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  1. In a dream there appeared to her a man of middle height with flying hair, and handed her a written roll, which ran as follows: "Carry this in all haste to the idolatrous Tsar of Mtzkhet!

  2. The Tsaritsa Nana sent for Saint Nina, who again refused to come to the house of the idolatrous Tsar and requested the sick man to repair to her house.

  3. Even the idolatrous Jews, sacrificing their children to Moloch in the valley of Hinnom, beat drums to drown their cries, which they could not bear to hear.

  4. Mohammed had his mission—to convert the idolatrous Arabs to Monotheism.

  5. When the whole worship of the people was centred at Jerusalem, corruption of the idolatrous kind would, it was hoped, be impossible.

  6. Some of the animals and birds prohibited were probably, then, animals eaten in connection with idolatrous feasts by the neighbouring heathen.

  7. The half-idolatrous masses were led away into depraved forms of worship, and for a time it looked as if the work of Moses would be utterly undone.

  8. Full of these, they had mingled idolatrous rites with their worship of Yahweh.

  9. Instead of being cured, the idolatrous inclinations they had brought with them from the pre-Mosaic time had been revived and strengthened.

  10. In outward political life, so far as we can ascertain, they did not interfere at all, and the ground was moved away from beneath the feet of the idolatrous party, while they thought themselves firmly established.

  11. Nay, he went further in the introduction of idolatry than any even of the idolatrous kings who had preceded him.

  12. For just as the first commandment is, "Thou shalt have no other god before Me," and the second forbids all idolatrous images, so the laws begin with provisions meant in the main to ward off idolatry.

  13. This whole dispensation of law, that is, was meant to separate the people of Israel from the idolatrous world, and in this separation we have the key to much that would otherwise be hard to comprehend.

  14. But these charges had little or no effect during these still semi-idolatrous and barbarous ages.

  15. We are told that the people in some of the idolatrous provinces still feed on human flesh, and prefer it to all other; so that a dead slave gives a higher price in market than a living one.

  16. We have heretofore alluded to the idolatrous barbarians of the north of Europe and to their inroads upon the more civilized regions of the south.

  17. On St. Bartholomew's day a large concourse of people assembled, each one fell on his knees as he arrived, and remained praying towards the sun; but Carpini and his companion refused to join in this idolatrous worship of the sun.

  18. He now applied the idea and definition of external, idolatrous practices to the Papal system of public worship and the sacrifice of the mass.

  19. My only grief is that I can't Use the idolatrous occupant.

  20. Of what nature this idolatrous symbol was we cannot certainly determine.

  21. Sacrifices were freely offered at local altars throughout the country, not merely by the ignorant common people and idolatrous kings, but by men who were the inspired religious leaders and teachers of the nation.

  22. The allusion is supposed to be to the tents of the high places which formed a marked feature of the idolatrous worship practised in both divisions of the country (cf.

  23. The curse of Jehovah rests on the silver and gold of Jerusalem, which has been used for the making of idolatrous images, and now is made to them an unclean thing.

  24. When the idolatrous propensity is thus eradicated, the conscience of Israel will turn inwards on itself, and in the light of its new knowledge of God will for the first time read its own history aright.

  25. The word bamah, which means properly "the height," had come to be used as the name of an idolatrous sanctuary.

  26. The Pope, upon this, sent over a bull, interdicting all the missionaries in China from admitting any extraneous ceremonies or idolatrous worship, to be blended with those of Holy Catholic Church.

  27. They have no desire to proselyte, their numbers being already too great, and are far from spiritualizing their idolatrous systems.

  28. As Confucius had raised the veneration for ancestors into idolatrous worship, these priests were ready to perform their pious offices before the tablets of the dead.

  29. To assert they adore one Supreme Being in their idolatrous representations of his attributes, is to state an opinion that never found a place in their thoughts, or in their canonical works.

  30. It was the unflinching and idolatrous advocate of Wordsworth, and some of its writers were the first translators of German poetry and the most active introducers of German taste and laws in poetical criticism.

  31. This constitutes the most striking peculiarity of the Shakspearean language, and while it justifies the almost idolatrous veneration of his countrymen, renders him, of all writers, the most untranslatable.

  32. A priestly garment which Gedeon made with a good design; but the Israelites, after his death, abused it by making it an instrument of their idolatrous worship.

  33. The wicked ways of Amri and Achab, idolatrous kings.

  34. They were gathered together by one idolatrous city, viz.

  35. Deuteronomy Chapter 13 False prophets must be slain, and idolatrous cities destroyed.

  36. Samaria: and they shall be carried away to another idolatrous city, viz.

  37. In the advance of civilization, and in the corresponding decay of idolatrous religions, there was fast arising a new growth of cravings amongst men.

  38. God send some miscreant hath not taken the marble slab thereof for his idolatrous curry-stone!

  39. Hardly had your Honour left this morning, than Gunpat-Lal sent to say he had a belly-ache which his idolatrous miracle-monger could not touch.

  40. And it {242} would be quite unnatural for St. Peter to speak about the heathen thinking it "strange" that converted Jews refused to join in their idolatrous excesses.

  41. That removal, by which probably he was separated from idolatrous neighbors, is thus referred to, chap.

  42. Whether the formation of such images was coeval with the earliest practice of idolatrous rites or not, may be a question.

  43. Thus the chief visible object of their idolatrous homage, the imputed residence and shekina of Baal, was excluded from their view, and all acts of idolatry and access to images precluded.

  44. Baal-Zebub, or consulted any of the oracles of the idolatrous party.

  45. The idolatrous forms of paganism were transferred from the heathen to the so-called Christian temples.

  46. This is what the apostate, idolatrous and infidel world, in subserviency to the great Adversary and his followers, have over opposed.

  47. A tattered and coal-black proselyte at the foot of the reading-desk, inspired with the epidemical enthusiasm of the place, is embracing the idolatrous image of her adoration, which in colour is similar to herself.

  48. There's a dotage of idolatrous daughters, he could have retorted; and his gaze was a polite offer to humdrum reconcilement, if it pleased her.

  49. It was my first sight of an idolatrous procession, and it made a deep impression upon me, carrying me back to Sunday- school days, and the terrible car of Juggernaut and all its horrors.

  50. In 1581 "an Act against idolatrous and superstitious pastimes, especially against the Sanct Obert's Play," was issued by the Session.

  51. He was a strenuous opponent of the idolatrous or superstitious practices which the half-barbarous people to whom he preached were accustomed to introduce into their worship of God.

  52. She was to pray for him that the pagans might be snatched from their idolatrous customs and unbelievers brought back to the Catholic mother Church.

  53. He was active in opposing idolatrous customs, but does not appear to have been satisfied with his work.

  54. The idolatrous temples and groves and high places against which the prophets continually thunder were scenes of abominable vice and demoralization.

  55. In the long struggles of the Divine Lawgiver with the idolatrous tendencies of man, the evil as well as the good influence of woman is recognized.

  56. The character of Mary has suffered by reaction from the idolatrous and fulsome adoration which has been bestowed on her.

  57. Idolatrous rites increased and people devoted themselves to the worship of huacas .

  58. Long before the time of Mahomet, the Kaaba was a place of worship for the idolatrous Arabs and in it they had no less than 360 idols, one for each day of the Arabian year.

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