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Example sentences for "helpfulness"

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helpers; helpes; helpeth; helpful; helpfully; helpin; helping; helpings; helpis; helpit
  1. The very proof of helpfulness already given is the strongest argument for the permanent establishment of widened credits, heretofore temporarily extended through the War Finance Corporation.

  2. In Mr. Putney we are gratefully aware of that gracious thing, the distribution of a rare personality through the lives of others, the multiplication of self in terms of helpfulness to the world.

  3. Then Nora, to emphasize Philip's development, told several anecdotes of his helpfulness and devotion to the sick soldiers.

  4. Now Nora's disposition, as Miss South had said, had always been one of helpfulness to others.

  5. Indeed, Bessie could forget herself entirely in another's want, and since this claim for care and helpfulness had been made upon her the tedium of life oppressed her no more.

  6. Mr. Carnegie refused to accept any compensation for the charges Bessie had put him to, and made Mr. Fairfax wince at his information that the child had earned her living twice over by her helpfulness in his house.

  7. To-day surely another epoch opens before us--an epoch of intelligent helpfulness and fraternity, an epoch even of the simplest common sense.

  8. A graduate of the School for Social Workers was chosen, who carried on her campaign with the spirit of helpfulness fostered by her training.

  9. Probably medical inspection in the public school is as good an example as may be given of helpfulness to the community.

  10. But when instinctive helpfulness is manifested it seems most likely to reveal itself in a woman.

  11. We have to realise that it can scarcely even be said that our growing urban life, however it fosters what has been called "urbanity," has any equally fostering influence on instinctive mutual helpfulness as an element of that urbanity.

  12. We must admit that human brotherhood and ideals of mutual good will and helpfulness are secondary to power and willingness to commit murder; that only a murderer at heart can afford to have them.

  13. More than a thousand men enrolled immediately, and when the plan was discussed in the shops 200 American workmen volunteered to help in teaching, so thoroughly had the Ford spirit of helpfulness pervaded the factory.

  14. The average reader is uninformed as to the use and helpfulness of any but the commonest reference books.

  15. Kindness and helpfulness might be termed the keynote of his character and those qualities constantly found expression in all the relations of his life.

  16. His life was actuated by high and honorable principles, that found expression in noble deeds and helpfulness toward those who needed assistance.

  17. Whatever hopes of mutual solace and helpfulness and of the joys of intimate close friendship may have been in the minds of these two most learned men of their time, they were destined to be grievously disappointed.

  18. He looked upon them as brothers in spirit, fellow-laborers whose investigations were as important as his own and whose labors for mankind he hoped to extend by the helpfulness of his profession.

  19. May I say to them that the devoted services of their mothers, their courage and patience and helpfulness shown by the women in the great struggle for liberty cannot be too highly appreciated?

  20. I come to lay before you to-day my thankful offering for your friendly helpfulness that was extended to me as a boy and that has been mine in all the years of our intercourse that have intervened until this hour.

  21. The charm of the story lies in the cheery helpfulness of spirit developed in the girls by their changed circumstances; while the author finds a pleasant ending to all their happy makeshifts.

  22. I could not be free to live as I have chosen, if he had any control over me, and yet, strangely enough, I once believed I owed all my ideas of helpfulness to him.

  23. Through this one, present spirit of Christ each man becomes a distinct but essential member of the new body; and Paul's greatest hope is for the completion of this unification of man in mutual helpfulness and brotherhood.

  24. He saw Rachel Winslow and Virginia Page going on with their work of service at the Rectangle, and reaching out loving hands of helpfulness far beyond the limits of Raymond.

  25. The principle of unselfishness and helpfulness in the business would direct all its details.

  26. Rousseau protested against a conception of friendship which makes of what ought to be disinterested helpfulness a title to everlasting tribute.

  27. Kindly helpfulness to men is better worship than exact performance of any ritual.

  28. From the suppressed literary desires of the mother may have come the intense longing of the daughter to achieve helpfulness through writing.

  29. The third characteristic manifest in her poetry is that of the spirit of helpfulness that manifests itself in every new phase of life that she assumes.

  30. She believes implicitly in the mutual helpfulness of man and woman in solving the great problems of the world.

  31. With love and helpfulness as the bond which unite mankind, Mrs. Wilcox feels there is no place for strife and warfare.

  32. Men and women whose married life is full of good and helpfulness do not often feel an impulse to defend the system under which they live.

  33. The spirit of gratitude is always pleasant and satisfying {329} because it carries with it a sense of helpfulness to others; it begets love and friendship, and engenders divine influence.

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