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  1. There are a number of different types of oilers, with their cocks arranged in different ways; but the manufacturer always gives diagrams and instructions fully explaining the working of the oiler.

  2. The book is copiously illustrated with nearly one hundred working diagrams together with full descriptive text.

  3. The text is profusely illustrated by cuts of commercial apparatus and carefully prepared diagrams of circuits.

  4. The portion of the glacier represented in both diagrams may be viewed from the point near the Flegere already referred to.

  5. With Frontispiece of Fog-Syren, and 203 other Woodcuts and Diagrams in the Text.

  6. If you understand the principle of the stereoscope you will know why; if not, it does not matter; trust me for the truth of the statement, as I cannot explain the principle without diagrams and much loss of time.

  7. Illustration: Diagrams 7-12] If instead of two tanks we use four, a much more effective operation may be carried out.

  8. Illustration: Diagrams 13-15] From the above elementary movements can be worked out a whole series of battle formations according to the various arms which are to be employed.

  9. These diagrams are very well adapted for the comparison of two sorts of movements whose difference cannot be discerned by the eye.

  10. How great the defect of the true value from that given by extending Coulomb's law may be in the case of sections with projecting corners is shown by the diagrams (fig.

  11. These diagrams and the figures they illustrate hardly look as if the nation were on the verge of decay, ruined by German cheap goods.

  12. He reviles me for my dates, and in his own diagrams proves the wisdom of my choice.

  13. Your correspondent has a better case for his diagrams when he gives weights as a set-off against money figures, and I cannot, of course, take exception to the use of those statistics.

  14. Tory shows in his diagrams some of the anchors of that period with the space between the shank and flukes nearly filled up in the lower part with metal.

  15. Both diagrams were made from patients eight days after the reception of the wounds.

  16. The nature of the injury to the bones in these is best illustrated by a series of diagrams of sections such as are shown below.

  17. These so-called diagrams are said to have been invented two thousand years and more before Christ by the monarch Fu Hsi, who copied them from the back of a tortoise.

  18. Text, pictures and diagrams will, in each respective book, aim to make perfectly clear the possibility of having, and the means of having, some of the more important features of a modern country or suburban home.

  19. The diagrams will make clearer this arrangement for a small fire or a large one.

  20. The flag signals of the other diagrams explain themselves.

  21. In addition, many maps, plans, and diagrams should give many of the itineraries a lucidity often lacking in the usual railway maps.

  22. The two hands are contemporaneous, as appears from the additions to the diagrams made by the writer of the text.

  23. This is impossible, from the fact that Rigel and Alhabor both occur in the diagrams and tables; see, for instance, Fig.

  24. This projection is the same as that which was used by Ptolemy, and it is adopted in the diagrams which accompany Chaucer's treatise in some of the MSS.

  25. Elementary diagrams illustrating the operation of a carbon circuit breaker of the overload type, showing the progressive opening of such device.

  26. The various letters referred to~ in the diagrams will be found marked on the ends of the instrument studs and back of reactance coil box.

  27. Elementary diagrams illustrating the various methods of electromagnetic control for circuit breakers.

  28. How are vector diagrams constructed for obtaining resultant electric pressure?

  29. It was good to be working again, he thought, and then that thought faded away again as he returned to studying the sheaves of circuit diagrams and closely typed pages of specifications.

  30. Ve got here someplace--da, here is cirguit diagrams and de specs for a sqvare-vave generator.

  31. Details in regard to the volume of traffic over the bridges and estimates of the value of the goods transported and the equipment engaged in the traffic are given in Appendix I and are summarized in graphical form in Diagrams 1, 2 and 3.

  32. These amounts are shown graphically in comparison with the corresponding figures for traffic over the bridges in Diagrams 1, 2 and 3.

  33. These diagrams are constructed on the principle of dominant control.

  34. Index map for the nine regional diagrams in the pages following.

  35. The topographic and climatic cross-sections and regional diagrams elsewhere in this book also emphasize the patchiness of much of the woodland and scrub, some noteworthy examples occurring in the chapter on the Eastern Andes.

  36. It should be remembered that the orientation of these diagrams is generalized.

  37. These four diagrams represent the physical history and the corresponding physiographic development of the coastal region of Peru between CamanĂ¡ and Mollendo.

  38. The dotted line at the left of the two diagrams connects identical points.

  39. The other two types are illustrated by the accompanying diagrams for Puira and Chira, the former intermittent in flow, the latter fairly constant.

  40. For example, every location on these diagrams has a concrete illustration but the accidental relations of the field have been omitted; the essential relations are preserved.

  41. In order to make clearer this order of growth in Mashongnavi, a series of skeleton diagrams is added in Figs.

  42. In order to explain the manner of using this recorder several specimen diagrams are here given.

  43. For this reason the advice of experts should be sought,--men who understand the meaning of the diagrams taken and who are able by their means to effect a considerable saving in gas.

  44. In interpreting the diagrams and records some difficulty will be encountered.

  45. Analysis of a Cycle by Means of Open Diagrams Representing the Four Periods.

  46. The manograph, which is the invention of Hospitalier, is an optical instrument in which a series of closed diagrams are superimposed upon a polished mirror similar in form to Watt diagrams.

  47. It conforms with modern diagrams of the esophagus.

  48. He often constructs diagrams to clarify or condense meaning.

  49. It conforms with modern diagrams of this area of the intestinal wall.

  50. This figure shows two biological diagrams of what appears to be a cross-section of the mucus membrane of the esophagus.

  51. Translated, enlarged, and illustrated with Diagrams and Cuts, by Prof.

  52. These diagrams are reproduced far behind the front in elaborately prepared earthwork and trenches which are an exact replica of the enemy's lines.

  53. These photographs are developed and studied and diagrams drawn from them of the enemy's system of trenches.

  54. Some had accompanying diagrams of a furnace in its normal state, showing the exact position of the arteries and vitals, with arrows pointing in interesting directions, indicating the theoretical course of the heat.

  55. The process is best understood by consulting a series of diagrams which represent the distribution and approximate form of a few of the strain lines at successive instants (see Fig.

  56. The whole process of the formation of these self-closed lines of electric strain is best understood by examining a series of diagrams which roughly represent the various stages of the process.

  57. On examining the diagrams it will be seen that the secondary terminals of the induction coil are, as usual, connected to a pair of spark balls, and that these spark balls are connected by a condenser and by a variable inductance.

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