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  1. Other XIV-century additions to Rouen Cathedral are the side chapels; every guild and corporation craved thus to honor its own particular patron.

  2. The guild of butchers was the donor of this abstract doctrinal window of Bourges.

  3. The townspeople marched out to meet him, every guild and corporation in the ranks, the lawyers carrying the image of the newly canonized St. Yves of Brittany.

  4. Once, when the roof of the Guild Chapel was being repaired, a certain man and his wife were appointed to sweep the interior and clear away the cobwebs.

  5. For instance, the guild at Lincoln fed yearly as many poor as there were members of the guild; and another kept a sort of inn for the shelter of poor travelers.

  6. They had been standing before the old Guild Hall for some few minutes while Mrs. Pitt finished what she was saying.

  7. The young people were interested in an old desk, much scratched and marred, which it is supposed that the Poet used when at the Guild School.

  8. On the 17th Louis entered Paris to consummate his capitulation, went to the Guild Hall, appeared in the tricoloured cockade, and the popular battle was won.

  9. Maria Ughi, and a little shrine for the Guild of Linen-Manufacturers, and likewise a very beautiful S.

  10. Having thus come into credit and reputation, he was commissioned by the Guild of Porta Santa Maria to paint in S.

  11. Having given a proof of his powers in these two works, he was commissioned by the Guild of Merchants to make two scenes in silver for the ends of the altar of S.

  12. He became, it is needless to say, their easy dupe; and when utterly bereft of the small patrimony which he once possessed, was admitted as an humble brother of the honorable guild who had despoiled him.

  13. It was natural that the existing members of the 'university' or guild should be consulted as to the admission of new members; their consent was one element in the degree giving.

  14. As then the University is a guild of Masters, the degree is the 'step' by which the distinction of becoming a full member of it is attained.

  15. Members of Mr. Morris's staff are also retained at the Essex House Press, and it is the hope of the Guild of Handicraft by this means to continue in some measure the tradition of good printing and fine workmanship which William Morris revived.

  16. These books are printed by the Guild of Handicraft, at Essex House, on the hand presses used by the late Mr. William Morris at the Kelmscott Press.

  17. And how knew you that I was of the ancient guild of the bachelors?

  18. Their guild train-bands gathered and mustered at their halls.

  19. But to Helene he spoke very carefully and courteously, asking her whether she ever went to any of the Guild entertainments for which Thorn was famous.

  20. For never in the history of Thorn has so fair a face graced Burgher dance or Guild festival, nor yet has a foot so light been shaken on the green in any of our summer outgoings.

  21. This was Master Csihos, known by the token over his shop as a member of the honourable guild of tailors.

  22. Master Matthias, Master Csihos, and the chief of the Guild of Bakers held counsel together cheek by jowl.

  23. The head of the guild of bakers had not heard all that had been said, but the words "bread" and "rolls" had tickled his ears uncomfortably.

  24. Each guild had its patron saint, and after a time the members of a guild began to act a play on their saint's day in his honor.

  25. The members of each guild tried to make their pageant as fine as they could.

  26. Each trade, however, had its own guild by which the members of it were bound together.

  27. Plays were acted in halls, in the dining-halls of the great or in the guild halls belonging to the various trades.

  28. So, in order to supply everything that was needful, each member of a guild paid what was called "pageant silver.

  29. But many tell-tale documents exist to mark the concurrent Norman and English development that went on in the English mediƦval literature, and was seen and felt in the church and guild plays, just as it went on in the towns themselves.

  30. The humours of a broad folk-comedy break through the scriptural web continually in the guild plays like those in which Noah the shipbuilder, or the proverbial three shepherds, appear in the pageant.

  31. The School of Verona already had an honourable record, and its Guild dates from 1303.

  32. Its glass manufacture was safeguarded by the most stringent decrees, which forbade members of the Guild to leave the islet under pain of death.

  33. His name was on the register of the Venetian Guild as late as 1530.

  34. To 1501 belongs the "Incredulity of St. Thomas," now in the Academy, but painted for the Guild of Masons.

  35. Severe restrictions existed with regard to the sale of pictures, no one but a member of the Guild being allowed to sell them.

  36. But the guild of the organ-builders was represented by the image of its patron St. Cecilia, fastened in a banner.

  37. Have you ever heard of the Guild of Brave Poor Things in England?

  38. But the Guild of Brave Poor Things does many other things, besides establishing the schools.

  39. All maimed persons may belong, and the guild makes investigations, finds out if they can be helped by surgery, and, if not, tries to make their lives happier in every possible way.

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