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Example sentences for "allaying"

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  1. And then suddenly there flashed across his mind, allaying its distrust, the thought that these people were partly English.

  2. In benevolence, they excel in charity, which alleviates individual suffering, rather than in philanthropy, which deals with large masses and is more frequently employed in preventing than in allaying calamity.

  3. History of their celibacy, 328 Climate, effects of, in stimulating or allaying the passions, i.

  4. As an example of the way in which accidents are brought about by heedlessness, may be cited the recent case of a woman who bought a small quantity of aqua fortis for the purpose of allaying toothache by a local application.

  5. It is eaten with fruit, puddings, and cakes, and is said to possess the property of allaying the nervous irritability induced by excessive tea-drinking.

  6. This treatment will generally succeed in allaying the pain.

  7. That of common catarrhal cough consists in allaying the irritation as much as possible, by demulcents and expectorants, as mucilaginous drinks and lozenges, which act upon the glottis, and sympathetically upon the trachea and bronchiae.

  8. Diluted with water, it often succeeds in allaying itching and irritation of the skin when all other means fail.

  9. Whatever effect the humid mildness of the air may have in diminishing excitability, and in allaying pulmonary irritation in patients of a nervous temperament, it is decidedly injurious in those of a feeble and lymphatic habit.

  10. Ipecac to two quarts of tepid water, applied with a sponge to the whole surface, acts like magic in yellow fever, allaying the nausea, producing free and health-restoring perspiration.

  11. The drug seems to me to act specifically and energetically, not only upon the circulatory system, but equally so upon the nervous system, allaying nervous irritability more effectually in fevers, than Coff.

  12. Ipecac in two quarts of tepid water, applied to the whole surface freely, under the bed clothes, so as not to expose him to the air, contributed much towards bringing on perspiration and subduing the fever, as well as allaying the nausea.

  13. Why should not the Porte think a general harrying of the Armenians a ready way of allaying incipient disloyalty among the Faithful?

  14. I plead to-day in behalf of the poor sufferers--that we may be instrumental in allaying their sufferings.

  15. The treatment of acute inflammation becomes the best means of relieving this excitement, allaying the hyperaemia, and procuring sleep.

  16. Camphor, given by the mouth in full doses, is a powerful remedy for allaying irritation of the bladder, from whatever causes induced; as is copaiba, less nauseous and more trustworthy than cubebs or buchu.

  17. If you have any doubts concerning the faith I have expounded, where better than here will you find theologians capable of contending with them and allaying them?

  18. In the case of Farges, his skin dried up and became horny, causing him such intense irritation, that as the only means of allaying it he had to be kept buried up to the neck while still alive.

  19. But, as if apprehensive of the effect of this change in allaying your discontents, you were precipitated into the fearful state in which you now find yourselves.

  20. Many thought that he ought to relax in his civil measures for allaying discontent while South Carolina held the military attitude of armed defiance to the United States--and among them Mr. Quincy Adams.

  21. Laudanum dropped in the eye will also prove very beneficial, allaying the itching and pain, at the same time stimulating the organs to renewed action.

  22. This is an excellent application for the purpose of allaying irritation of the skin in dogs; but it must be very carefully watched.

  23. For allaying spasms in the stomach and bowels.

  24. Allaying alleged fears of French Government that our Expedition would endanger the lives of French Missionaries.

  25. Allaying suspicion of Germans that underlying our acts were political motives.

  26. Continue to read, and the book 422:9 will become the physician, allaying the tremor which Truth often brings to error when destroying it.

  27. One should never talk about the insane man in his presence, but should include him in the conversation as if sane, as a general rule, allaying his suspicions and avoiding antagonism.

  28. Vocal and instrumental practice at suitable intervals is of great value in fixing the attention, filling the mind with desirable thoughts and memories, and allaying irritability.

  29. In medicine it is a most useful agent in allaying pain.

  30. The seriousness depends largely on the depth of the injury, and treatment should be directed to allaying the inflammation and preventing the consequent tendency to sloughing.

  31. He earned a good deal but spent even the last farthing in allaying the distress of his poor relations and neighbours.

  32. But it was never his intention to deceive his creditors and no one could with propriety ascribe this motive to Chitta Ranjan who spent his earnings right and left for allaying the distress of the needy and the poor.

  33. If the throat is in a highly inflamed condition, repeated packing is the surest means of allaying the inflammation and preventing croup.

  34. This course was more prolonged by the men than the first, with the object of somewhat allaying the insatiable lust of the women by making them spend infinitely oftener than their fuckers.

  35. He joked aunt upon her skill in allaying such frequent attacks as I now appeared subject to.

  36. My darling boy, you are so apt and excellent a scholar that I must show you there are several ways of allaying the stiffness of this dear fellow, who seems as desirous as ever to have his hardness taken out of him.

  37. I left but allowed the old bawd just on going away to take out my prick and give it a suck by the way of allaying a little the great desire she had for it.

  38. Both courses were run off at a gallop, and were a momentary allaying of the insatiable salacity of my most lewd and lascivious aunt.

  39. It is idle, however, to think of allaying angry feeling or appeasing resentment while the war lasts, and idler to hope for any permanent settlement, except in the complete subjugation of the rebellion.

  40. Ingratitude is a Vice inseparable to a lustful Man; and the Possession of a Woman by him who has no thought but allaying a Passion painful to himself, is necessarily followed by Distaste and Aversion.

  41. The Thoughts of him who would be discreet, and aim at practicable things, should turn upon allaying our Pain rather than promoting our Joy.

  42. And at this day barbarous people who want wine drink metheglin, allaying the sweetness of the honey by bitter roots, much of the taste of our wine.

  43. This is a valuable nervine and antispasmodic, and has been used with great success, in my practice, for allaying nervous irritability.

  44. An infusion of hops is highly recommended in derangement of the nervous system, and for allaying spasmodic twitchings of the extremities.

  45. In this capacity he often acts as justice of the peace, as well as a peacemaker, thereby allaying strife and contention.

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