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Example sentences for "idolised"

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idolatries; idolatrous; idolatry; idole; idolise; idolize; idolized; idolizing; idoll; idolo
  1. Fritze, who had attended grandmamma all her life, and who literally idolised her, had seated himself on the bed and lifted her in his arms, to try to ease her breathing a little.

  2. He possessed that doubtful advantage, the power of attracting to himself the affection and friendship of everyone who came in contact with him; his children idolised him, and Morva was no whit behind them in her affection for him.

  3. They idolised this pretty Miss Humfray: whatsoever she said was clearly right.

  4. Such familiar friends as they looked so she had been with Dad who idolised her and whom she had idolised.

  5. He hated bullying, and often interfered to protect little boys, who accordingly idolised him, and did anything he told them very willingly.

  6. It was an ill day for General Wildney when he sent his idolised little son to Roslyn; it was an ill day for Eric when Duncan first asked the child to frequent their study.

  7. Yet what power of manhood in passionate intenseness, appealing at the same time to the subject and the votary, can rival that which is exercised by the idolised chieftain of a great public school?

  8. He was admired by women, to whom he was magnificent, idolised by artists whom he patronised, received in all circles with great distinction, and appreciated for his intellect by the very few to whom he at all opened himself.

  9. The mistress of The Poplars now idolised her, and could not bear the quondam minx to be ever out of her sight.

  10. As for his sister Lizzie, she was idolised by poor and rich around: to tell the truth, it is my opinion that a good deal of her brother's popularity arose from his connection with the young lady with the violet eyes.

  11. I perfectly idolised my father, and now he was ashamed of me;--the words seemed to burn in my little heart.

  12. She was the idolised daughter of the king of the castle; nothing was too good for this loved and spoilt beauty.

  13. The lady of the castle, the idolised and beloved of all, became the betrayer of her people.

  14. She told her that she had always admired her, but that now she idolised her; that she felt like going down on her knees and simply worshipping her.

  15. It had never occurred to him that his father was particularly exemplary in these things, or that his mother idolised him for what seemed to Dan simply a matter-of-course endurance of her sick whims and freaks and moods.

  16. The women worshipped her, the men idolised her.

  17. Just at this period my brother George sickened for the smallpox; my mother idolised him; he was dangerously ill.

  18. How would my soul have idolised such a husband!

  19. Victoria idolised him; but it was understanding that he craved for, not idolatry; and how much did Victoria, filled to the brim though she was with him, understand him?

  20. If Mrs. Baron idolised her husband, she idolised her son only one degree less.

  21. There was only one other--to free the innocent, pure woman he idolised from the persecution of such a wretch, and the law would enable him to do that.

  22. Myra started from a couch, where she had been sitting alone, dreaming; and as Stratton advanced his pulses began to beat heavily, for never had the woman he idolised looked so beautiful as then.

  23. I was in my room there, elate almost beyond a man's power to imagine; in another hour the woman whom I had idolised for years was to be my wife.

  24. She idolised Biddy--small credit, for who could help it?

  25. And all the students idolised her, and the male lecturers worshipped the ground she trod.

  26. She was radiantly happy, and this spontaneous sharing in her happiness by the big public which idolised her served but to intensify it.

  27. They idolised a woman just because she was beautiful--for her lips and eyes and hair and the nameless charm that was in her--and set her up on an altar at which they could kneel becomingly.

  28. You've been spoilt and idolised to such an extent that it seems incredible to you to find a man who doesn't immediately fall down and worship you.

  29. It lowers the assumed nobility of his character, furthermore, by making this remorseful and constantly apprehensive murderer willing to yoke a sweet, innocent, and idolised woman to misery and shame by making her his wife.

  30. She was an old widow-woman, lived upon her small means, and had always been very fond of me, though she used to shake her head at the way in which my family idolised me.

  31. Brutus sees him, indeed, idolised by the people and endowed with supreme power; but as yet Cæsar has never abused it.

  32. The procedure was mainly dictated by the Queen's wish to justify the arrest of Essex in the face of public opinion, which idolised him and regarded him as a martyr.

  33. Each had put off every shred of pride in relation to his idolised young friend.

  34. They stared in unbelief, then they treated it as a jest, but when they found he was in earnest, they jeered at their idolised leader.

  35. Idolised by a father whose rich love I could not, though with the best intentions, adequately return, I clave with an infelt warm and holy love to my mother, who guarded me as the apple of her eye.

  36. I was his truest and best companion in arms, the fortune of war was favourable to me; loved by Mannsfield, idolised by the troops I now became the first officer in his army.

  37. When obliged to go out upon any errand, Rashîd was always worried about leaving me alone, regarding me as careless of my property and so untrusty from the point of view of one who idolised it.

  38. As a subaltern he had idolised Wolfe, and here on the ground of Wolfe's triumphant stroke he still dreamed of rivalling it.

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