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Example sentences for "destructiveness"

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  1. But the important thing to remember is that destructiveness is simply constructiveness gone wrong.

  2. Life was too difficult for him, and he took refuge in his infantile past; his pulling off wings was the destructiveness of the infant.

  3. Tom's destructiveness is only the direct result of Mac's authority.

  4. In destructiveness to small game the mink is perhaps only equaled by the domestic cat, which, in remote districts, he resembles in the habit of hunting at all hours of the day.

  5. Apparently there is nothing made by the hands of man that can resist the incredible destructiveness of those huge high-explosive shells.

  6. The difference in principle between a gun and a howitzer or a mortar," explained the master, "is that a gun depends for its destructiveness on its striking velocity, while a howitzer depends on the power of the exploding charge of its shell.

  7. It is estimated as being equal to fifty men, but, in reality, its destructiveness in the hands of a good gunner is far higher.

  8. Next in destructiveness are the tiny moths, of which four species are to be fought in the museum and the household.

  9. To the north, the meizoseismal area terminates in another plain, in the centre of which lies the city of Fukui, where the destructiveness of the earthquake was only inferior to that experienced in the provinces of Mino and Owari.

  10. Lastly, as much of the damage due to previous earthquakes had been badly repaired, it is evident that the destructiveness of the Riviera earthquakes must to a great extent be referred to preventable causes.

  11. It is noticeable that the tendency to strikes among the more skilled workmen is diminishing, and that the mass of communities are weighing their own interests more carefully as they see the general destructiveness of the method.

  12. A more obvious trespass upon prudential consumption is criminal destructiveness of every kind.

  13. I think they must have been disappointed in the lack of destructiveness that their bombs have had when dropped from Zeppelins, while the moral effect on England must also have been disappointing.

  14. The hopes of those who have believed in such dire destructiveness of bomb-dropping from air-craft have been dashed to the ground, with the bombs they have dropped.

  15. And on the other hand, against a great antiquity, the destructiveness of the tropical vegetation and tropical rains.

  16. Destructiveness was similar in character throughout all the vessels and involved only important parts of the propulsive mechanism or other operating machinery.

  17. As already remarked, the evidence respecting the frequency and destructiveness of this little worm in England is now quite overwhelming.

  18. As showing the extraordinary prevalence and destructiveness of entozoa in certain countries, I will adduce an instance in which my opinion was requested and given some five years since.

  19. From what we know of their destructiveness in man and certain other mammals, it would be hazardous to pronounce them harmless.

  20. Moreover, but little was known of the range and destructiveness of anti-aircraft guns.

  21. The androids behave in every way like the individuals they replace, but they are preconditioned against the inherent destructiveness of Earthmen.

  22. They see us carrying our destructiveness into space, fighting each other there, infecting other races with our hostility.

  23. One word respecting the treatment of luggage in that part of the world by porters and officials, whose organ of destructiveness seems to be abnormally developed.

  24. The organ of destructiveness is large in Hare, but certainly rather below than above the average size.

  25. But, is the size of the organ of destructiveness in Burke larger than it is found in the generality of heads?

  26. Not only in this instance, but very many others, the allies acted with far more wanton destructiveness than ever the Ti-pings did.

  27. As time went on, the statue was so much damaged (it may be hoped that something higher than a spirit of destructiveness was the motive of the image-breaking) that it had to be removed, though the bust still holds its place.

  28. The remnants of the ancient Abbey of Lindisfarne are among the very few examples of Saxon architecture which the destructiveness of the Danes has left to us; and that even these ruins remain, is due to no negligence of theirs.

  29. That organ of destructiveness did it all.

  30. The organ of combativeness enormously full, and destructiveness as big as my fist.

  31. The very destructiveness of modern weapons has contributed toward this result.

  32. The great outstanding lesson thus far is the extraordinary destructiveness of the torpedoes that have found their mark.

  33. But see, through him, and in him, the destructiveness of Christian morals.

  34. His ever broadening vision makes apparent the inherent self-destructiveness of anti-social aims; and though he chooses his ends without reference to any external moral code, those ends are increasingly social.

  35. He was, indeed, a superb hunter, and would have been a devastating one, if his bump of destructiveness had not been offset by a bump of moderation.

  36. This question is a reductio ad absurdum of this soothing delusion; but as a matter of fact, there is no comparison in destructiveness between our modern warfare and that of our ancestors.

  37. In itself, it may be said to be merely the tendency toward "hoarding up," but the combination with large Combativeness and Destructiveness enlarges its scope and tends to make its possessor rapacious and grasping.

  38. The Roman nose is held to be indicative of Self-Esteem, Combativeness, Destructiveness and Acquisitiveness.

  39. Usually, they have Combativeness and Destructiveness large; strong Perceptive Qualities; and but moderate Conscientiousness.

  40. The great destructiveness is passing over the old beliefs.

  41. If I were as bent on sheer destructiveness as he imagines me to be, I should waste no more time, but offer it to Germany.

  42. Then he said-- "Apparently the spirit of destructiveness is strong in you.

  43. These animals are becoming scarce, as, owing to their destructiveness among sheep, they are relentlessly persecuted by run-holders.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "destructiveness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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