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Example sentences for "digressed"

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dignyte; digo; digraph; digraphs; digress; digressing; digression; digressions; digressive; digs
  1. I have already digressed so widely in this article, that a sin more or less, of the kind, need not be noted too severely.

  2. I can teach any thing to every thing," digressed Major Favraud, "and without severity; it is my specialty.

  3. However, to return to our subject, (for while we were talking of pain we digressed to that letter of his,) we may now fairly come to this conclusion.

  4. Let us then proceed, said he, since we have digressed from these first principles of nature, which everything which follows ought to be in harmony with.

  5. But let us omit further examination of history, and return to the philosophers from whom we digressed to these things.

  6. But we mustn't stop to chatter any more now," she digressed preventingly.

  7. I had no idea it was so late," he digressed as the bell rang loudly.

  8. But let's forget it," he digressed energetically.

  9. Now for the fatherly admonition," he digressed evenly, "or whatever you please to call it.

  10. From the Turkish Ambassador he digressed to the King of England, and assured me that there was no European Monarch for whom the Grand Seignior entertained a more affectionate regard.

  11. That light you see there straight ahead is in the ranch house," digressed the Indian.

  12. The doings are over for this time, I fancy," he digressed evenly.

  13. We have digressed more than we had intended, so now let us turn back to what remains to be told.

  14. I have digressed further than I had intended, but now I will return to my original subject.

  15. He discussed some topics of the day with brilliant force, and then he suddenly digressed to a subject only collaterally connected with trade.

  16. Then he digressed again, this time without a trace of humour.

  17. Then, to all seeming, he digressed sharply.

  18. Jessie," he digressed decisively, "I want you to promise me something.

  19. That there was a beautiful thing you done in the cemetery," David digressed suddenly.

  20. But whither am I digressed from my discourse of bishops, whose estates doo daily decaie, & suffer some diminution?

  21. Hauing thus digressed to giue some remembrance of the old estate of Verolamium, it is now time to returne againe vnto my former purpose.

  22. The conversation now digressed to other subjects, and the nurse came in to take Ally to bed; who, as she kissed her father, in the fulness of her heart, added a fresh burst of information.

  23. The conversation gradually digressed from this point into various intricate speculations on domestic economy, and at last each lady went home to put her children to bed.

  24. We must make her editor this year, by the way," digressed Gloria.

  25. I have to tell you so much more of my new plans, Judy," digressed Jane, as Aunt Mary signalled to the Jap dinner was finished.

  26. Having digressed to such a length, we will return now to Miss Annie Palmer, who was possessed with the ambition to be established in a home of her own, and to be seen by those who knew her.

  27. But, having digressed at some length, we will return now to Miss Palmer and Sidney Wyeth, preparing to spread intelligence among a people who greatly needed it.

  28. He digressed to tell them just how property had soared in price, during even his own time.

  29. That is important to me and that is the reason why I digressed and got on that.

  30. You were telling me about what happened to you at the county courthouse, and then you digressed from that to tell me about John coming to see you in your home.

  31. But I have digressed and must return to my intended narrative.

  32. But I have digressed from my purpose to specialize none from the many who were so worthy; but the digression in this instance I am sure will be excused.

  33. Upon this, he digressed to the question of equivocation, and began to inveigh against Father Southwell," whose conduct I defended by several arguments.

  34. Upon this, he digressed to the question of equivocation, and began to inveigh against Father Southwell, because on his trial he denied that he knew the woman who was brought forward to accuse him.

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