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Example sentences for "absurdly"

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absurd; absurde; absurdest; absurdities; absurdity; absurdum; abunda; abundance; abundancia; abundant
  1. The garrulous babble continued to the very doors of the Mission School, and through the formalities of an absurdly formal introduction to Mrs. Williams, and during the suppertime meal with the little Indian children in the big dining room.

  2. How absurdly small, how remotely contemptibly impossible, the scandal thing seemed anyway, as though a skunk could obstruct the avalanche of the massed snow flakes by sending up his malodorous stench across the path of the Law!

  3. Our positions were absurdly reversed; and it was he who sat collapsed in a chair, while it was I, with the dart still in my finger, who leaned over him and laughed the matter off.

  4. Of course, it compares absurdly enough with Cullingworth's twenty pound a day, and my little quiet back-water seems a strange contrast to the noisy stream which pours for ever through his room.

  5. She found Miss Archer absurdly young in many of her notions, and absurdly old in others.

  6. We see the exaltation of the physical life in the absurdly exaggerated emphasis placed upon athletics in many of the colleges for men.

  7. If he means that every one always seeks his own personal advantage, as he seems to, he is absurdly wrong.

  8. Almost all social prediction is catastrophic and absurdly simplified.

  9. But when they took Terry home and laid him on her bed, she had wailed absurdly for the lost lover in him.

  10. The game is not so absurdly easy as it promised to be.

  11. Just for a moment, absurdly over-estimating poor Zuleika's skill, he supposed himself a victim of legerdemain.

  12. Oh, a bruise and a cut or two; really, from a medical point of view, absurdly slight injuries to have produced such a condition.

  13. They were always doing something of this kind, those absurdly sentimental people, whom yet I cannot find it in my heart to blame for their folly, though I could name ever so many reasons for rebuking it.

  14. Upon that same afternoon Bobby started to buy up, here and there, nearly the entire stock of the Brightlight, purchasing it at an absurdly low price.

  15. They are probably using the same drawings with an altered scale, although it would be an absurdly clumsy trick.

  16. It's no where near so absurdly simple as that," and he turned once more to the prospectus which lay open on the desk before them.

  17. So, in the great generosity of his mind, he expressed to the Navy Department his willingness to undertake the desperate enterprise with the obviously insufficient, and in part the absurdly worthless, force assigned to him to command.

  18. But that remedy was obviously and absurdly impossible of adoption in the circumstances then existing.

  19. Think of Lee banished to the coast of South Carolina, while Beauregard and Johnston were needlessly fortifying at Centreville against an absurdly impossible advance of McClellan's forces.

  20. Kentucky had absurdly and futilely declared an impossible neutrality, Missouri had entered upon a program of civil war within her own borders.

  21. They entered the apartment which Romney himself had used--the same silken hangings so absurdly peopled with pink embroidered storks and lavender fishes.

  22. The Big Three and Fai Ming seemed altered, their zeal misguided; his own former seriousness in relation to man's accomplishment, seemed absurdly young.

  23. For the first time he noticed how dull and vacant was the expression in her eyes, and how absurdly her cap was placed upon her head, like a cock's comb.

  24. Then you'll find her absurdly impulsive and generous: you could have the clothes off her back if you wanted them.

  25. The two parents were both absurdly fond of their child.

  26. The height of spires cannot be taken by trigonometry; they measure absurdly short, but how tall they are to the admiring eye!

  27. And to think that this absurdly small hand wrote those beautiful letters.

  28. Yes," she murmured, in a voice absurdly low.

  29. Hilda and Lorraine felt this especially, and they were so absurdly gay that it was quite clear to Patty that their gaiety was assumed.

  30. Indeed it is becoming so ridiculously successful that unless I can check it we shall soon be absurdly rich people.

  31. Dionysius was absurdly tyrannical to kill a man for dreaming that he had killed him; and really to take away his life, who had but fantastically taken away his.

  32. Further, you are by habit an almost absurdly temperate man.

  33. Do not be so absurdly sensitive about the fact that you have married a negress.

  34. Miss Hargrove was only too glad of the diversion from herself, for Amy's words had made her absurdly conscious for a society girl.

  35. I feel absurdly young," he said without a sign of affectation, "and yet I've been looking for you a thousand years and more.

  36. To be so confused in geography as to find myself one moment at the North Pole, and the next at Clapham Junction--or possibly at both places simultaneously--is absurdly terrifying.

  37. I lost my temper most absurdly and must apologize to you for it now.

  38. The shameful way in which she employs nasty unguents of all kinds, and tries by every artificial means to heighten any beauty she may possess, is too absurdly transparent not to be known by all the world," goes on the irate Bella.

  39. Besides, it is absurdly early to think of going indoors yet.

  40. The natural consequence was that progress in Australia has been absurdly slow, and that the country as a whole has fallen most woefully behind the times in all matters pertaining to the existence of life upon its surface.

  41. Ingenuous youth holds the ant by its head and shoulders, sucks out the honey with which the back part is absurdly distended, and throws away the empty body as a thing with which it has now no further sympathy.

  42. The most absurdly human, however, among all the tricks and habits of ants are their well known cattle-farming and slaveholding instincts.

  43. It is also working more absurdly from year to year; the tariff of fifteen per annum will soon amount to the practical exclusion of many who would be very useful.

  44. The author most absurdly saws off the limb of the tree on which grows all the fruit he admires so much and gathers so carefully, by denying the value of metaphysics.

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