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Example sentences for "fancifully"

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fancier; fanciers; fancies; fanciest; fanciful; fancifulness; fancy; fancying; fancywork; fand
  1. The flooding gaslight from the fancifully wrought roof poured down upon the tranquil scene.

  2. A mantle or cloak of a dark mulberry colour, fancifully embroidered on the hem, was clasped upon one shoulder by a silver buckle.

  3. The jesses were of crimson and yellow silk, its legs fancifully adorned with little bells fastened by rings of leather.

  4. The tents of the warriors were fancifully decorated, every one having his shield newly emblazoned and hung out in front, where the pages and esquires watched, guarding vigilantly these sacred treasures.

  5. They supported an archwork of fancifully carven wood, which curved gently outward to the center of the ceiling, forming, by conjunction with a similar, opposite curve, a pointed arch.

  6. Cushions, most fancifully embroidered, were strewn about the floor, and the bed coverlet was a piece of heavy Chinese tapestry.

  7. Every line presents a picture, and each picture has the charm of a miniature fancifully drawn and brightly coloured on a missal-margin.

  8. He uses them for the suggestion of delicate allegories fancifully painted.

  9. And then we find this star of Jacob or Judah (the same) represented on astronomical maps as a prominent star in the constellation Virgo (the Virgin), fancifully termed by the Hebrew Ephraim.

  10. These "are often fancifully ornamented on the exterior, with figures, in blue and red paint, rudely executed, though sometimes depicted with no small degree of taste.

  11. They were heavily armed about the waist, with two pair of horse-pistols, a cimeter, and perhaps with one or two daggers; the handles of all being fancifully inlaid with silver.

  12. Boccaccio narrates a dream of the mother of Dante so fancifully poetical, that probably Boccaccio forgot that none but a dreamer could have told it.

  13. It was in a heavy, magnificent old style, of iron bars fancifully wrought at top into flourishes and flowers.

  14. It will be convenient to digress, in passing, in order to notice one very curious contention sometimes rather fancifully introduced into discussions on the subject of universal peace.

  15. This frame is formed of separate wooden staves fancifully carved, and fitting by tenon into a hoop which keeps them in place.

  16. The ornaments generally consist of tracery and grotesque animals fancifully combined, and similar in character to the decorations found upon crosses of stone of about the same period.

  17. It was very substantially and neatly made, and had a border fancifully wrought all round it, a few inches in width.

  18. It was long and low, with a high picturesque thatched roof, and the walls fancifully wrought in a pattern, making a not unpretty appearance.

  19. From a similarity of spelling, Schoolcraft incorrectly makes it a synonym for Catawba, while Brinton incorrectly asserts that it is an Algonquian term, fancifully rendered, "inhabitants of the great wilderness.

  20. The handle of that of the Ottawa chief was decorated with numerous feathers fancifully disposed.

  21. Illustration: "It was in a heavy magnificent old style, of iron bars, fancifully wrought at top into flourishes and flowers.

  22. It was in a heavy magnificent old style, of iron bars, fancifully wrought at top into flourishes and flowers.

  23. In common talk, indeed, we are accustomed to attribute fancifully to this mountain masculine ruggedness, to that feminine grace, to another qualities of terror.

  24. A climber may fancifully figure one mountain as friendly though severe, another as hostile, a third as mean, a fourth as recondite, a fifth as deceitful.

  25. Genius, in its advancement beyond the intelligence of its own age, is but progressive; it is fancifully said to soar, but it only climbs.

  26. Painted Tavern, from the circumstance of its outer walls being fancifully coloured and adorned with Bacchanalian devices.

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fancifully" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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