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Example sentences for "deliberating"

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deliberate; deliberated; deliberately; deliberateness; deliberates; deliberation; deliberatione; deliberations; deliberative; delicacies
  1. The whole community was stirred, and sage counsellors were deliberating and writing and talking about the public grievances.

  2. While the Queen and princes were deliberating on the means of punishing Jean Sans-peur, the news of his victorious return from an expedition to Flanders filled them with consternation.

  3. A distant clang disturbed the weird silence of the seemingly deserted mansion, but the bell was not answered, though Laurence waited for many minutes, deliberating in his mind the course of action he should take when admitted.

  4. He was deliberating with himself as to whether he should confide in his fair companion all he knew about the old gentleman's fears, the affair on the moor, and the mysterious inmates of Durley Dene.

  5. The great excitement produced in my mind by this miraculous discovery prevented me for some time from calmly deliberating on the steps I ought to pursue, with the view of saving the poor foreigner from the designs of her murderer.

  6. While we are yet deliberating in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania is voting.

  7. On such a question, sir, I cannot observe, without astonishment, any man deliberating for a single moment.

  8. Let us, therefore, consider our own danger, and remember, that while we are considering this supply, we are deliberating upon nothing less than the fate of our country.

  9. In some States they are allowed to separate and go to their homes at night during the trial even of a capital case, and while deliberating over their verdict they are generally supplied with food and other comforts.

  10. The prosecuting attorney, if admitted, does not remain while the jurors are deliberating over their decision.

  11. The night following this affair--I was to go the next morning--was spent by me in deliberating on what my future conduct should be.

  12. In the year 1797, while Mr. Wilberforce was deliberating upon the best measure for the advancement of the cause, Mr. C.

  13. Meantime, old Dalton and my father were deliberating together what course to pursue; and it was determined that the discharge of George should be immediately purchased.

  14. I suppose she was endeavouring to compose herself, and also deliberating what course she should pursue; while, on my side, I did not like to question her.

  15. While he was still deliberating within himself what course to pursue, and while Mrs. Slingsby was anxiously watching him as he paced the room with agitated steps, the servant entered with the morning's newspaper.

  16. The Earl was uncertain how to act; and while he was still deliberating with himself whether to leave the Closet in search of a servant to procure another light, or await the return of Sir Phillip Warren, the door opened.

  17. He was deliberating within himself whether he should repose an equal trust in Mrs. Slingsby; and he decided upon doing so.

  18. After deliberating for an hour, the stranger stood off.

  19. Each gentleman was surprised to see the other there; but their thoughts were too much occupied in deliberating what was to be done, to ask any questions.

  20. While I was thus deliberating what I should do, I heard a loud shriek just above my head.

  21. Whilst they were deliberating within, the people were acting without, and struck at the doors.

  22. Isnard; "whilst you are deliberating perhaps the traitor will flee.

  23. While deliberating in painful uncertainty, the sounds of the struggle ceased, and he saw the sentinel rising again into the light, limping like one who had suffered by a fall.

  24. You might here see kings, dukes, and other grandees, deliberating on the affairs of their kingdom, and with indefatigable voice publishing their dogmas and decrees in the air.

  25. The Emperor is deliberating whether he ought to hang us or let us live," wrote Brenz.

  26. We were just deliberating what to do next, when a smart little Japanese, with a mail-bag over his shoulder, stepped forward and said something about Sir Harry Parkes.

  27. But, on March 22, while Manin and his friends were deliberating on the next step to be taken, a messenger came to announce to them that Marinovich had suddenly returned to the arsenal, and had there been attacked and killed by the workmen.

  28. On June 1 the National Committee of Prague, while deliberating on the future Constitution of Bohemia, were joined by several of their Slavonic visitors; and out of this combination the Congress was formed.

  29. Three hours before the time appointed, while Casati and the Municipal Council were deliberating in the Broletto, or town-hall, they heard loud shouts in the streets of "Death to the Germans!

  30. The latter on first looking up at the throne, stood before it as if thunderstruck, and seemed to be deliberating for a moment whether it ought not to be taken away and a simple chair put in its place.

  31. The Indians after deliberating for a time returned an unfavorable answer; saying "they did not wish to part with any more of their land.

  32. After deliberating once more, they returned the answer they had already given.

  33. After deliberating for a time she united with the church, and Red Jacket, true to his threat, left her and went to another reservation.

  34. While Choo Hoo was deliberating you should have flown at his breast, and despatched the archrebel with one blow of your beak.

  35. Up in the elms there were a number of rooks, who were deliberating in a solemn manner; it was indeed the rook council who had met there to consider as the safest place, the very council that Ah Kurroo so much disliked.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deliberating" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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