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  1. To the amount of these payments his account at the bank is debited, and from time to time his passbook is left at the bank for the entry therein of the debits made to date and its subsequent return to him.

  2. France's credits are proportionately the worst and her debits largest, almost 27 milliards.

  3. Great Britain has about an equal number of debits and credits, with this difference, that the debits are secured, while the credits are, in part, unsecured.

  4. Yet these nuns seem to have been indulgent landlords; in this year the treasuress debits herself "for a tenement lately held by Richard Pyghtesley, because it was too heavily charged before, 2s.

  5. This, however, was not the case at first and it would not be easy to exaggerate the general confusion and distress when it came to be understood that confiscation included the debits as well as the credits of the victims.

  6. Illustration: Daily Report of Work in Process] When the inventory is complete the amount should be deducted from the total debits to manufacturing account, which will show the cost of goods manufactured.

  7. Account-- (a) A statement of debits and credits.

  8. At the end of the month, total debits and credits to accounts in these ledgers are entered in the private journal.

  9. The general rules to be followed in debits and credits are: Debit cash when you receive it.

  10. Debits are always placed on the left side (or in the left-hand column) of an account.

  11. Explain the sources of debits and credits posted to this controlling account.

  12. Debits to persons are of the following classes: (a) The transfer of merchandise.

  13. The total debits to all customers' accounts for goods purchased in one month amount to $1,423.

  14. The entry is made in the cash book on the debit side which debits cash and credits bills receivable.

  15. An account called Expense Accrued should be opened and credited with these items, with corresponding debits to expense accounts.

  16. Double entry is a system of debits and credits.

  17. And that the several actual expenditures of each State should be settled and liquidated with its proportional part of the whole, and the several balances carried to their respective debits and credits in the general accounts.

  18. A book in which a summary of accounts is laid up or preserved; the final book of record in business transactions, in which all debits and credits from the journal, etc.

  19. The difference between the total debits and credits shall equal the net debit or credit to the gold settlement fund, as advised in the telegram from the settling agent.

  20. Is it the custom for all banks which clear through you to have a balance in order to facilitate the payment of debits through clearing?

  21. The one credits the sum, the other debits it.

  22. On issuing such a check, the bank debits the receiver's account with the amount, and so can guarantee the payment whenever or wherever presented.

  23. In effect, all the debits and credits between the two countries are merged into one big ledger balance, and the international shipment of gold bullion finally made is just the amount needed to balance the accounts payable at the time.

  24. As a rule then, accumulating credits here mean a low rate of exchange, accumulating debits a high rate of exchange from this to the foreign country.

  25. The proposition might better be expressed: the total credits of a nation (including money actually sent abroad) must just equal its total debits (including money imported).

  26. The opposite effect is produced on exports, and thus in a short time the national credits and debits are again brought into equilibrium.

  27. This simple offsetting and cancelation of debits and credits would greatly limit the amount of gold that would have to be shipped.

  28. Whenever the amount of ocean postage is below the cost of the line of packets by which the service is performed, the Post Office debits itself, for packet service, with a charge just equal to the ocean postage received.

  29. England and France, and England and Belgium), in which the ocean postage exceeds the cost, the department debits itself with the whole expense of the packet service.

  30. The total of all profit columns, which represents debits to shipment accounts, is charged to shipment ledger account.

  31. If the difference between debits and credits in the ledger agrees with the difference between debits and credits in the books of original entry, the work may be assumed to be correct.

  32. This is a controlling account which receives its debits and credits from the same sources as do the consignment accounts.

  33. If the broker remits the net proceeds at the time of rendering the Account Sales, he debits the consignment and credits cash, or bills payable as the case may be.

  34. From what sources are the debits and credits to these accounts derived?

  35. From a mere record of personal debits and credits, bookkeeping has grown into a detailed history of a business.

  36. The day book or journal is the familiar two-column form, the left-hand column being used for debits and right-hand column for credits.

  37. The debits to the sales controlling account represent the total debits to customers' accounts as shown by the sales book or the journal.

  38. The rules for debit and credit are the same in single entry as in double entry, except that no debits and credits are recorded which do not effect persons or cash—when a cash account is kept.

  39. Advances by the fish-curer to fishermen, in the form of boats and fishing materials, form a very material portion of the debits in the men's accounts.

  40. Total bank transactions" consist of all debits against deposit liabilities of each member of the Clearing House, whether they come through the Clearing House or over the counter.

  41. In a letter to the Editor of the Annalist, Mr. Wolfe states that "total bank transactions include all debits against deposit liabilities, whether by check, draft or charge ticket.

  42. A happy wedding-party were swinging gaily along the quay arm in arm, singing some rollicking Breton chanson, and all rather affected by their visits to the various debits de boissons.

  43. Often we would go with our bonne and our respective partners into some neighbouring debits de boissons and drink syrops in true Breton fashion.

  44. A book kept by a depositor, in which an officer of a bank enters the debits and credits of the depositor's account with the bank.

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