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  1. And if it should appear, that the former had paid one hundred thousand, and the latter only ninety thousand, the former would be credited, and the latter debited ten thousand dollars, with six per cent interest.

  2. I must further entreat to be favored with an account of the sums furnished, that they may be carried to the credit of your State on the late requisitions of Congress, and the Navy Board to be debited with them in the treasury books.

  3. Virginia stands debited for the whole, and it is not in my power, perhaps not in yours, to state as yet the credit side of that account.

  4. As a rule the costs which are debited to the heading "Fire Protection" have simply to cover the maintenance of hydrants and tablets, or at the most the cost of the water actually used for fire-extinguishing purposes.

  5. The same wires call up each of these services, and, as the same staff attend to their maintenance, the fire protection of a city need only be debited with perhaps a third of the outlay it would occasion if managed independently.

  6. Profit or loss on Irish posts to be credited to or debited against Ireland.

  7. Or, again, should Ireland be debited with the cost of the machinery for carrying out Land Purchase, a policy admittedly rendered necessary by the enforced maintenance in the past of bad land laws?

  8. The difficulty involved in equitably determining the amount to be debited to the several States in respect of general Commonwealth expenses.

  9. An account was kept there of the amounts due and the postmasters were debited with them, less the sum for letters not delivered, which had also to be returned for verification.

  10. The small expense for these letters is explained by the fact that the separate department for bye and cross post letters was debited with only a portion of the total cost, the larger part being carried by the general establishment.

  11. If a man buys stock, he is debited in the stock ledger column; if he buys grain he is debited in the grain ledger column; and if he sells either, he is credited in the proper column.

  12. It is debited with the total assets as shown by the balance sheet or statement of affairs, and is credited with all liabilities to outside creditors.

  13. If expenses have been debited and no sales credited, the account will show a debit balance representing an asset.

  14. A deposit is credited to cash and debited to bank deposits; the payment of a purchase ledger account by check is credited to bank withdrawals, and debited to purchase ledger account.

  15. This account is debited for all charges, and as sales are made they are credited to the account.

  16. It is debited with the capital at the last known date of solvency, all additions of capital, and all profits shown by the books.

  17. These accounts are debited with all amounts distributed—as expense of administering the estate—and credited with all income or revenue other than that representing the conversion of the original estate into cash.

  18. If the Account Sales, when received, is accompanied by a remittance to cover net proceeds, cash is debited and the shipment account credited for the amount.

  19. In the ledger, property accounts are opened with the different classes of properties represented in the estate, which accounts are debited for the appraised value of the properties.

  20. An account is usually kept with cash, but this approaches double entry, for when a person pays money to the business, cash is debited and the person credited; and when money is paid out, cash is credited and the person debited.

  21. A cash receipt is entered in the cash debit column, but the amount is credited to its source through the proper credit column; thus a payment received on account is debited to cash and credited through the sales ledger column.

  22. The account is subsequently credited with the amounts realized on assets, and debited with liabilities liquidated together with the expenses of realization and cost of liquidation.

  23. If a note to cover net proceeds is received, the entry is the same except that Bills Receivable is debited instead of Richard Roe, Agt.

  24. In another column of the statement, one hundred and seventy-five dollars and seventy-five cents are debited for the chief justice's travelling expenses.

  25. I find the king's allowance to figure at seventy-five dollars a month; and I find that he is further (though somewhat obscurely) debited with the salaries of either two or three clerks.

  26. The Klan was the bitter enemy of those unorganized parties of ruffians who made war on their kind in the former's name, and the sum of whose villanies never failed to be debited in this way.

  27. This total, I say, debited to a fund, a fund .

  28. Of those that are found to agree, each company is debited or credited, as the case may be, with the proportion due to or by it.

  29. Even a penny is deemed worthy of being debited to one company and credited to another!

  30. Those expenses must be debited to the Algerine mission, and not carried into your ordinary account as resident.

  31. This, and all other sums furnished him, to be debited to the Algerine fund.

  32. The payment of this compensation may be made by the Allied or Associated State, and the amount will be debited to Germany.

  33. Within a complete trading area this is certain to happen, since purchases and sales of goods are equal and what is credited to one man is debited to another.

  34. Ordinarily, what is debited on one man's account is credited on another's, the cash received nearly balancing that paid out.

  35. These are all debited to the crew in a ledger account, kept in the name of the skipper and crew, thus -'John Simpson & Co.

  36. Is their annual subscription debited to them in their account?

  37. No, and this year's rent has not been debited to the account.

  38. Is that account debited yearly with the hire of the boat?

  39. Are these goods debited to her at cost price?

  40. All these are, of course, debited in the fisherman's account.

  41. I took them into my own hands, and of course these sums had to be debited in the men's accounts.

  42. There is also the case of James Twatt, Sandness, who is debited on March 4 with £2, 3s.

  43. She is just debited with the amount paid to so and so.

  44. The Jew brought out his books and showed the Armenian that he was both credited and debited with the sum of twenty-five thousand piasters.

  45. Receipts were never exchanged, but at the closing of an old account or the opening of a new one they would simply say to each other, I have debited or credited you in my books, as the case might be, with so much.

  46. That every State be debited in account for the recruiting service for every non-commissioned officer and private, assigned to such State respectively in October, 1780, the sum of one hundred dollars in specie.

  47. Every account of these persons will, of course, be debited in particular accounts, for the respective sums so credited.

  48. At the beginning I sent each manuscript to Norah; she had it copied out, debited me with the cost received payment, and sent me the balance.

  49. Its very first entry debited him with the proceeds of his own partner's estate.

  50. The note would again come into our possession, and the amount must be debited to some account, the credit being to the bank.

  51. When subscriptions are paid, cash is debited and subscriptions credited.

  52. We buy real estate; the real estate account is debited because our real estate possessions are added to.

  53. Journalizing is one of the most important operations in bookkeeping, since journalizing a transaction involves the selection of the proper accounts to be debited and credited completing the double entry.

  54. In the case referred to, the amount of the check is debited to the proper nominal account, and credited to a general ledger account.

  55. From time to time the books are closed and the proprietor's account then receives credit for the net profits or is debited with the net losses of the business.

  56. An account should be opened in the stock ledger with Capital Stock, which account will be debited with all stock issued.

  57. After you become familiar with each entry and the nature of the accounts to be debited or credited, journalize the transactions given in Article 66, then compare with the model journal, and see if your work is correct.

  58. When used, this account is debited with all purchases of merchandise and credited with all sales.

  59. The gross profit from trading is now transferred to the credit of profit and loss account, and this account is debited with the balances of all revenue expenditure accounts.

  60. When further subscriptions are made, subscription account is debited and unsubscribed stock is credited.

  61. The merchandise account has been universally used in the past, all purchases being debited and all sales credited to this account.

  62. We sell merchandise, for example, and the person is debited because he receives it.

  63. Then, capital stock is debited and stockholders credited for the new shares issued.

  64. Out Freight and Express--A nominal account which is debited with all transportation charges paid on goods that we ship, whether sales are made at delivered prices or freight is paid as an accommodation to the customer.

  65. He had also debited you in his account for the whole sums paid by the United States, as well as those paid by Virginia, as by himself.

  66. But we fear that these returns are not very strictly accurate; recent inquiries and investigations have tended to show that some of the items charged to capital in the half-yearly accounts should have been debited to revenue.

  67. He is given a certain allowance out of the paternal estate, but, if he spends more, he is debited with the excess amount.

  68. So strict are the Chettis in pecuniary matters that, if a relation visits them, he gets only his first meal free, and if he stays longer, is quietly debited with the cost of his stay.

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