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domos; domum; domus; donas; donate; donating; donatio; donation; donations; donative
  1. Turn where you may the eye meets something donated to the public by generous Parsees.

  2. Another notable gift is the bronze statue of Edward VII, donated by Sir Albert Sassoon, son of a public-spirited banker from Baghdad, who took up his residence in Bombay.

  3. Although it was very difficult to plant the cannon on the sandy shores, the next day General Lewis and his troops fired upon the camp and the fleet and badly damaged many of the ships.

  4. Thus, twenty-nine years later, this theater was donated to Williamsburg to be used as a town hall.

  5. They donated their lands to groups of men who became town proprietors for the purpose of establishing communities.

  6. In the period since the Civil War, the vast public domain has been donated to the individual farmer, to States for education, to railroads for the construction of transportation lines.

  7. A loan which pays no interest is a donated use of capital.

  8. Brenkenhof, 1782), and that the land donated them was to be cultivated by others at the expense of the state!

  9. They had each had to purchase playing togs and stationery, and, finally, had donated two dollars apiece to the football fund at the mass-meeting Friday night of the week before.

  10. We mustn't forget to see that her name's included in the list of those who donated things, Laurie.

  11. In the collection is an interesting war bonnet, which was donated by Chief Kath-le-an, who planned and carried out the siege of 1878.

  12. Thus the lands that the City of San Diego donated to Tom Scott on condition that the Texas Pacific should be built, even these, the monopoly has by some means seized upon.

  13. Wilson, who donated it for educational purposes.

  14. Newmark was chairman, by five o'clock the same afternoon had assembled fourteen carloads of goods, partly donated and partly sold to the Committee at cost, to go by rail, and nine carloads to go from San Pedro by water.

  15. One hundred lots in the new town were donated to the support of the gospel and public schools, one-half of the proceeds to be devoted to each.

  16. He donated the original college building and one hundred acres of land.

  17. When in 1889, it was decided to make the school at Oak Hill an industrial institution, he donated two head of cattle to start the herd.

  18. Flickinger donated tract number 4, containing twenty acres north of the buildings.

  19. Both sides claimed jurisdiction over the Columbus street bridge built by Mr. Clark and donated for public use.

  20. Clark built, at his own expense, the old Columbus street bridge, connecting Cleveland with Brooklyn township, and donated it to the city.

  21. The first books received by the society were also donated by the charter members at this meeting, consisting of eleven volumes.

  22. The Law of Tithing Up to this time the Saints had donated of their means according to their disposition for the support of the Church.

  23. A gaudy and sleek bird of Paradise had been donated by Miss Caron, of the adjoining ch√Ęteau.

  24. These stones and inscriptions were donated to the author of "Quebec Past and Present"--by the city authorities on taking down the City Gates.

  25. The benches or tables were decorated with pretty paper napkins, and every new girl had brought down anything she possessed in the way of a flower vase, and these Marjorie and Frances were filling with flowers donated by the day girls.

  26. Of the twelve tons of sugar and half a ton of syrup consumed, all were generously donated by the Colonial Sugar Refining Company (Sydney).

  27. The total supply of foods purchased and donated aggregated quite one hundred tons, exclusive of packing.

  28. Half a ton of coffee was used, partly supplied from London and partly donated by Griffiths Brothers.

  29. Andrew had donated forty-three volumes, and Judge A.

  30. The fund hereby donated shall be held by you and appropriated to the above purpose in perpetuity, and to no other.

  31. The fact that a church on lands donated to the parish, on condition of sustaining the church, burned down, the title did not revert to the grantor's heirs.

  32. Any one may convey title to a church as his part of the subscription by merely marking it on a plat made by him, as lots donated to such church.

  33. The membership increased; over 75 papers used suffrage articles and much literature donated by the National Association was circulated.

  34. Ledbetter of Oklahoma City, who donated his services, this obstacle was overcome, and then further to increase the difficulties, the board decided to print the suffrage amendment on a separate ballot.

  35. Longnecker, a young lawyer active in the Progressive party, both of whom donated their services.

  36. Gifts were made and sufficient funds subscribed to purchase necessary supplies and hospital equipment, and a fine rowboat was donated to replace the Albert's whaleboat which had been smashed during the previous summer.

  37. Grenfell left some money, donated by the Doctor's friends, and made other provisions for the comfort of Uncle Willie Wolfrey during the winter.

  38. Then word came from St. Johns that the great shipping firm of Job Brothers, who owned a fisheries' station at Indian Harbor, had donated a hospital to the Newfoundland committee.

  39. No reference is made to schools that are not now in existence, nor is any money value set on the land which has been donated to some of the schools.

  40. In a few cases the schools were even located where there appeared the greatest financial inducement,[239] as with the requirement that a certain number of acres of land should be donated for the school.

  41. Even before this Pembina County Fair, a State fair under State subsidy was being held annually in Grand Forks, where the citizens had donated 80 acres of land for that purpose.

  42. In a niche over the entrance is a statue of St. Francis, carved in Danube limestone by the Joseph Mueller Art Institute of Munich, Germany, and donated to the order.

  43. It was donated to the city by the heirs of Anton Klaus, prominent pioneer affectionately known as "the father of Jamestown.

  44. It was donated to the city as a memorial to a pioneer Jamestown attorney, by Mrs. Fannie B.

  45. Red River, Fargo's first park, was donated for a recreational center in 1877 by the Northern Pacific Railway.

  46. Fargo's first sewing machine was donated to the lodge because its owner found it so "noisy to run.

  47. He made the foundation plantings of the trees of the city and also donated the first books to the local public library.

  48. Wishek of Ashley, who owned the town site and donated lots for churches, parks, the town hall, and a bandstand.

  49. The railway conductor for whom it was named, in appreciation of the honor, donated a bell to the school.

  50. Its 70-acre campus, 60 acres of which were donated by Erik Ramstad, Minot's first settler, lies at the foot of the hills bordering the Souris valley on the N.

  51. It was founded by that denomination in 1892 upon land donated by Dr.

  52. Baker donated the land now occupied by the Baker School and a building was erected at a cost of $2,000, the first public school building in the Inland Empire.

  53. White donated a lot for that purpose, $300 being received from the Church Extension Society, part of the balance being subscriptions from friends, but the greater part being given by Rev.

  54. The first church organization in the county seems to have been effected in 1878, by Father Peter Paaps, of the Catholic Church on land donated by J.

  55. In 1889, a house of worship was erected on a lot donated by Gilbert Dickson, and this was dedicated by "Brother" N.

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