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Example sentences for "dicing"

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dichromate; dicht; dici; diciendo; dicimus; dicis; dicit; dicite; dicitur; dicke
  1. Because thou louest to play friend Parker other while, I wish thee there the weary day with dicing to beguile.

  2. Schoolmasters were to abstain from "dicing and carding," scholars from misdemeanour and irreverent behaviour towards others.

  3. A dicing soldier fellow that was a hanger-on at my Lord Duke's house, and was called Captain, ran away with me.

  4. Dicing Dick; "you do not run away like that, pretty Rosamund!

  5. Lusty William had quickly laid Dicing Dick prostrate on mother earth, and was giving a drubbing to Thirsty Thring, who was helpless in his stout grasp.

  6. Some men pride themselves on sitting up and dicing and drinking away the night, to show their own courage and their contempt for their adversary.

  7. So he had gone about seeing the sights of the town with Harry Gay, spending his money with some freedom, and indulging in a little play and dicing at various houses of entertainment.

  8. His lack of funds did not embarrass him, as Harry was ready to lend him money, and he had some success at the dicing tables in those coffee houses which he frequented.

  9. He had no time for the long dicing and drinking bouts the Persians loved, but he never failed to find each day an hour to spend with Artazostra his wife, with Roxana his half-sister, and with Glaucon his preserver.

  10. Yes—it is dicing against the Fates, and the stake is the freedom of Hellas.

  11. At Paris," said that ingenuous nobleman, "dicing and brawling, as usual.

  12. I wish I had been respectable enough for the army; but I should always have been in trouble with the commander-in-chief for dicing and brawling, I suppose.

  13. Some soldiers were dicing at a table, some drinking, some brawling over the matter of the late tumult, but all stopped and looked at me.

  14. It is natural enough for men who deal with the tiny, circling ball of a roulette wheel or with the turn of playing cards to deny any power higher than chance; but how of Napoleon, dicing for empires without end?

  15. Horace derided the youth of the period, who wasted his time amid the dangers of dicing instead of taming his charger and giving himself up to the hardships of the chase.

  16. Dicing is mentioned as an Indian game in the Rig-veda.

  17. Centuries later, during the middle ages, dicing became the favourite pastime of the knights, and both dicing schools (scholae deciorum) and gilds of dicers existed.

  18. The Romans were passionate gamblers, especially in the luxurious days of the Empire, and dicing was a favourite form, though it was forbidden except during the Saturnalia.

  19. After the downfall of feudalism the famous German mercenaries called landsknechts established a reputation as the most notorious dicing gamblers of their time.

  20. Fashionable society followed the lead of its emperors, and, in spite of the severity of the laws, fortunes were squandered at the dicing table.

  21. Yet as I set about that plan I missed my points of the compass so foully that I fell among the Bavarians, with whom I marched among the Merodians, from Westphalia as far as the Breisgau, and earned me a living by dicing and stealing.

  22. A comedy intended to display the evil consequences of dicing and card-playing was performed before the Emperor Maximilian II at Vienna, on New Year's Day, 1570.

  23. Robin Turgis was prompt; flagons and pipkins rattled as the men and women gathered round their table and Renéwed their drinking and dicing with fresh zest from the scuffle they had just witnessed.

  24. His victims, however, will find themselves in a dirty public dining room, where men and women alike are drinking and dicing around the bare oaken tables.

  25. There is a story of a college of canons which decided to elect to the vacant bishopric a fellow member "who was excellent in mother wit," but who, when they sought him to tell of his honor, was actually dicing in a tavern.

  26. There's music an' dancing in the Pump Room and dicing and cards at Mother Huff's near the Spaniards, aye an' lovemaking in the summer time by moonlight.

  27. In a side room cards and dicing were going on and the gamblers were not to be drawn from the tables while they had money in their pockets.

  28. As their fondness for dicing led to perjuries, scandals and homicides, they were required thereafter to abstain from it, privately as well as publicly.

  29. The younger brother, dicing with them in their house, was involved in a quarrel with them, when they set upon him with their servants and slew him.

  30. Gaston Carew sat beyond, dicing with a silky rogue who had the coldest, hardest face that Nick had ever seen.

  31. Ye've lost," said the man who was dicing with Carew.

  32. The strongest kept the window-ledges near light and air by sheer main force, and were dicing on the dirty sill.

  33. Claudius had his carriages arranged for dicing convenience, and wrote a work on the subject.

  34. Shakespeare mentions dice and dicing thirteen times in seven plays, and in Jonson, and the early dramatists, there are many allusions to this species of gambling.

  35. But, as soon as the King enjoyed his own again, dicing and card playing were rampant, as Pepys tells us.

  36. This process complete, they were placed in trays on traveling carriers, which delivered them to the dicing machines.

  37. In the dicing machines, they were soon reduced to inch-cubes.

  38. Dare was dicing with Fitzgerald; someone was playing faro with Jack behind me.

  39. But Lavinia, it appeared, was going to watch the dicing at Richard's table: she vowed she should bring him monstrous good luck.

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