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Example sentences for "digressions"

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  1. The palace intrigues do not fill the stage so exclusively, and some of the digressions carry us into byways of Jewish history.

  2. It is decked out with digressions about the topography of Jerusalem and the architecture of the Temple, and an imaginative display of Jewish wit and wisdom at a royal symposium.

  3. Digressions about Cosmo de' Medici's position, and fondness for books, especially Tacitus.

  4. On these and other occasions, his digressions are seemly, and afford satisfaction as appertaining closely to the subject.

  5. Great music came to the fore in response to the added encouragement--but digressions must be repressed.

  6. In Gipsy dancing the jaleo is “tricky,” owing not only to suddenness of changes, but to frequent digressions into counter-time.

  7. The most abstruse speculations are clearly explained in majestic verse, while the subject, which in itself is dry and dull, is enlivened by digressions of matchless power and beauty.

  8. Ammianus abounds in digressions and descriptions, and is, on that account, the more entertaining.

  9. Nestor, called to council, abounds in anecdotic digressions (whether the author borrows this trait from the Iliad or the Iliad from him, it is not hard to guess!

  10. These digressions or deviations are studded with quips and jests, good, bad, and indifferent.

  11. Landor defends his digressions on the ground that they always occur in real conversations.

  12. It should include digressions, but the digressions ought to return upon the main subject.

  13. After many digressions and ramblings we find ourselves back on the same side of the original question.

  14. This work dealt with the history of Greece in the Macedonian period, but was padded out to a preposterous bulk by all kinds of digressions on mythological, historical, or social topics.

  15. He is most apt in moving compassion; his mythical digressions show a fluent ease, and he is perfect in bending his course and finding a way out of them without violence or effort.

  16. Such digressions become offensive and monstrous when the language is cast in a poetical and fabulous mould, and runs into all sorts of impossibilities.

  17. This is not true of Wezel: his episodes and digressions are much more purely extraneous in event, and nature of interest.

  18. Both these stories are broken in upon by digressions: some of these concern Beowulf himself, so that we get a fairly complete idea of the life of our hero: but for the most part these digressions are not strictly apposite.

  19. The one charge that may with truth be brought against "Amaryllis at the Fair" is that its digressions damage the artistic illusion of the whole.

  20. That is what we must discover; for such digressions form part of the purpose of my book, and they do not lead me far from my main subject.

  21. But this digression, like many others, is drawing me unawares away from my subject; and my digressions are too frequent to be borne with patience.

  22. A poem of this class has to be made poetical, by dragging in episodes and digressions which do not inhere in the subject itself but are artificially associated with it.

  23. Every point was illustrated with abundant learning, and there were digressions amounting to independent essays on collateral topics: one, e.

  24. At the same time the digressions and irrelevancies are as good as ever.

  25. All who love poetry will feel the charm of the digressions and introductions.

  26. It is full of digressions and repetitions, a common fault of his style, but contains some very powerful thought.

  27. The digressions are too long, the morality too frequent, and the sentiments, sometimes, such as will not bear a rigorous inquiry.

  28. It expresses, with great felicity, images not classical in classical diction: its digressions and returns have been deservedly recommended by Trapp, as models for imitation.

  29. Whatever occasional digressions may occur will all be subordinate to this general plan, which is in fact an essay, not upon Greek history, but upon the problems of Greek history.

  30. But we will no longer allow digressions to delay our visit to the Alcazar, where we shall find visible proof of Arab superiority, at least, in architectural science and invention.

  31. And was not his murder of his son benevolence itself, compared to the infliction of these digressions on your patience?

  32. But she cuts or slackens it perpetually, long arguments and digressions intervening, and the dialogue, whose monotony is unrelieved by wit, nowhere compensates for the limited interest of the action.

  33. I must confess, that the preparations to his history, or the Prolegomena, as they are called, are very large, and the digressions in it are exceeding frequent.

  34. There were spacious digressions in her information and abrupt excursions into irrelevant matter, and there were also interruptions by other visitors, and the consequent and tedious exchange of platitude and small-talk.

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