashes past at a trot.

  10. Some persons, especially if situated within the meizoseismal area, hear also loud crashes in the midst of the rumbling sound and simultaneously with the strongest vibrations.

  11. In only a few places was it compared to detonations, the crashes of artillery or distant thunder.

  12. It is only on the immediate neighbourhood of the origin that the explosive reports or crashes were heard in the midst of the rumbling sound.

  13. Goliath is not to be encountered with sword and armour which is, after all, but a shabby copy of the tons of brass which he wears, but he does not know what to make of the sling, and does not see the stone till it crashes his skull in.

  14. He crashes into the midst of Ahab's court like a thunderbolt.

  15. His bayonet misses the upper body of the strong man and crashes hard against his hip bone.

  16. Every shell that screams from those big guns crashes through my heart.

  17. His bulky, kicking body floats steadily on till it crashes into the ceiling.

  18. If you let a dish slip while you are wiping it, it crashes to the floor.

  19. The door crashes to again, and I struggle on to the poop.

  20. A deeper roll, the sea crashes against my ports, and I screw them tighter.

  21. Watch closely," and the jarring crashes sounded like a loud ripping.

  22. Flash after flash of vivid lightning seemed wrapped in the volleying crashes of the thunder.

  23. Then all shall have Most frightful fear, when the fire crashes over 505 Earth's fleeting fortunes, when the flame eats up Its olden treasures, eagerly graspeth On goodly gold and greedily consumes The land's adornments.

  24. Though built massively of logs, the racks gave way with splintering crashes under the combined pull of a hundred frightened beasts; and bunching, the string tore round the clearing, squealing their fear.

  25. I have sat on a hill with a dozen batteries firing under the brow and their crashes were hardly audible.

  26. If a man's gauge and a nation's gauge no longer stand--then every principle that has been won by the human race since the days that the cave-man waged war with his teeth crashes into ruin.

  27. Even the bird ceased struggling against his bonds, only the rumble of the cannonade and the irregular crashes of the replying guns ripping apart the stillness.

  28. The loud crashes resounded in the room above.

  29. A second volley of crashes came up from the assaulted door.

  30. From the lurid bosom of the cloud leaped flashes brighter than the flames below, followed by crashes that drowned the roar and tumult which swelled up from the thronged streets, making the night wild and appalling as the last day of time.

  31. Flashes of lightning rent the gloom, and the thunder rolled and broke in deafening crashes over head.

  32. That must have been the cause of the dreadful crashes we heard.

  33. With harsh crashes and whirlwinds of pulverized earth, towards the profundity into which we hurl ourselves pell-mell, we see craters opened here and there, side by side, and merging in each other.

  34. The crashes of bursting shells grew more frequent, and the general remarked in a dry and injured tone-- "Their usual little evening shoot before putting up the shutters, I suppose.

  35. The crashes came nearer and nearer, until a shell burst with a scream and a thunderous roar just on our right.

  36. The hunter saps the foundation of their castle, and when it crashes to its fall he ignominiously knocks the dazed inmates on the head.

  37. If he succeeds in accomplishing the difficult task, what a melee ensues when the coon crashes through the branches to the ground and becomes the erratic centre of the wild huddle of dogs and men.

  38. The broad pools have left their shells of unsupported ice, which with frequent sudden crashes shatters down upon their hollow beds.

  39. If a heavily-armed ship crashes on Incognita, will not the government of the hemisphere in which it crashes be presented with new ideas for offensive weapons?

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