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Example sentences for "faggots"

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  1. Then he kept them waiting an hour or more through his insatiable curiosity, for he must needs inspect everything in the boat, even to the faggots and the chicken coop.

  2. I carried my faggots down one by one, and threw them over, being careful not to lose my footing in so doing.

  3. The gale had increased, and the spray now dashed over the rocks to where the faggots were burning, and threatened to extinguish them, but I put on more wood and kept up a fierce blaze.

  4. I was not successful, so I contented myself with carrying, by the long road, those faggots which I had left behind me on the day when I fell over the precipice.

  5. It was Jackson who told me that the former were called willow and used for making baskets, and he also shewed me how to tie the faggots up by twisting the sallows together.

  6. I must have remained there many hours insensible, but at last I recovered and found myself lying on the faggots which I had thrown down.

  7. I sometimes fancied I saw a vessel appearing in the line of the horizon, and I would pile up faggots and light them, and throw on water to make them smoke, as Jackson had done; but all without avail.

  8. After thinking a while, I decided that I would go down to the bathing-pool, and place lighted faggots on the rocks on each side of the entrance, as this would shew them where to run for, and how to get in.

  9. Some of the worst are often filled up with a couple of large faggots in the harvest season.

  10. It represented a market place, in the midst of which was a pile of faggots and a stake, such as were used formerly for the burning of heretics and witches.

  11. The enchanter led the woman to the stake, fastened her there with iron chains, lit the faggots about her feet and withdrew to a short distance, where he stood with his arms folded, looking on as the flames rose about her.

  12. The bodies are bound together with ropes and the faggots placed over them.

  13. More faggots are hastily brought and thrown over the pile, and two bamboo levers are pressed over them to hold down the bodies and the pile.

  14. More clarified butter, pitch and faggots are thrown on to the pile till the bodies are consumed.

  15. On the following night the miller set out for the old manor, carrying a bundle of faggots to make a fire, and some cider and tobacco to refresh him during his vigil.

  16. During the night the lads brought all three faggots and his stick, and pegged them down at his door.

  17. One day, having need of fuel, he went up the Dart to cut faggots of wood in the Brimpts plantation.

  18. He was busily chopping away at the furze, a long row of faggots which stretched downward from his position representing the labour of the day.

  19. The performance was that of bringing together and building into a stack the furze faggots which Humphrey had been cutting for the captain's use during the foregoing fine days.

  20. Fulviac had taken burning faggots upon his back, and the iron collar of war weighed heavy on him that autumn season.

  21. About its base, cottages were burning like faggots piled about a martyr's loins.

  22. Daughters of Time, the hypocritic Days, Muffled and dumb, like barefoot Dervishes, And marching single in an endless file, Bring diadems and faggots in their hands.

  23. I should make a very creditable beacon if the burning of brains and the burning of faggots were only of equal value.

  24. The faggots being now piled round them, the priests retired, uttering curses on their heads; while bands of music struck up to drown the voices of the sufferers.

  25. The following day, in an open space in front of the fort, a pile of faggots was seen, when the books were brought forth from the house into which they had been thrown.

  26. Faggots were piled in the market square of the town, and the persecuted lady was led forth and burned to death in public.

  27. He was, however, an intensely bigoted pietist, for at Palencia he set fire with his own hands to the faggots to burn heretics.

  28. The performance was that of bringing together and building into a stack the furze-faggots which Humphrey had been cutting for the captain's use during the foregoing fine days.

  29. Every individual was so involved in furze by his method of carrying the faggots that he appeared like a bush on legs till he had thrown them down.

  30. Some made themselves busy with matches, and in selecting the driest tufts of furze, others in loosening the bramble bonds which held the faggots together.

  31. In which pangs he laboured till one of the standers-by with his bill pulled off the faggots above, and where he saw the fire flame up, he wrested himself unto that side.

  32. We can see them carrying faggots out upon the plain, piling them together, and setting them on fire.

  33. Now they chop down young trees, and carry faggots to the fires.

  34. These faggots had been placed with only their tips in the fire.

  35. Each fire had been laid, on the inner side, with dry faggots of a resinous wood which not only blazed freely but held the flame tenaciously.

  36. She told me that the journey was over her great feather bed, across the floor to the hearth, and into the niche where the faggots for the fire lay.

  37. I was uncertain whether I had simply dreamed all about my journey; but, when Godmother came, she asked me with much concern where I had been and how I had come to be among the great faggots by the hearth.

  38. The High Priest looked questioningly toward her--the brand was burning close to his hand and the faggots lay temptingly near.

  39. One huge pile of faggots blazed right in front of the great gate of Whitehall.

  40. Faggots for bonfires were heaped up in the streets.

  41. A pyramid of faggots is piled round a tree or tall pole on the ground where the fair is held; the priest goes in procession to the spot and kindles the pile.

  42. Three or nine different kinds of wood and charred faggots carefully preserved from the last midsummer were deemed necessary to build the bonfire, which was generally done on rising ground.

  43. The young folk also provided themselves with poles to which old brooms or faggots of shavings were attached.

  44. They fed the fire from cuaile mor conaidh caoin--great bundles of sacred faggots brought to the knoll on Beltane Eve.

  45. Charred logs and faggots used in the May Beltane were carefully preserved, and from them the next fire was lighted.

  46. Numbers of these blazing faggots were often carried about together, and when the night happened to be dark, they formed a splendid illumination.

  47. From every house bundles of straw, tow, faggots and so forth were now carried to feed the bonfire.

  48. May fires were always started with old faggots of the previous year, and midsummer from those of the last summer.

  49. In the department of Ain the great fires of straw and faggots which are kindled in the fields at this time are or were supposed to destroy the nests of the caterpillars.

  50. Faggots of heath, broom, and the dressings of flax were kindled and carried on poles by men, who ran with them round the villages, attended by a crowd.

  51. Don't you know that I've never spoken to her nor her husband since that day she said you'd pulled down the faggots that threw me down, and then had left her cats to bear the blame of it.

  52. It was she who had pulled down the faggots and left them.

  53. I daresay she can tell you how the faggots got scattered.

  54. It was getting dark out of doors now, but not too dark for her to see her grandmother stretched on the ground with faggots of wood lying all around her.

  55. Into this space the challenger and the champion were conducted and left facing each other, while Perpetua was led to the stake, where she mounted the platform and stood, with the piled faggots at her feet, clasping a crucifix to her breast.

  56. Then after two days they carried his body to the top of a hill beyond the village, and built a funeral pyre of faggots and burned his body in the fire.

  57. Then she piled up sticks and pieces of dried fir tree wood about the pots, and laid little faggots all round, and raked up the hot ashes and set fire to the pile.

  58. So she piled on sticks and faggots till the outside of the birch-tree was all black and scarred and covered with blisters, marks of which have remained to this day.

  59. Among the dry faggots on the ground at the bottom of the canyon there was another man with a lantern.

  60. His matches were about gone, and so he took a burning stick from the fire, added two dry faggots to it, waited until the three burst into flame, and then entered the cave.

  61. I guess you are right," Pat said, reluctantly laying his dry faggots aside.

  62. The rest the enemy tried to burn by means of an old merchantman which they filled with faggots and pine-wood, set on fire, and let drift down the wind which blew full on the Athenians.

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