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Example sentences for "gents"

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gentlie; gentling; gently; gentrie; gentry; genty; gentyl; gentyll; gentylman; gentylmen
  1. But if those two gents can swear that there's no trickery, I'll come.

  2. I'd make ye give up the guns, but these gents have something to say to you folks.

  3. I reckon that you and I as gents and master mariners are going to keep mum about her being aboard the Alden?

  4. Shall be pleased to charter to you gents at a reasonable figure.

  5. You ought to stop long enough to hear that new song one of the gents on the Sunbeam has composed for the occasion.

  6. Old Epps made himself a mucker to-day by sassing some of the gents of the fleet, and the boys are handing him a little something.

  7. The grand Bankwet, with its nine hunderd Gestes, was as ushal, about the grandest thing of the kind as the world has ever seen, but sumhows it struck me as the gents was much more impashent for their wittles than they ushally is.

  8. It ain't many commercial gents we gets down to Bamberton, sir--'cept by accident.

  9. The screw will extend for each working man, Employers will have to screw back, Till tailored by the act, in polished top hats, You'll all be as gents in the track!

  10. Me Lud, and O gents of the Jury, it's a most remarkable case!

  11. Then these latter gents of flunkeydom in frills had big sticks in their hands, with which they kept the flies from my Lord's good-natured countenance.

  12. Further, we have got some dozen old gents here who go to bed by steam every night!

  13. I ain't an angel, any more than those big gents were.

  14. If you need any help in squaring yourself, I'll call your attention to the fact that here are a couple of gents who have a little spare time on their hands.

  15. Squire Hexter, me and these gents represent the voters of Egypt.

  16. Therefore, we hope that gents of a pleasant party will consider this double-shift arrangement as being for the general good of all hands.

  17. You two gents have seen how we're fixed in the gun line, and we hope the understanding is going to make the party sociable.

  18. I've seen a lot of big gents pass through that state prison, serving sentences for stealing.

  19. Some gents who are in prison yet proclaim with angry shout that they are so with laws beset, they really can't stay out.

  20. But lines of sorrow mark my brow when I consider that my frau, when I have ceased to wink, will have to face a crowd of gents who're selling cheap tin monuments, and headstones made of zinc.

  21. Not that Hollis ever played with a gang much, but he had hangers-on all over the mountains and gents that he had done good turns for and hadn't gone off and talked about it.

  22. Son, you don't know the gents in this town.

  23. But the trouble with the gents around these parts is that they been spoiled.

  24. He had two gents with him, and they brung me in, finding me sneaking around like a fool kid instead of walking right into camp.

  25. It sounds queer," he said, "but the gents of these parts don't make no ambushes while McGuire is around.

  26. You've got away with two gents already--two that's known, I mean.

  27. Which don't accomplish nothing with young gents that got any spirit.

  28. Spur puts them gunmen of hisn over that way--but I don't trust them gents none a-tall!

  29. We got to get these gents out of the way.

  30. Won't have to be back in town afore sunset, to see if them gents has left as ordered.

  31. I dunno, but suppose some gents is plumb scared of their partner.

  32. I knows there was gents in this town longin' for my scalp, so I sorta disguises myself.

  33. And as there was gents sneakin' around in the bushes out there, I had to pretend to still be Jim Anson.

  34. I reckon some one of yuh gents talked, 'cause the Toad's got all of his killers out there waitin' for me.

  35. But them gents out front will give me the bum's rush," the hobo complained.

  36. I ambles into the Palace Saloon, and the gents look hard at me, an' that bunch can sure look hard.

  37. An' I figgers I knows why certain gents got Jack down here!

  38. Yuh gents gave me yuhr promise no one was to leave the room while I was here," Allen reminded.

  39. You literary gents are better off now--eh?

  40. The gents at them would take a peep, And say they are duchesses at least, Lor!

  41. You ought to have squashed them for yourselves, as the other gents done.

  42. They is the 'ats,' I says, 'what was given to me by the gents as is at the party.

  43. Why,' he says, 'where the gents puts their 'ats and coats and umbrellas.

  44. It was some time before I quite understood what it was had made the gents what was at that there party so excited.

  45. Them other gents had seemed to squash theirs easy, but this 'ere one took some shovin'.

  46. These young gents have furnished us with some exercise," he grinned wickedly.

  47. Take the young gents along, and see that they behave themselves," directed the ringleader.

  48. Now, let's see what these young gents can do to amuse us.

  49. Why, some young gents is never happy unless they're keeping all kinds of pets--pigeons and rabbits and hedgehogs and such.

  50. The booking-clerk at Banbury remembered only three gents booking by that particular train.

  51. Well, you're a young gent, and young gents do such things.

  52. I suppose you gents won't want to go aboard?

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