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  1. Agricultural gazettes and journals are also issued monthly, while topical information is made public through the columns of the press, which in Australia devotes an unusual amount of space regularly to rural topics.

  2. Quaintly worded announcements appearing in local gazettes early in the nineteenth century reveal an ever-increasing number of girls' schools.

  3. The gazettes were full of notices concerning the races and frequently gave pedigrees of certain horses advertised for sale or stud.

  4. The early gazettes constantly referred to the crowded condition of the river.

  5. The gazettes will tell you better, I suspect, than I can what is doing in the House of Representatives.

  6. It has been announced in your gazettes that I am to visit Charleston this month.

  7. It is a curious fact, that in the year of the Armada, Queen Elizabeth caused to be printed the first Gazettes that ever appeared in England.

  8. Sir, I forward the gazettes to Boston for you, as usual, without knowing when they will find a passage from thence.

  9. Mr Laurens will be able, on any questions from you in corresponding, to give you whatever the gazettes do not convey.

  10. But the silence of Villeroy showed that there was a secret; the pleasantries of the Dutch gazettes soon elucidated the mystery; and Lewis learned, if not the whole truth, yet enough to make him miserable.

  11. For advertisements and business announcements the gazettes and advertisers were the main source, but for general information and current literature persons did not have to devote so much attention to the newspaper.

  12. To be sure, there were many newspapers, gazettes and advertisers, but they were comparatively small in size, consisting usually of only four or six pages.

  13. You may have probably seen all sorts of attacks upon me in some gazettes in England some months ago.

  14. Letters and the gazettes do me the honour to say that it is the intention of some of the London managers to bring forward on their stage the poem of 'Marino Faliero,' &c.

  15. Read letters--only two gazettes instead of twelve now due.

  16. Of the excessive and passionate devotion which was felt for the French republic, and of the blind and almost equally extensive hostility to the measures of the administration, the gazettes of the day are replete with the most abundant proof.

  17. Despard came home loaded with gazettes and pamphlets, and on these he fed his excitement long after his partner was asleep.

  18. The gazettes were no longer allowed in the prisons.

  19. We learn from Hicks' letters that it was customary for clerks in the Post Office at London to send gazettes to their correspondents in the country free of charge.

  20. The principle was bad, but as the receipts for gazettes formed a necessary part of the clerks' salaries, Hicks cannot be blamed for protesting against abolition without compensation.

  21. These gazettes or news letters were supplied by the Treasury and, as 2d.

  22. This revolution had been proceeding during more than a week, ere the gazettes of Paris ventured to make any allusion to its existence.

  23. I send you," said he, "English gazettes to the 10th of June.

  24. Sir, You will herewith receive gazettes and journals, also a resolve respecting the complete ratification of the articles binding the Thirteen States as a confederated body.

  25. The gazettes will furnish you with our latest intelligence.

  26. Sir, The gazettes of Europe still continue to be employed, as the great engines of fraud and imposture to the good people of America.

  27. In his communications to Santa Anna he urged him to hasten to Mexico as soon as possible to assume his powers, and the Mexican gazettes commend him for refusing to accept the pay of president while discharging the functions of his office.

  28. There were no gazettes to spread their fame or merit, and even if there had been, the people were unable to buy or peruse them.

  29. Old de Vaux, grateful ever to the marquis and his affinity for their treatment of his sciatic nerve, came riding over with crumpled gazettes in his pocket, his eyes goggling in his head.

  30. The gazettes were full of the new constitution, which they called the "Additional Act," and the act of the "Champ de Mai.

  31. The gazettes told the same stories, but Zebede knew a great many other details--the soldiers knew everything.

  32. The English and Dutch treaties you will find in the Leyden gazettes of May the 9th and 13th.

  33. The gazettes of France and Leyden to this date accompany this letter, which, with the several papers put under your cover, I shall send to M.

  34. I send you herewith the gazettes of France and Leyden to this date, and have the honor of being, with sentiments of the most perfect esteem and respect, Sir, your most obedient, and most humble servant.

  35. The gazettes of Leyden and France to this date accompany this, which will be delivered you by the Count de Moustier, Plenipotentiary from this country.

  36. They have hired their newswriters to repeat this lie in their gazettes so long, that they have become the dupes of it themselves.

  37. The gazettes of France and Leyden, to the present date, accompany this.

  38. The gazettes of France and Leyden accompany this.

  39. Mr. Cutting was so kind as to send me a copy of the address of the Assembly to you and your answer, which, with the other circumstances, I have sent to have published in the gazettes of Leyden, and in a gazette here.

  40. I enclose the gazettes of France and Leyden to this time, and have the honor of assuring you of those sentiments of perfect esteem and respect with which I am, Sir, your most obedient, and most humble servant.

  41. The gazettes of Leyden and France to this date are enclosed, together with some pamphlets on the internal affairs of this country.

  42. A parcel of gazettes and magazines sent to me from America, for my own use, and detained in the syndic chamber, obliges me to trouble your Excellency for an order for their delivery.

  43. This will be accompanied with the gazettes of France and Leyden.

  44. I send herewith the gazettes of France and Leyden, and have the honor to be, Sir, your most obedient, and most humble servant.

  45. I enclose those of Leyden to the present date with the gazettes of France, and have the honor to be, with sentiments of the most perfect esteem and respect, Sir, your most obedient humble servant.

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