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  1. We know that this clerical tribe is an artificial production, and that its hierarchical subdivision, as worked out in the Priestly Code, was the result of the centralisation of the cultus in Jerusalem.

  2. Inasmuch as the power of the rabbins did not depend upon the political or hierarchical forms of the old commonwealth, it survived the fall of the latter.

  3. The material basis of the hierarchical pyramid is furnished by the contributions of the laity, which are required on a scale which cannot be called modest.

  4. The Curetonian Epistles with the shortest and least hierarchical text give the impression of an epitome.

  5. A hierarchical purpose is not to be mistaken.

  6. Winchelsea, though broken in health, looked forward in his banishment to the renewal of the alliance of baronage and clergy, and to the reassertion of hierarchical ideals.

  7. The brain and soul of the ordainers, he equally made it his business to uphold extreme hierarchical privilege.

  8. He was high-minded, honourable and zealous, a saint as well as a scholar, an enthusiast for Church reform and a vigorous upholder of the extremest hierarchical pretensions.

  9. These soon completed the theory of the hierarchical and monarchical rank of the clergy and the absurd pretension to having obtained from God the absolute fulness of His Spirit and absolute sovereign power.

  10. The exclusive use of the Latin language had produced a uniform hierarchical spirit, and was a restraint to the anti-hierarchical movements of the age after independent national development in church and State.

  11. Opposition to hierarchical pretensions led to the spread of sects, especially in Northern Italy and France, from the 11th century.

  12. Stephan’s despotic hierarchical assumptions here reached their fullest height; he also gave his lusts free scope.

  13. A strong feeling in favour of strict hierarchical pretensions united all parties and found its rallying point in the chair of St. Peter; even incapable and characterless popes were upborne and carried through by means of this idea.

  14. The Reformation at last relaxed that hierarchical ban which for centuries had put an absolute restraint upon congregational singing, and had excluded the use of the vernacular in the services of the church.

  15. At the head of the hierarchical order as his visible representative stood an Imam or Pope, who resided at Babylon.

  16. He paused for a moment before the bronze statue of St. Peter, seated in a stiff, hierarchical attitude on a marble pedestal.

  17. From considerations of hierarchical respect, however, the detective, who with his snub nose and massive figure had much the appearance of a bull-dog, was obliged to let his superior enter first.

  18. A hierarchical system which was still vigorously enforced maintained them in various ranks and classes.

  19. It is the union of these ideas with a hierarchical system, and with the temporal sovereignty of the head of that system in Tibet, which constitutes what is distinctively understood by the term Lamaism.

  20. The flaiths in every tuath and all ranks of society were organized on the same hierarchical pattern as royalty.

  21. It is supranational, and recognizes a hierarchical structure with the Pope, or Bishop of Rome, as its head, located at the Vatican.

  22. Mormons have a hierarchical religious leadership structure, and actively proselytize their faith; they are located primarily in the Americas and in a number of other Western countries.

  23. The church, however, used "catholicity" as a name for universal submission to the bishop of Rome and for hierarchical discipline, and used all means to try to realize that conception.

  24. Wycliffe denied transubstantiation on rationalistic grounds, but his work all consisted in criticism of hierarchical abuses and of the principles which made the abuses possible.

  25. The Franciscans also, in their origin, were somewhat independent of hierarchical authority and of established discipline.

  26. The church was a great hierarchical organization for social power and control, which inherited part of the intense integration of the Roman empire.

  27. The mediæval church system did not contain as much obscurantism in Italy as in some other countries, and the interests of the Italians were intertwined with the hierarchical interests of Rome in many ways.

  28. On the contrary, the bonds of the family were more loosened than strengthened by the ascetic-hierarchical religiosity of the church.

  29. As to polity, the cast of the first American Lutheran synods and congregations was of the hierarchical type.

  30. Due to the testimony of the Henkels, its hierarchical features were toned down considerably in the constitution finally adopted at Hagerstown, Md.

  31. The Graf-Wellhausen hypothesis, that the hierarchical law in its complete form in the Pentateuch stands at the close and not at the beginning of biblical history, that this mature Judaism was the fruit of the 5th century B.

  32. This hierarchical government, which can find no foundation in the Hebrew monarchy, is the forerunner of the Sanhedrin (q.

  33. It was destined to aid fellow-men in every way possible; and by fellow-men Ignatius meant the obedient children of the catholic hierarchical Church.

