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Example sentences for "doubters"

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doubly; doubt; doubte; doubted; doubter; doubteth; doubtful; doubtfull; doubtfully; doubtfulness
  1. To such of these doubters as still have retained some remnants of their religious faith this attitude of loyalty may perhaps be made intelligible by calling to mind the analogous self-surrender of the religious devotee.

  2. The great majority of doubters are persons who not only retain a tenacious grasp over monotheism, but even possess a love for Christianity.

  3. It is unlike the bitter disbelief shown by the early antichristian writers, or by the doubters of modern times.

  4. They preach to doubters not Christian dogmas, but Christ.

  5. Whether it be true or not is not at present under consideration, but merely the caution which ought to be used in pressing it upon doubters at the outset of an approach to the subject of religion.

  6. The soul of such doubters is like the clouded sky: the warming beams of the Sun of righteousness can alone absorb the mist, and restore the unclouded brightness of a believing heart.

  7. The early doubters and Voltaire mark the former of these epochs.

  8. The speculations of all doubters first originate in some crisis of personal or mental history.

  9. In the Holy War, the doubters having been dispersed, three or four thrust themselves into Mansoul.

  10. Being worsted in a general engagement, the doubters are slain, and are buried with their armour; yea, all that did but smell of a Diabolonian Doubter.

  11. Now, to whose house should these Diabolic doubters go, but to that of Old Evil-questioning.

  12. But for a description of the internal conflict, Diabolus and his army of Doubters and Bloodmen arrayed against the powers of Mansoul, Bunyan stands alone and most beautifully resplendent.

  13. When the Doubters are slain or driven from Mansoul, after her conversion, they go straggling up and down the country enslaving the barbarous people (the margin informs us that the unbeliever never fights the Doubters).

  14. Again the gates are assaulted, and Diabolus and his doubters gain an entrance, by the senses, into the town, but cannot force the heart; and Mansoul is reduced to the greatest straits and sadness.

  15. Here and there, there have been doubters among women who have said: "If it be true that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, how comes the liquor traffic and the white slave traffic to prevail among us unchecked?

  16. Every day the number of doubters has increased, and now women everywhere realize that a bad old lie has been put over on them for years.

  17. Malachi's answer to the doubters leaves all other considerations which might remove the difficulty unmentioned, and fixes on the one, the prophecy of a future which will show that it is not all the same whether a man is good or bad.

  18. To the stout words of the doubters is opposed the conversation of the godly.

  19. We willingly admit that some honest doubters have a larger share in God's life than they realize.

  20. Many religious doubters never go to any one with their problems; while others of a more superficial character go to the religious quacks, and thenceforward help to swell the ranks of some ridiculous or fanatical religion.

  21. If there is any possible way of bringing honest doubters and religious experts together it should be done for their mutual benefit.

  22. Many such are doubters simply because they have not found their religious teachers.

  23. McKelway as the man whose wondrous use of adjectives has converted to his opinion many doubters throughout this city and country.

  24. In the Holy War the chosen regiments of Diabolus are the Doubters, and notwithstanding their theologic names, they carried deadlier weapons than the theologic doubters of to-day.

  25. But even these doubters were silenced when the great shower of shooting-stars appeared again in 1866, as predicted by Olbers and Newton, radiating from the same point of the heavens as before.

  26. We are all universal doubters in the sense that every one of us doubts something, and there is nothing which some of us have not doubted.

  27. There are, however, doubters whom the writer can scarcely desire to address--human beings in whose hearts to deny God kindles a vivid delight, because belief in Him would compel the renunciation of some darling wickedness.

  28. No one disputes, I should think, this necessity for the Resurrection, if we are to remain Christians; but it is of the fact of the Resurrection that unfortunate doubters wish to be assured.

  29. But last night two of the doubters went up there.

  30. Benella seemed hurt and a trifle resentful as she replied: "That about doubters is just what Mrs. Kimberly used to say.

  31. I am free to confess that even the honest doubters could advance many plausible arguments on the utter absurdity of trying to totally suppress this evil.

  32. Grant, then, that they may go straight on in the path of Thy Cause, the path wherein have slipped the footsteps of the doubters among Thy people and the froward among Thy servants.

  33. But for tribulations, how could the assured be distinguished from the doubters among Thy servants?

  34. As to the various classes of doubters known to Anselm see Reuter, Gesch.

  35. Such doubters said little, leaving it to more zealous reformers to challenge creed with creed.

  36. For men of sane and peaceful disposition, the only modes of peace were resignation and doubt; and in the case of the doubters the first intellectual movements would be either back towards Rome [2127] or further on towards deism.

  37. It is broadly true that "there is no place for" the doubter as such in the tribal society; but doubters do exist.

  38. Doubters were convinced that he saw clearer than they, grumblers were satisfied, young men who jeered openly were beaten into submission with whatever weapon came most conveniently to hand.

  39. George Eliot on; her mature views on; a comfort to doubters and disbelievers; from Christian standpoint.

  40. They who have disbelieved all spiritual truth, who have been Sadduceeic doubters of either angel or spirit, may find in modern spiritualism a great advance.

  41. He argues from the known to the unknown, from what was believed to what was not believed, from what these early doubters implicitly accepted to that which they sceptically rejected.

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