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Example sentences for "gesticulating"

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geste; gestern; gestes; gesticulate; gesticulated; gesticulation; gesticulations; gestis; gests; gesture
  1. The instant the half-breed touched the deck he began gesticulating wildly and talking so rapidly that Grahame had difficulty in grasping his meaning.

  2. The concourse thickened about the steps of the church; gesticulating men chattered in the native patois.

  3. Behind the driver were three Italians gesticulating violently over local politics; a new sindaco was imminent.

  4. Constance, a gesticulating officer at either hand, was vivaciously talking Italian, while Tony, trudging behind, listened with a somber light in his eye.

  5. We stumbled and blundered along in Hanger's footsteps, round muddy corners, past heaps of yellow ore, Sharp muttering and cursing and gesticulating by the way.

  6. You can go gesticulating about the streets with Carrie to-morrow, if you choose; but do contrive to behave like an ordinary mortal to-day.

  7. Round and round danced the wildly-gesticulating imp-like crowds.

  8. I saw him waving his arms to me, gesticulating madly and signing to me to kneel down and fire.

  9. Two Spaniards were quarrelling in the loud gesticulating manner of their race; a German in the next bed had fallen asleep, and was muttering words of German in his dream.

  10. In many languages they yelled, gesticulating with hands and feet, jumping about, making a horrible noise.

  11. Around Rassedin's bed stood a group of cursing and gesticulating soldiers.

  12. They advance in a body, keeping time with their feet, gesticulating in a manner intended to convey the meaning of their song.

  13. He pointed eastward, whence the scout was running towards them, in and out among the tree-trunks, gesticulating as he ran.

  14. The sedate collie, after following the bevy of excited humans upstairs, had stood gravely, just inside the threshold; looking with keen interest from one to the other of the gesticulating and noisy group.

  15. On either side of her was a drenched and gesticulating man.

  16. They had a brief interchange of words with the cab-driver, which seemed to put them out; and they kept on gesticulating and plying him with fresh questions while looking at their watches and consulting their road maps.

  17. She saw--distinctly she heard--the old woman shrieking and gesticulating and pointing towards her.

  18. Uya needs Ugh-lomi," cried the old woman, standing on the left of the bend, a gesticulating figure of flaring bronze in the sunset.

  19. That blackguard in our eyes instantly looked quite different from all other blackguards--I saw him gesticulating at the corner of a street, and watched him with wonderful interest.

  20. You can't," shrieked the old man, shaking his withered hands, and gesticulating violently.

  21. He turned, gesticulating with his pipe, and stopped her at the door of his sitting-room.

  22. As he went along, he could hear the people shouting his name, and saw numberless men and women and children in blue come swarming up the staircases in the central path, gesticulating and shouting.

  23. Graham turned his head about and perceived through the irregular green window in the walls of the hall the men who had been working the building cranes gesticulating excitedly to the people below them.

  24. He looked up at the great cliff of buildings on either side, vanishing into blue haze at last above the lights, and down to the roaring tiers of platforms, and the shouting, running people who were gesticulating past.

  25. My head is not like what it was," he said, gesticulating for want of expressive phrases.

  26. A number of men and a girl passed in the darkness, gesticulating and shouting: "Capitulated!

  27. He saw they were gesticulating to him wildly, running back towards him.

  28. They went over the brow and to the headland beyond Penally, with the sleepless man gesticulating ever and again, and speaking fragmentary things concerning his whirling brain.

  29. Here and there a sigh made itself heard amid the monotony of speechless, gesticulating ardor; a pair of fingers snapped in an outburst of ecstasy, a sob broke from some corner, or a lugubrious murmur from the women's room.

  30. A man goes by gesticulating as though he practiced for a speech.

  31. I can see in memory a certain old Irishman in a red flannel shirt, with his foot upon the hub, bending across the wheel and gesticulating in an endless discussion of politics or crops, while my brother and I were impatient to be off.

  32. Renault himself bustled out into the rain, gesticulating excitedly.

  33. I looked in wonderment at the gesticulating figures grouped against the light, Madame imploring, the youthful profile of the newcomer marked with a cynical and scornful refusal.

  34. There seemed to be something behind this remark, but before I could inquire into it we were interrupted by Mr. Cooke, who was standing on the beach, swearing and gesticulating for the boat.

  35. There was a great deal of talk and gesticulating round him, and Lanty, mingling with it, brought back word that the place was the Bay of Golo, not far from Djigheli, and just beyond the Algerine frontier.

  36. He remembered the crowd of howling, yelling savages, leaping and gesticulating on the beach, and his heart trembled as he wondered how it had ended.

  37. There was an immense amount of deafening shrieking and gesticulating among the Arabs.

  38. He brings down his gesticulating right hand with a crash on to the table.

  39. Women from the windows looked down on the ghastly spectacle, gesticulating wildly.

  40. They were all very hot against poor Balloquet, who was as red as a cherry and gesticulating in the midst of them like one possessed.

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