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Example sentences for "disbanded"

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  1. An attempt was made to bring pressure to bear on parliament by a mob of reformadoes or disbanded soldiers besetting the House of Commons on the 7th June.

  2. Return of the mayor to the council touching the steps he had taken for ridding the city of loose and disorderly persons, sending home disbanded soldiers, and shutting up infected houses.

  3. The committee established itself at the Guildhall and commenced preparing lists of disbanded officers willing to serve the parliament.

  4. Numbers of disbanded soldiers from the north had made their way to London, where they carried on a system of rapine and outrage.

  5. On the 9th the Commons passed an ordinance expelling all members who had favoured the king’s cause since the beginning of the war,(775) and the Lords passed another ordinance for all disbanded soldiers to quit London.

  6. M360) The army would in all probability have been disbanded in due course, and all might have gone well but for the high-handed treatment it received from the Commons.

  7. The people who chiefly spoke against it, as she informed me, were soldiers disbanded upon pensions, the sextons of village churches, and excisemen.

  8. He says that a hundred pounds would be no bad thing to be disbanded upon; for he wishes to take an inn at Swanton Morley, keep a cock-pit, and live respectably.

  9. I was a member of the big vaudeville troupe, which lately disbanded for the season.

  10. The mammoth vaudeville troupe had completed its engagement, and was now disbanded for the season.

  11. It was he who had disbanded the royal army.

  12. The army which Feversham had disbanded was still in confusion, and ready to break out into mutiny.

  13. It was soon known that Feversham had, on the receipt of the royal order, instantly disbanded his forces.

  14. The cry that disbanded Irish soldiers were coming to murder the Protestants had, with malignant ingenuity, been raised at once in many places widely distant from each other.

  15. The State Guards disbanded and a majority of them joined the Confederates.

  16. These were at once disbanded and ordered to return the accoutrements they had received, but the few articles turned over were hardly worth the shipping expenses, many of the guns being broken.

  17. It was a splendid body of men, two thousand strong and officered by the flower of the disbanded army of the north.

  18. So there was an assortment of unskilled factory labor, such as country people driven from their villages by the growth of large estates, disbanded soldiers, and paupers.

  19. When the army was disbanded after the Restoration, its officers and soldiers were allowed return to their trades and their apprenticeships without serving the usual seven years.

  20. On the other hand, he knew that his old antagonist, David Leslie, was arrayed against him, and that though the Scottish army had been nominally disbanded it had only been quartered about the country ready for muster at a day's notice.

  21. A beginning had been made for creating a new army to replace the one that had been disbanded and to allow of a portion of the British garrison being withdrawn.

  22. The Egyptian army, which was motley in character, was disbanded by the new sultan, whose troops were Kurds.

  23. Lee Powell some years before the war, but in a year or so it was disbanded in consequence of the commander changing his residence to Richmond.

  24. When the dragoons were disbanded in the 1802 reduction following the dissipation of the French scare, distinctive hat devices other than cockades disappeared from the service.

  25. In 1827 Charles disbanded the National Guard; and in the following year the liberals elected a majority in the Chamber.

  26. Brown found upon his arrival in the recently distracted district that the Free-State settlers desired peace, and had so publicly declared, and that in response to their wishes Montgomery had disbanded his band of raiders.

  27. Arriving at Westport, he disbanded his army and gave up the struggle.

  28. Upon receiving the Governor's ultimatum, the pro-slavery leaders disbanded their army and gave up the struggle.

  29. The Regiment was again disbanded in 1838, the same fate overcoming the Stirlingshire Yeomanry.

  30. Arms were returned to store, and the Regiment actually disbanded in 1828.

  31. It was apparently the force on which the Government relied for keeping a check on local unrest, and was disbanded in 1797.

  32. The Perthshire, Clackmannanshire, and Kinross-shire Yeomanries were also disbanded at this time.

  33. The lands obtained by the revolution were lavished upon partisans; the interest of the disbanded soldier was sold to the speculator; injustice was acted under the pretence of faith; and the chief of the army became the patron of the fraud.

  34. Allowance of three shillings per week for life to fifteen thousand disbanded soldiers, and a proportionate allowance to the officers of the disbanded corps.

  35. The same allowance to the disbanded navy, and the same increase of pay, as to the army.

  36. The settlement of disbanded soldiers, who brought their prize money into the village, was welcome; but whoever had once worn a soldier's dress revolted against the heavy burdens of the bondsman.

  37. He had become accustomed to perform court service, and his mind was not rendered more docile by disbanded soldiers having settled themselves on the ruins of the old village huts.

  38. Governor Brown has disbanded his militia, to gather the corn and sorghum of the State.

  39. The prince of Wales, having done great mischief to Scotland, returned to England; and the Scots disbanded their army.

  40. When this was done, the duke returned and disbanded his forces.

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