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diagonal; diagonally; diagonals; diagram; diagrammatic; diagrams; dial; dialect; dialectal; dialectic
  1. Figure 10 gives diagrammatically a section of a very young stage of Amphioxus; P is the pharynx portion of the alimentary canal, coe.

  2. The kidney structure is shown diagrammatically in Figure 5, Sheet 7.

  3. This is the blastosphere, shown diagrammatically in Figure 4, and of which an internal view, rather truer to the facts of the case as regards shape, is given as Figure 5.

  4. M{1} having two energizing circuits, A and B, is diagrammatically indicated.

  5. Here, then, is a motor (diagrammatically illustrated in Fig.

  6. When a magnet is employed to break the arc, it is better to choose the connection indicated diagrammatically in Fig.

  7. The electrical connections are as indicated diagrammatically in Fig.

  8. Such a disposition is represented diagrammatically in Fig.

  9. The ciliated band is also diagrammatically put in black for greater distinctness.

  10. B, and somewhat more diagrammatically in fig.

  11. The typical mode of formation of these membranes is represented diagrammatically in fig.

  12. These cells are diagrammatically shewn in figs.

  13. A two-wire circuit is diagrammatically shown in Figure 1.

  14. A reactance, shown diagrammatically in Figure 135, may take the place of the resistance in alternating-current circuits and is preferable because it wastes comparatively little energy.

  15. In Figure 134 we have shown diagrammatically the usual representation of a resistance.

  16. The Oscillator is diagrammatically shown in Fig.

  17. The experimental arrangement is diagrammatically shown in Fig.

  18. The instrument is represented diagrammatically in fig.

  19. A plan of the apparatus as arranged by Ewing for the latter purpose is shown diagrammatically in fig.

  20. The relation of the appendifer, coxopodite, and two rami is here shown diagrammatically (fig.

  21. Just what the connection is can not be observed, but there seems to be a firm union between the upper surface of the basipodite and the lower side of the proximal end of the exopodite, as indicated diagrammatically in text figure 33.

  22. The phenomena involved are diagrammatically represented in Fig.

  23. Even when the leaves appear somewhat dispersed upon the stem, a principle of order can yet be distinctly traced in the manner of their arrangement, as is diagrammatically expressed in Figs.

  24. I have hitherto spoken of the excitatory effect of the upper layer; there must be some physiological reaction on the lower perceptive layer, though of a different character, represented diagrammatically by vertical shading.

  25. The characteristic electric change is shown diagrammatically in figure 167 in which the middle figure shows the symmetrical or zero position.

  26. The divergences may also be represented diagrammatically on a horizontal projection of the vertical axis, as in fig.

  27. The American hide mill, or double-acting stocks, shown diagrammatically in fig.

  28. The night-alarm contact 4 of the drop shown diagrammatically in Figs.

  29. Such an arrangement is indicated diagrammatically in Fig.

  30. Around this world with its four elements is spread the atmosphere, the aer lucidus or alba pellis, diagrammatically represented, like the earth which it enwraps, as circular.

  31. The philosophy of reproduction is very simple, and is illustrated diagrammatically in Fig.

  32. The electromotograph is shown diagrammatically in Figs.

  33. These various electrical features are diagrammatically shown in Fig.

  34. The electromagnets and other actuating mechanism cannot be seen plainly in this figure, but are produced diagrammatically in Fig.

  35. This tool, which is shown diagrammatically in Fig.

  36. This is illustrated diagrammatically in Fig.

  37. A simple method of changing the direction of the current in a two-instrument circuit is shown diagrammatically in Fig.

  38. The position of an eccentric is denoted diagrammatically by a line drawn from the centre of the crank shaft through the centre of the sheave.

  39. Inasmuch as these illusions cannot be illustrated diagrammatically we can do no better than to condense some of the descriptions obtained and reported by Carr.

  40. The effects of brightness-contrast are particularly striking when demonstrated by means of lighting, a simple apparatus being illustrated diagrammatically in Fig.

  41. The roof was covered with three-ply mats and lapped over a little more than half, as shown diagrammatically on the drawing.

  42. The above process is diagrammatically represented in fig.

  43. The relative position of the parts at this stage is shewn diagrammatically in fig.

  44. This view of the nature of the primitive streak, which is diagrammatically illustrated in fig.

  45. This ovum, which is diagrammatically represented in fig.

  46. The stages in this metamorphosis are diagrammatically shewn in figs.

  47. The appearance of the embryo, and its relation to the surrounding parts is somewhat diagrammatically represented in fig.

  48. The general condition of the embryo and of its membranes at this period is shewn diagrammatically in fig.

  49. The development of the permanent excretory tubes is diagrammatically represented in fig.

  50. Such a vesicle is represented diagrammatically in fig.

  51. The general features of the excretory organs at this period are diagrammatically represented in the woodcut (fig.

  52. A longitudinal section through the vertebral column at this stage is diagrammatically shewn in fig.

  53. The manner in which this takes place is diagrammatically represented in fig.

  54. When such a double current is sent into a similarly constructed motor it will produce or generate what might be called a rotary field, which is shown diagrammatically in the six successive positions in Fig.

  55. The connections for the primary circuit of a transformer with six coils are shown diagrammatically in Fig.

  56. The behaviour of this system will, therefore, also be represented diagrammatically by Fig.

  57. In all such cases, therefore, the solubility curves (curves of equilibrium) can be represented diagrammatically as in Fig.

  58. The solubilities are represented diagrammatically in Fig.

  59. For convenience of reference, the results which they obtained are represented diagrammatically in Fig.

  60. The system will, therefore, pass along a line represented diagrammatically by xx'.

  61. O, the two curves AO and OB representing diagrammatically the vapour pressures of rhombic and monoclinic sulphur respectively.

  62. This alteration is indicated diagrammatically in Figs.

  63. This behaviour is represented diagrammatically in Fig.

  64. The commas in this sentence are used to suspend a group of words, as diagrammatically illustrated in Sentence 4-3, coming between words closely connected in sense.

  65. Its use in both clauses may be said to follow the punctuation diagrammatically exhibited in Sentence 3-2.

  66. We illustrated this process diagrammatically in Sentence 4-3 by actually suspending on the printed page the intermediate group.

  67. The grating is usually used with a spectrometer, as shown in plan diagrammatically in Fig.

  68. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "diagrammatically" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.