  34. Ignatius believed with heart and soul that the essence of all true religion was the blindest submission to what he called the "true Spouse of Christ and our Holy Mother, which is the orthodox, catholic, and hierarchical Church.

  35. At the same time, there was a hierarchical division based on the varying degrees of political power each group exercised within its society.

  36. Previously, slavery had existed in hierarchical societies in which the slave was at the bottom of a social ladder, the most inferior in a society of unequals.

  37. The devotion of Grosseteste to the hierarchical theories of his age is attested by his correspondence with his chapter and the king.

  38. This hierarchical tie was soon snapped, but the Hellenizing influence continued to work, and bore its most abundant fruit in the 5th century.

  39. Church, as a community united by a common faith, to that of a hierarchical institution was already revealing itself in his writings.

  40. Consequently we find nothing more than traces of the hierarchical conception of the Church in Tertullian.

  41. In Irenæus and Tertullian we rather find, on the one hand, that the old theory of the Church was still to a great extent preserved and, on the other, that the hierarchical notion was already making its appearance.

  42. But the following facts must not be overlooked:--First, the new conception of the Church was not yet a hierarchical one.

  43. As we have not the slightest evidence that his conception of the Church was of a hierarchical and anti-heretical type, so he very rarely mentions the ecclesiastical officials in his works and rarest of all the bishops.

  44. Clement does not yet appeal to a hierarchical tradition through the bishops, but adheres to the natural one through the teachers, though he indeed admits an esoteric tradition alongside of it.

  45. They contained not much in behalf of hierarchical claims which had not, at one time or another, been actually asserted and maintained.

  46. No doubt there nowhere occurs in the creeds, expressed in so many words, mention of Peter, or of the Primacy bestowed on him, or of hierarchical subordination; yet it is most distinctly stated that the Church is one and Catholic.

  47. At the bottom of the hierarchical scale stood the priests who presided over the parishes, which were divided into city, village, and rural parishes, and were the lowest divisions of the Church.

  48. A differentiation in the ministry gradually crept in as an outcome of the hierarchical spirit.

  49. By the fourth century the hierarchical and monarchial principles were fully developed, and the Papacy had begun its wonderful career.

  50. At the bottom of the hierarchical pyramid were the laity, who by the twelfth century included all the people of western Europe, except a portion of Spain.

  51. But hierarchical tendencies began very early and are very conspicuous in connection with Rome.

  52. During the first half of the third century the hierarchical scheme of Church government appeared to reach a very advanced stage of organisation.

  53. But after the first century these communistic-democratic societies were gradually replaced by a hierarchical organisation with new or modified institutions.

  54. Thus the unity of the Supreme Power was the basis of the hierarchical religion of Egypt, as is acknowledged by the learned Hyde, and also by Cudworth.

  55. The mutilation of this Dagon of hierarchical unity is one of the many glorious results of the great Reformation.

  56. The precedence thus so generally conceded to him would be remembered in after-times when the hierarchical spirit began to dominate; and would afford a basis for the legend that he was the first bishop of Jerusalem.

  57. The establishment of the hierarchical system, though imparting, as was thought, greater unity to the structure of the Church, did not really invigorate its constitution.

  58. The writings of Cyprian have long been noted for their orthodoxy; and yet it must be admitted that his hierarchical prejudices stunted his charity and obscured his intellectual vision.

  59. Moreover, we cherish a deep respect for all the hierarchical institutions of the political and social order, as well as for their more sacred and elevated counterparts in the ecclesiastical system.

  60. And hence the unity of the whole active church, unity of authority, of action and life, and the proper hierarchical order.

  61. For in the Divine Persons there exists, indeed, a natural order, but there is no hierarchical order, for as Dionysius says (Coel.

  62. Rank depends on seniority--that is to say the greatest respect is shown to the monk who has observed his vows for the longest period, but there are some simple hierarchical arrangements.

  63. A lamaist ecclesiastic was the hierarchical head of all Buddhists, all other religions being placed under the supervision of a special board.

  64. But the hierarchical spirit is not absent and since Shinshū priests can marry, there arose the institution of hereditary abbots who were even more like barons than the celibate prelates of the older sects.

  65. His image is a conspicuous object of veneration in the Nying-ma-pa sect but he does not appear to have taught the doctrine of hierarchical succession by incarnation.

  66. There has never been any revival in the Church, without the hierarchical or radical sects immediately endeavouring to disturb it.

  67. By withdrawing from the hierarchical extreme, they flung themselves into a democratical one.

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