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  1. The infallibility of the episcopate guarantees the infallibility of a general council in which not the laity and not the clergy in general, but the bishops as successors of the apostles, speak officially and collectively.

  2. Meanwhile the Roman episcopate developed into the papacy, which claimed supremacy over the entire Christian Church, and actually exercised it increasingly in the West from the 5th century on.

  3. As a result the ecumenical council came into existence especially for the purpose of settling disputed questions of doctrine, and giving to the collective episcopate the opportunity to express its voice in a final and official way.

  4. To the years of his presbyterate and episcopate belong the great mass of homilies and commentaries, among which those On the Statues, and on Matthew, Romans and Corinthians, stand out pre-eminently.

  5. Hence we see in 1852 (and this must not be passed over) more earnestness and greater sympathy in that portion of the episcopate which was notoriously ultramontane.

  6. It began by bending the episcopate under the imposed doctrine of the infallible superiority of the Pope.

  7. The greater part of the episcopate cared but little for internal demonstrations; the Pope brought the energetic appeal of two encyclical letters to bear upon them.

  8. A great part of the episcopate realizes the fact that the effort is being made to reduce them to the condition of simple vicars apostolic, whose jurisdiction could be recalled, and to suppress the proprium jus episcopûm.

  9. The Popes have always claimed and exercised the office of supreme judges in matters of faith, the episcopate and the whole church consenting and submitting, and all dissidents being compelled to keep silence or incur excommunication.

  10. The patience with which he bore the sorrows of his episcopate was equalled by the keenness with which he felt them.

  11. The infallibility of the church itself produces this agreement of the episcopate with its head.

  12. The most illustrious and irrefragable proof of the doctrine of the universal episcopate on this point which could be given, was really given at the Council of the Vatican.

  13. They taught it to their companions and successors in the episcopate in the most complete and thorough manner.

  14. The bishop has acquired control of the sacraments, presbyters and deacons acting only under his orders; the episcopate appears as a unit, bishops being bound to respect one another's disciplinary decrees.

  15. The account of his episcopate is written by a contemporary; one MS.

  16. Ask the Anglican what is the source of spiritual jurisdiction, and the bond of the episcopate which he affects to defend?

  17. Cyprian finds its solution, that "the Episcopate is one, of which a part is held by each without division of the whole.

  18. Episcopate and Apostolate between the Pope and all Bishops, by the highest and most sacred similitude which it is possible to conceive.

  19. The Episcopate is one; it is a whole in which each enjoys full possession.

  20. The nineteen years of his episcopate were devoted to the most incessant exertions as Bishop and Metropolitan.

  21. And again,[154] 'whence the Episcopate itself and all the authority of that name sprung.

  22. This led to the foundation of an episcopate of Morocco, of which the first bishop was Fray Aguelo, succeeded by Fray Lope, both Franciscans.

  23. For the third time it disobeyed her and sent none and there are intimations that it was engaged in arousing the whole Spanish episcopate to a sense of the impending danger.

  24. Happily the French episcopate are worthy and equal to the emergency.

  25. But the defection of the Bishops of Dijon and Laval, on whom they counted, and the spontaneous and unanimous adhesion of the episcopate to the Holy See, which provoked the thunders of M.

  26. New England when a movement was in progress for the establishment of a colonial episcopate simply for purposes of ordination and church government.

  27. Peter to a French prison, upholds the chief of the apostles as he sits to-day enthroned prince and patriarch and apostle of the assembled and united episcopate of the world.

  28. On the 20th of January, the American episcopate and the American College received from the Holy Father a very signal and agreeable mark of his good will.

  29. Thus with one apostle and the episcopate the essence of ecclesiastical rule is preserved.

  30. The blessings of the Head of the Canadian Church and those of the whole Episcopate have consolated our brave volunteers for the outrages thrust at them, and have inspired them with the great Christian courage to forgive their author.

  31. It was all to the point of moving the French Episcopate and nation to prayers for the conversion of England.

  32. So much did they enter into his sentiments that, in a meeting of the Irish episcopate in Dublin, they gave his proposals a good share of their attention, and approved of them.

  33. Called by the Emperor Theodosius the Younger to the episcopate of Constantinople, A.

  34. This is but natural, and is parallel to instances which happen daily, and may be so considered without prejudice to the divine right whether of the Episcopate or of the Papacy.

  35. The Episcopate had been vacant six years from the death of the second Bishop.

  36. How truly may we say as we recall that long Episcopate with its manifold labors, its personal graces and its great results, "If you seek his monument look around you.

  37. Who can doubt that the same marked qualities, the same wonderful balance, that made his Episcopate all it was, worked the same result in this so difficult and so contracted field of duty?

  38. The great mass of critics, therefore, have decided against the earlier date of the episcopate of Clement, and assign the composition of the Epistle to the end of the first century (a.

  39. That the Waldensian Episcopate was of ancient order.

  40. They believed that he represented an episcopate which had come down as an office of the Church from the earliest Christian days.

  41. It was probably this, mingled with some skilful adulation of the king and his ministers, that procured for the author, in 1800, the episcopate of Leon.

  42. As the several books were composed and published separately, the author of Supernatural Religion has a right to suppose, though he cannot prove, that the fourth and fifth were written during the episcopate of Victor (A.

  43. The third book was published during the episcopate of Eleutherus, who was Bishop of Rome from about A.

  44. His episcopate was notable for the wars with the Scots, and the great victory obtained over them, with the capture of King David and many nobles, at Neville's Cross, near Durham.

  45. He had a peaceful episcopate of nineteen years, and was buried in the cathedral, in the south aisle near his ancestors.

  46. His episcopate was much disturbed by wars with the Scots.

  47. During his episcopate the chapter-house, which had been commenced by the monks, was completed.

  48. A fine preacher, his episcopate was all too short.

  49. One of the most important events during his episcopate was the invasion of Northumbria by Duncan, King of the Scots.

  50. During the whole of his episcopate he never visited Durham, and in 1528 he resigned it for the see of Winchester.

  51. A fine tomb to the memory of Dr Lightfoot has been placed on the north side of the choir of the cathedral, and as a memorial of his episcopate the mutilated chapter-house has been restored.

  52. In 1414 considerable alterations were made during the episcopate of Bishop Langley, when the walls of the nave were raised, the upper stage of the tower built, and the west window inserted.

  53. The church was built during the early part of the episcopate of Bishop Pudsey (1154) and was formerly a chapel under the church of S.

  54. Bishop Van Mildert, who was translated to Durham in 1826, during his short episcopate saw many changes, not the least of which was the successful revival of the scheme for a university.

  55. For who can be ignorant that the primacy of his apostleship is to be preferred to any episcopate in the world?

  56. Letter from Mrs. Perry, given in Canon Goodman's Church in Victoria during Episcopate of Bishop Perry,' p.

  57. We need not dwell upon the episcopate of the Catharan hierarchy.

  58. The Papacy, the guardian of orthodoxy for the universal Church, simply found that the Dominicans and the Franciscans were more docile instruments than the episcopate for the suppresion of heresy.

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