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Example sentences for "governorship"

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  1. The words italicized show that this was aimed at Palliser; and at Sandwich, who inferentially had "permitted" his action, and ultimately rewarded him with the Governorship of Greenwich Hospital.

  2. Employment was necessary to the admiral, and his hopes fixed upon a colonial governorship when his present appointment should expire; Jamaica being his first choice.

  3. The seat of a governorship of low grade, like a kaimakamlik, is always a home of oppression in Turkey.

  4. His tenure of the governorship of Urmi had been brief; but like the kingship of Roumania was "always a pleasant reminiscence.

  5. During the governorship of Sir John Menteith, William Wallace was in 1305 imprisoned within its walls before he was removed to London.

  6. The governorship of Ceylon had been vacant three times, the Ionian Islands four times; he had been Governor there in 1812.

  7. His suspicious disposition and lack of judgment made it eminently impossible for him to fulfil any delicate position, and it was a monstrous libel on the knowledge of the fitness of things to entrust him with the governorship of St. Helena.

  8. Bathurst, in fact (with unconscious drollery), advised Lowe to hurry back to Ceylon without delay, lest meanwhile a vacancy of the governorship should occur and he might lose his opportunity.

  9. He could not hold out hopes of him getting the governorship of Ceylon should a vacancy occur.

  10. When barely thirty-six he had won every office that was open to him, ending with his election to the Governorship of Tennessee in 1827.

  11. He resigned the governorship of Tennessee, and left by night, in such a way as to surround his departure with mystery.

  12. In the beginning of 1772 his ambition was stimulated by the nomination to the second place in council in Bengal with a promise of the reversion of the governorship when Mr Cartier should retire.

  13. The governorship of Harrar was by Menelek entrusted to Ras Makonnen, who held the post until his death in 1906.

  14. The second governorship of Clive was marked by the transfer of the diwani or financial administration from the Mogul emperor to the Company, and by the enforcement of stringent regulations against the besetting sin of peculation.

  15. The spark {118} thus lighted flamed forth over the Governorship of Bristol.

  16. Further, Nicholas was directed to deprive Legge of the Governorship of Oxford, and to place him under arrest.

  17. He would not oppose another officer to the gallant Hopton, but he demanded the Governorship of the King for himself.

  18. Uri was severed from the jurisdiction of Zurich Abbey in 1218, and placed under the control of Habsburg, who had succeeded to the governorship of Zurichgau, a district which then included the three Forest states.

  19. During the seven years of his governorship in Gaul (58-51 B.

  20. La Barre's governorship and given the government of Acadia!

  21. His successor in the governorship of Yarkand did not interfere with the Khokandian officials, but for this moderation he made up by the exactions he committed on the residents, more particularly on the Mahomedan portion of them.

  22. Yakoob Beg, as his reward, received the governorship of Kurama.

  23. Kief became but a provincial and a tributary city, which the sovereign placed under the governorship of his brother Gleb.

  24. The uncle, however, so far had pity for his vanquished nephew as to appoint him to the governorship of the city of Kolomna.

  25. The governor who had been removed told Franklin that he was glad to be rid of the job, adding that three years of the governorship as he had held it would turn any man against the Proprietary system.

  26. Three prominent Quakers went to him in the Fleet Prison, however, and told him that unless he removed Evans from the governorship the people would appeal to Queen Anne to settle the matter.

  27. At the end of his term he retired to his cell in Manila, but became implicated in some way with the civil-religious troubles that rose during the governorship of Diego Faxardo, and he was arrested in 1651 and sent to Marivelez.

  28. As a reward for his services, Zepeda is honored by Corcuera with the governorship of Zamboanga.

  29. On Woodes Rogers assuming the governorship of the Bahamas, La Bouche and England sailed for Madagascar.

  30. On the 9th January, Boone embarked on board the London, after making over the governorship to Mr. Phipps, followed by the good wishes of the community.

  31. What more could be said of any governorship of any town than that?

  32. But for orders from Spain, where Pizarro had secured the governorship of that land, Cabot might have been its conqueror.

  33. Pizarro's remark, however, did not refer to the dogs but to the settlers, who had been rioting over the governorship of the colony.

  34. The first attempt to revise the customs laws in the Philippines was made by the Commission during the governorship of William H.

  35. He was an important agent in McKinley's successful campaign for the governorship of Ohio in 1891.

  36. Hardly more than a year later he was campaigning for the governorship of Ohio, and there he denounced the free coinage of silver and advocated international bimetallism.

  37. The governorship was now given to General Thomas Gage, who commanded the troops which had been sent to Boston.

  38. The Frater retained the governorship of Transylvania, and was subsequently consecrated archbishop of Esztergom and received the red hat.

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