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Example sentences for "gabbling"

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gabardine; gabardines; gabbing; gabble; gabbled; gabbro; gaberdine; gaberlunzie; gabion; gabions
  1. Behind us circulated the usual menagerie-promenade of the "Grands," gabbling and whispering tremendous secrets in files of two and three.

  2. You would profane my divine work by gabbling through it with your pack of parrots!

  3. One could always give one's self a device,' he concluded in Yiddish.

  4. He does not even refuse to take money,' Solomon Barzinsky exclaimed to Peleg the pawnbroker, as they passed the blasphemous window on their way from the Friday-evening service.

  5. Besides, there wouldn't be me left to appeal to.

  6. If a pause came, one could hear the guerillas gabbling to each other in a kind of drunken delirium.

  7. How could a fool in a cape and frock by gabbling a service bind an irresponsible woman to a man she hated more than the foulest mud in the foulest alley?

  8. There was no blurting of questions, no gabbling of news, no chatter, no flurry.

  9. Then he turned to the cop, who was gabbling into his belt radio, and said: "Get an ambulance, quick.

  10. Just like a pack of gabbling old women, you mean!

  11. A maid of her household, a middle-aged woman, gabbling of devotion to her, ran up the steps of the hotel.

  12. Mr. Whitford apparently did not think it remarkable that she should have been set off gabbling of "a fine ability", though the eulogistic phrase had been pronounced by him with an impressiveness to make his ear aware of an echo.

  13. Brave men were far more plenty than skilful seamen; and then came the gabbling propensity, one of the worst of all human failings, to assist in producing a disorderly ship.

  14. He wasn't aware of rising and leaving the table; the next thing he realized, he was sitting on the floor, his family mobbing him and hugging him, gabbling with joy.

  15. When they stepped from the escalator, the hall was crowded with office people, gabbling excitedly in groups; they all stopped talking as soon as they saw what was coming.

  16. Mainly because we wanted to see the sunrise, but also because a big party on a narrow trail is always unsafe and a gabbling crowd on a beautiful trail is always agony, two of us rose at four A.

  17. They had to look into putrid corners, watch for cold blasts from the north, and give ear to the rumbling and gabbling of the forest.

  18. The sun shone without warmth in the vast blue expanse of sky, across which swept the gabbling cranes on their annual flight southward.

  19. That evening the cranes flew southward, gabbling in the sky.

  20. The dog accompanied the guests as far as the door of his kennel, sniffing all the time at the heels of the stranger, whilst the gabbling Mekipiros tugged away at its chain.

  21. The child is delirious, he is gabbling terrible things, his features wear a different expression every instant.

  22. It was Friday night, and from the kitchen at the end of the passage came the gabbling murmur, in two alternate keys, that I had learned to recognise as the recital of a litany by my housekeeper and her nephew Peter.

  23. Then don't stand gabbling there, you little fool, but get in and pull the hound out!

  24. Another knock and the appearance of two young ladies sent me back to my work, and there I virtuously remained through all the noise and gabbling that went on next door.

  25. The warm darkness was full of the ceaseless whispering noises of night, broken now and then by the sudden sound of loud gabbling negro voices.

  26. It was still not late in the afternoon, but there had already been a good many arrivals, and the gabbling sound of talking filled the assembly room.

  27. They disappeared--Marbridge gabbling cheerfully--into the house.

  28. If folks would only refrain, he thought, from gabbling about these Catholics, what a comfort it would be.

  29. From within came the sounds of men's voices raised in a high-pitched, gabbling altercation.

  30. The Indians, attracted from the store by the sounds of shooting, began gabbling and gesticulating affrightedly, but when MacDavid spoke to them sharply in Cree they retreated inside again.

  31. Now, gabbling away to himself in the throes of delirium, ever his feverish eyes stared beyond the hospital-walls westwards to Davidsburg.

  32. Two big men like that gabbling like a couple of priest-smitten flappers!

  33. Damn it, here we are, two healthy young fellows who ought to be working hard, and we're wasting a fine morning in gabbling about women.

  34. What surprised him was the number of human beings clambering over the steps, running and gabbling like a lot of animals let loose from their cages.

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