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  1. From thence one may contemplate at will either the almshouse gardens and the woodland beyond Houndsditch, or the turrets of the Tower itself, in winter when the leaves are gone.

  2. The almshouse gardens may at least teach one resignation.

  3. To this foundation was added in 1443 by Cardinal Beaufort an extension called the "Almshouse of Noble Poverty," and it is believed that the present domestic buildings were erected by him.

  4. The school, we will say, grows into an expensive one for the sons of rich men; the almshouse dwindles from a college for poor gentlemen down to a home into which wealthy men job their retired servants.

  5. Within the almshouse quadrangle, around the leaden pump, the daffodils were in flower and the tulip buds swelling.

  6. Aunt Butson, after a vain attempt to find labour in the fields, had followed her to the almshouse across the water.

  7. There was a grammar master at Ewelme Almshouse 1461 (ibid.

  8. The first person buried beyond the handsome marble gothic gateway was a destitute and aged printer who had died at the almshouse and whose dying message to Mr. Childs was that he could not bear to fill a pauper's grave.

  9. There was an immense almshouse in the midst; at least, I took it to be so.

  10. The work of the boat's passengers occupied an unexpectedly long time, and as no provision had been made for dinner, the party invoked the hospitality of the almshouse on the island.

  11. The almshouse is for the sick and helplessly infirm; Such may go there in all honor, without disgrace.

  12. Many of them are victims of incurable disease; and, as against such cases the Boston hospitals are closed, the almshouse is for them the only open door.

  13. Truly, as Coleridge says, "A mother is the holiest thing alive;" and God never intended that the almshouse or the orphan asylum should be the only refuge held open for a mother who is able and willing to work to support her children.

  14. I doubt not there are men in the almshouse who have done more service to humanity than many others who die amid luxury and wealth.

  15. Its founder, an eccentric and philanthropic merchant of the place, as well as the tenants of the almshouse whose descriptions follow, are all avowedly, like most other characters in Crabbe, drawn from life.

  16. Very noticeable are the sections devoted to the almshouse of the borough and its inhabitants.

  17. The disgust inspired by the quarrelling, fetid crew of beggars in the almshouse gives way to feelings of the most profound pity at the entrance of the poor little would-be suicide.

  18. After all this burst of colour and harmony, for there is much music of harps and plucked strings, we are almost instantly transported to the almshouse again, and see Hannele once more in her rags on her squalid bed.

  19. Ordered that John Watson be permitted to inhabit that part of the almshouse designed for the deputy-constable.

  20. It, at this period, was used as an almshouse for poor people.

  21. That the greaves do immediately agree with Mr. Platts for altering the almshouse to a prison, and, according to a plan now in their hands, so that the expense of the alterations do not exceed thirty-six pounds.

  22. The college was swept away at the Dissolution; the almshouse remained and was rebuilt after the Fire.

  23. Even the kind old lady at the almshouse had not entered his life.

  24. The daily routine of the almshouse from year to year was little changed.

  25. As the feeble-minded people at the almshouse sometimes caused trouble by running off, large balls of iron had been provided to be chained to the feet of such persons.

  26. That is a sort of hospital or almshouse for old people," said Monsieur Desfondrilles, who knew Nantes.

  27. Hampton Court is regarded by some travellers with pensive regard as a kind of almshouse for this class of the indigent, and institutions nearer home are described with a deferential courtesy and avoidance as homes for decayed gentlewomen.

  28. But had he gone to the almshouse he would not have complained, and in no word or sigh of his would you have discovered that he had seen better days.

  29. Pity there wasn't an almshouse in this God-forsaken country.

  30. Four seconds elapsed before he discovered that he was an almshouse idiot plunging through hot, crackling thickets on a June morning in Cuba.

  31. Women are doing efficient work on the jail and almshouse boards of Harford County and the school boards of Montgomery.

  32. She fears becoming the great almshouse of Europe.

  33. Shall we in her stead become the great almshouse of the world?

  34. No, he's going to start a roadhouse out on the almshouse drive in a few months; swell place, you know.

  35. Grantham also possesses an ancient almshouse of striking architecture and a grammar school which once included among its pupils Sir Isaac Newton, who was born at Woolsthorpe Manor, near the town.

  36. The almshouse clock came from the old workhouse near by when it was pulled down.

  37. Further, the counties and towns in New York state, for instance, and Massachusetts, and the almshouse districts in Pennsylvania, are under boards of supervision.

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