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Example sentences for "imparted"

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impanel; impaneled; impanelled; impart; impartation; imparteth; impartial; impartiality; impartiall; impartially
  1. It was an enviable sight, and it imparted to me such sensations of pride and delight, as have been seldom, if ever, equalled since.

  2. The real felicity imparted and received in a happy domestic circle, in one evening, far, very far surpasses all the pleasures derived from the gaze and throng of crowded routs and fashionable parties in a whole year.

  3. I soon imparted to him my wish to go abroad in some active situation; but I bound him to secrecy, even with my friend Gresley.

  4. It was also a commonly-received opinion at one time that the distinctive color of Green teas was imparted to them by being cured and fired in copper pans.

  5. Their bodies heaved under me like the waves of the sea, and imparted an involuntary forward movement to me.

  6. The whole effort was to overcome as much as possible the primary forward momentum the train had imparted to my body.

  7. He states that these experiments disprove the theory that certain lesions in wounds can be in any way attributed to the heat imparted by the bullet.

  8. Von Beck, Medical Director of the 14th German Army Corps, has made experiments upon the amount of heat imparted to leaden and other bullets after firing.

  9. Again, provision will have to be made for sending the water through the propeller in such a way that it shall have as little as possible of the motion of the ship imparted to it.

  10. There is, moreover, another and a very serious defect in the hydraulic propeller as usually made, which is that every ton of water passed through it has the velocity of the ship herself suddenly imparted to it.

  11. Temporarily, he admitted, we must be fugitives from creditors, and as to that eccentric tribe, at once so human and so inhuman, he imparted many curious characteristics gained of his experience.

  12. I replied that I had a message for the Prefecto, which could be imparted to him alone.

  13. The soft breeze from the south seas imparted the glow of health.

  14. This sombre costume imparted to him an aspect still more ferocious.

  15. The superior of our establishment in that place, to whom I imparted my doubts as to the object of our Society, took upon himself to clear them up, and unveiled it all to me with alarming frankness.

  16. Here a special effect was to be produced; it was necessary, therefore, that the truth should be revealed, and the manifestations all made, before the power was imparted to give them effect.

  17. A blue and white striped canopy, suspended over the hammock, swelled like a sail in the fresh sea-breeze and imparted a gentle swinging motion to this airy couch.

  18. Outside those halls the supping was done in Lazarus fashion, mainly through an excessive straining of the organs of hearing and vision, which imparted the readiness for more, declared by physicians to be the state inducing to sound digestion.

  19. She had a pitiful bit of pleasure in the gratification she imparted to Danvers, by informing her that the journey of the day was backward to Copsley.

  20. Whitmonby nodded to the superior relish imparted by the vigour of masculine veracity in narration.

  21. Although the great news he imparted had roused an ardent thirst for holiday and a dash out of harness, and he could hardly check it, he yielded her the lead.

  22. Ayrton's and Gideon Spilett's rifles then spoke, and no doubt imparted some very disagreeable intelligence to two of the convicts, for they fell backwards.

  23. The engineer one evening imparted to his friends a plan which he had conceived for fortifying the corral.

  24. She smiled kindly and passed on, still accompanied by Ferdinand, not a little astonished at her words, and still more so when Marie's whole tale was imparted to him.

  25. Under the seal of confession, she imparted her full plan to Torquemada, entering more into minute particulars than she had done even to her husband, or in words to herself.

  26. His years were under thirty, though the calm gravity of his countenance imparted to it a character of more mature age.

  27. The course of the narrative does not require that we should accompany this extraordinary man though the relation of the secrets he imparted to Don Camillo.

  28. Baptism, confirmation, and ordination, it was held, imparted an indelible character, therefore could not be repeated.

  29. In the image carved by the sculptor, the stone or wood used derive little of their effect from the original material; the important character is that imparted to them by his skill.

  30. As the discussion proceeded, with an intensity which spoken words could not have imparted to it, Ala's cheeks began to glow, and her eyes to glitter with strange light.

  31. It was clear that those who had taken part in the opening scene imparted to the newcomers a knowledge of the situation of affairs, and we could see that our prestige was thoroughly established.

  32. But all the towers were swaying under the impulse imparted to them by the excited multitudes that crowded their platforms.

  33. To Lucinda she imparted her terrible anxiety over the dear boy’s health, but not even to herself did she admit her much more terrible anxiety lest Arethusa or Mary should suddenly appear and insist on accompanying her.

  34. The vigor which Massachusetts had imparted to the Revolution against the Crown was surpassed by the ardor with which she now threw herself into the contest for the Union.

  35. This information to a certain extent agreed with the evidence stated to have been taken by the Committee, and upon its being imparted to the Secretary he again instructed me to cause you to be arrested, which I at once did.

  36. Senator Broderick of California imparted largely of his own courage and enthusiasm to Douglas at the critical juncture, and perhaps saved him from a surrender of his proud position.

  37. It had only increased the dangers of inflation by the stimulus it imparted and the protection it afforded to the circulation of State bank notes.

  38. The condition of affairs in Kansas imparted to his supporters a desperate energy, based on principle and roused to anger.

  39. He at once imparted spirit and energy into the service,--giving to the administration of this department a policy of pronounced loyalty to the government.

  40. He imparted energy to every branch of the service, and his vigorous determination was felt on the most distant field of the war as a present and inspiring force.

  41. His years and his history inspired a general feeling of reverence; and as he was conducted to the chair of the Convention, his tall figure, strong face, and patriarchal beard imparted to him something of personal majesty.

  42. It imparted to all sections a degree of prosperity which they had not known since the repeal of the tariff of 1828.

  43. Mr. Hamlin proved a source of strength, and the imparted confidence and courage to the great movement against the Democratic party.

  44. And how Dick laughed when at last the joke was imparted to him!

  45. This promise won Bob imparted the tidings to Dick and Walter and the two assistants, as they dubbed themselves, hastened to prepare the new radio building for the reception of guests.

  46. And all the while, like a hidden magician, Chichikov's lawyer imparted driving power to that machine which caught up a man into its mechanism before he could even look round.

  47. Instruction can be imparted to children only through the medium of example; and would a life like yours furnish them with a profitable example--a life which has been spent in idleness and the playing of cards?

  48. For her part, the guest would have liked to have proceeded to business by communicating her tidings, but a sudden exclamation from the hostess imparted (temporarily) a new direction to the conversation.

  49. Also, it may be said that most frequently of all had his thoughts turned towards a certain quality of French soap which imparted a peculiar whiteness to the skin and a peerless freshness to the cheeks.

  50. Yet the touch of life which those emotions might have imparted was wanting.

  51. This vital stimulus can be imparted only by the spermatozoon.

  52. This information is imparted by Doctor Slemons' book, which I can thoroughly recommend to prospective mothers.

  53. Charles "swore," though with considerable reluctance, not to reveal the secret, when it should be imparted to him.

  54. Probably the exciting incident at the bridge, which had been published in the newspaper, imparted a greater degree of interest to the race than it would otherwise have possessed.

  55. I imparted this information to Weems, who sweated.

  56. On entering, I was struck by the novel and somewhat grotesque feature imparted to the scene by the lottery prizes, which had lain there "on view" for some days previously.

  57. It is true I could not conceal from myself that my proportions were rather massive than lofty, and that my legs were somewhat curved; but I imagined that these peculiarities imparted a stalwart manliness to my bearing.

  58. He was so deeply convinced of the truths of Christianity, and so familiar with its teaching, that he would fain have imparted his belief to every one he met.

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