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Example sentences for "gavel"

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  1. I cannot love Colorado any better than I do but I shall always value this gavel as a precious souvenir of that wonderful campaign.

  2. The gavel was made of Colorado silver and the settings and engravings of Colorado gold.

  3. Bradford of Denver presented her with a handsome gavel in behalf of the suffrage association of Colorado.

  4. In one side was a Colorado amethyst, and the Colorado flower, the columbine, was burned into the gavel by a Colorado girl.

  5. Again and again he was forced to stop until Senator John Sharp Williams took the gavel and restored a semblance of order.

  6. Shaw rose to respond she was presented by Miss Louise Lindsey, vice-regent of the Ladies' Hermitage Association, with a gavel made from the wood of a hickory tree planted by General Jackson at the Hermitage, his home.

  7. Shaw a gavel from the Oregon Historical Society with a letter from its secretary, Dr.

  8. The former Vice-President then made a farewell speech to the Senate, and handed his gavel to Mr. Hobart.

  9. The gavel is a little ivory or wooden mallet used by a presiding officer to rap on a table or stone when he wishes to gain the attention of an assembly.

  10. The first use made of the gavel by the incoming Vice-President was to rap for order while the blind Chaplain of the Senate, the Reverend Dr.

  11. He took the gavel and delivered a short, strong speech, arousing the Convention to great enthusiasm.

  12. As he rose up from his place and mounted the witness stand a rumble of comment passed through the hall and the sheriff struck his gavel sharply for order.

  13. Then instantly the sheriff's gavel came down upon the table; the People rose before the person of the Law, and in sonorous tones Boone Morgan repeated the ancient formula for the calling of the court.

  14. It fronted the west, having its southern gavel so close upon the town-wall, that a little postern door entered immediately through the wall into the kitchen.

  15. The notes of the gavel were never so like music.

  16. But instantly, with an angry crash, down fell the gavel of the hortator.

  17. For the first time the beating of the gavel was lost in the uproar.

  18. Behold him now, pounding with his gavel on something which should give forth a sound, but doesn't.

  19. The gavel crashed again and again, striking the polished oak in deadly cadence, stifling the voices.

  20. The sound of the rapping of a gavel caught his ear.

  21. The master oarsman leaped from his seat and crashed his gavel down upon the sounding-board.

  22. The keleustes smote his gavel upon the sounding-board.

  23. What is called in Masonry a common gavel is a stone-cutter's hammer; it is one of the working tools of an Entered Apprentice, and is a symbol of the purification of the heart.

  24. For these purposes implements of a higher and more complicated character than the gauge and gavel were necessary.

  25. A rap from the Speaker's gavel brought the assembly to order, and a solemn and very appropriate prayer was offered by Mr. Chaplain Boynton.

  26. The authoritative gavel was handed up by Colonel Forney, who was thanked by a resolution complimenting him for the ability with which he had presided during the protracted contest, and then the House adjourned.

  27. Blodgett stood up, pounded the desk with his gavel and announced the opening of the session.

  28. This time a storm of laughter surged through the court-room and it took several taps of Blodgett's gavel to regain quiet.

  29. The whole court-room was in roars of laughter and the sheriff's gavel was knocking loudly on his table.

  30. The rap of the gavel was often heard enforcing order or limiting the length of speeches.

  31. The hour having arrived for the assembling of Congress, Edward McPherson, Clerk of the last House of Representatives, brought down the gavel on the Speaker's desk, and called the House to order.

  32. The judge reached for the newspaper the lawyer held, ran his eye over it, and brought his gavel down with an angry snort.

  33. The judge's gavel pounded viciously and his stentorian voice bellowed for order.

  34. Literate President Morehead banged his gavel and, in a last effort, started the call bell clanging.

  35. Tom strode back to his table, brought the gavel down with a blow that broke its handle and looked about with blazing eyes.

  36. Connelly, in deference to his office, pounded with his gavel and called for silence--but weakly.

  37. Exclamations of surprise ran among the union men in the room when it was seen Tom was to be a witness, and the bailiff had to pound with his gavel and shout for order.

  38. Then he tossed the gavel upon the table and strode down the center aisle.

  39. The sharp blows of the Speaker's gavel rose above the din.

  40. Then the gavel rapped to command silence while the names were called on the ayes and nays.

  41. He stood rubbing his hands together, and it seemed to William Wetherell that the Speaker did not rap as sharply with his gavel as he had upon other occasions.

  42. Silence for a while, that Mr. Price may feel the gavel in his hand, which he does.

  43. He pounded his gavel to indicate that the recess was over.

  44. And just as they stepped up to the raised floor whereon the desks of senators are placed, the gavel fell, and stillness with it.

  45. He dropped his gavel to the sounding-board of his desk.

  46. There was another, and if native popularity were to count a stronger hand stretched forth to seize the gavel prize.

  47. In the lay of House topography he was on the wrong side of the river from the Speakership, and to land him within stretch of the gavel required that Senator Hanway either ferry or pontoon him across.

  48. Then Mayor Clarke clears his throat, raps with his gavel and looks sternly at Jim.

  49. LUM Have you got yo' gavel from de lodge-room?

  50. He walks importantly up the aisles and hands Clarke the gavel and lays the bone atop the pulpit.

  51. Enter Lum by front door with gavel in one hand and mule bone in the other.

  52. Where's dat gavel I told you to put here?

  53. From a point between Great Gavel and Scafell,” he says, “a shepherd would not require more than an hour to descend into any one of the principal vales by which he would be surrounded.

  54. The Speaker's gavel had come down like a pistol shot.

  55. As the bell finished ringing the Director of the Institution walked upon the stage and after rapping three times with his gavel declared the Assembly open.

  56. If you stand on the edge of the Amphitheatre you can slip away after the introduction but it is worth your while to be present when the gavel falls because you want to follow every important event as it happens right through the season.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gavel" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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