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Example sentences for "dimes"

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  1. She must have seen at the house in which pocket Sammy kept the knotted handkerchief, for she thrust her hand into that pocket and snatched out the hoard of dimes before the owner realized what she was doing.

  2. The jingle of so many dimes brought a sigh of wonder in unison from the young spectators at door and windows.

  3. Oh, he's gone sure enough," she said, pointing to the bank which was supposed to be incapable of being opened until five dollars in dimes had been deposited within it.

  4. Dimes and quarters clinked into it, while an occasional dollar showed how deeply selfish hearts had been stirred by the uplifting influences of the hour.

  5. The pounds grew slowly, but the day came at last when he rolled his balls into the sack with Aunt Jane's, and two new silver dimes and a nickel jingled in his pockets.

  6. Catholic Church teaches that all you have to do is to pay a few dimes into the priest's pocket and then get down and pray to St. Anthony and you will at once learn where your pocketbook is.

  7. One time I hid her purple Sunday bonnet, then her curls to keep her from going to prayer-meeting, but I'm glad to say that I have never taken the dimes which Bertha said she would give me for doing them.

  8. Tis not rhymes but dimes we need most just now; so go on with your work," Cousin Eunice said, gathering Waterloo together to take him up-stairs.

  9. He must spend his dimes building model tenements, for he certainly doesn't buy new hats with them.

  10. Five thousand dimes to be thrown to less than three hundred children!

  11. At a signal from Kitsap, who should stand on the school steps, the ten young men should throw the dimes in the air and the scramble would begin.

  12. We had to pay one dollar a night for beds in these rooms, and they counted money at the rate of eight dimes to the dollar.

  13. For example, within certain elastic limits of convenience quarters may be used for halves, and dimes for nickels (and vice versa); but each person has a point of preference.

  14. The fractional coins were made a little over 6 per cent lighter per dollar than the dollar coin; two half-dollars or four quarters or ten dimes contained 93.

  15. He knew that it was right to go out and earn dimes to buy the things needed in the cabin, but he equally knew it was wrong to get this money dishonestly.

  16. An' all de little bundles o' buckwheat ur flour 'd have picayunes an' dimes in 'em!

  17. My husband spends some of his dimes for tobacco; I will save mine for The Mentor, even if it takes fifty, and share my joy with him.

  18. I have decided to save my dimes for The Mentor, and to forego a renewal of one of my magazines.

  19. For a moment the thought of its being suddenly swept away, of having to start all over again in that slow, painful piling up of dimes and nickels, seemed an intolerable, an impossible thing.

  20. Bill McBride was treasurer and there were few waking hours that he did not think with pride and pleasure of the growing size of that canvas bag which held their hard earned dimes and nickels.

  21. Later there was frenzied recourse to Garry to help him remember where on earth the dimes were likely to be.

  22. Everybody missed something and the club buzzed with scandal until the boys departed, likely, Kenny thought bitterly, to retire for life on the dimes and nickels they had dug out of his studio.

  23. Dimes and nickels and even quarters make me nervous.

  24. The American dimes and half-dimes had not at that time got much into circulation in New England.

  25. They put the bottle and the dimes completely out of business and he voted the whole gang straight.

  26. Dimes must have been a fairly usual part of his life.

  27. Dimes were as nothing compared to shiney new pencils.

  28. The halves and quarters and dimes were exactly proportioned in weight and fineness to their units.

  29. We earn our dimes like the horse or ox, we toil like the fabled steer, and then we journey a dozen blocks to blow in the dimes for beer.

  30. I put a pair of silver dollars into the old man's purse to keep company with his three dimes and one nickel.

  31. Nearly every marksman present had 'carried off his poultry,' and Tom had already reaped a harvest of dimes from the whiskey drinking.

  32. Then, when the saleswoman returned, Dixie drew forth the old-fashioned purse that had been her mother's and counted out the money, which was in dimes and nickels.

  33. You got them all looking like dimes around here.

  34. He was so tight the dimes in his pocket used to mildew from laying.

  35. He answered, "I am going to save money to take you all out to Minnesota and I want the trunk to hold the pennies and dimes we shall save for that purpose.

  36. Many times we emptied the contents of that little trunk and counted to see how much we had, though we all knew that not more than one or two dimes had been added since we last counted.

  37. Their delicate fingers, no longer sullied by the vulgar dishcloth and duster, shall glitter with priceless gems, while you and I, the humble authors of their greatness, will heap dimes on dimes until we satisfy ambition.

  38. When the fickle public tired of giving up its dimes to see 'em, a guy named Merritt and myself had a choice collection on hand, and we went on the road with the big show for the summer, thinking perhaps our business would pick up in the fall.

  39. But little by little--in nickels and dimes and quarters--Theodore laid by another five dollars.

  40. As we plodded along, our dimes melting away, hunger came, at last, to be a grim reality.

  41. Travel cost three cents per mile, and the number of cities to be visited depended upon the number of dimes I should save.

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