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  1. In some cases, as in Aloe venenosa, the juice is poisonous.

  2. America, the so-called century plant or American aloe (the maguey of Mexico).

  3. Root of beetroot, potato tuber, aloe leaves, and parts of other plants rich in sugar all came under review.

  4. His thoughts and desires and ways begin to dethrone ours as the aloe seed dethrones its leaves and casts them to the ground.

  5. Nothing is to be seen but the mellow golden-brown of the grass, broken by blue-green aloe leaves, and here and there a deep madder head of dried-up fennel.

  6. So adorned and radiant, this variety of the American aloe floats into the charmed circle of New Orleans society--that lively, sparkling epitome and relic of the old régime.

  7. I made them gather here as much of the aloe as they could find.

  8. They saw much aloe and mastic, and cotton-fields.

  9. It's early though," she said, and looked beyond the aloe fence to where the dew spread its silvery cobwebbed veil along the ground.

  10. Proceeding thence to the hill of Huanacauri, where the venerated huaca to Ayar Uchu was erected, they there received huaras, or breeches made of aloe fibres, from the priest.

  11. The Aloe My life was like an Aloe flower, beneath an orient sky, Your sunshine touched it for an hour; it blossomed but to die.

  12. Torn up, cast out, on rubbish heaps where red flames work their will Each atom of the Aloe keeps the flower-time fragrance still.

  13. Mark of aloes on the brow; (b) tilaka trees and aloe trees all bright.

  14. The future Member for Manchester chanced in a lucky hour to find in his "Book of Useful Knowledge" the tradition that the aloe flowers only once in a hundred years.

  15. He instantly saw his opportunity, and accosting the maid with winning air and wheedling accent, asked insinuatingly, "Dunn, have you often seen the aloe flower?

  16. That time he had been naughty and had run away from his aya, the nurse who always watches little Spanish children like a faithful dog, and he had fallen into the deep ditch beside the great aloe hedge.

  17. The central stem of the aloe grows sometimes twenty feet high, and it has a number of stems on the ends of which grow yellow flowers.

  18. The leaves of the aloe are sometimes a yard long, and they are very useful.

  19. A special feature of the festival is that every one must carry in his hand what is called a radica ( "root"), by which is meant a huge leaf of the aloe or rather the agave.

  20. And as to his scent, sahib, I have brought a medicine of strong smell that all of his kind like, and I have put some where the woman lies and within the aloe machan, so his nose will not give him knowledge of the sahib's presence.

  21. As Gilfain sat behind the sabre-leafed wall of aloe he bent down a strong-fibred shoot to obtain a good rest for the heavy 10-bore, and an opening that gave him a view of the dead body of the woman.

  22. Thirty yards across from the body, he passed beyond it to catch in his nostrils the gently stirring wind that sifted through the aloe blades to where, once more flat to earth, he waited while his sixth sense tabulated the taints.

  23. A special feature of the festival is that every one must carry in his hand what is called a radica ("root"), by which is meant a huge leaf of the aloe or rather the agave.

  24. The pass was too high for the aloe and mesembryanthemum to flourish, and the lava-bed which floored it was yet too new to have clothed itself in any of the larger mountain-loving trees.

  25. Several species of aloe are indigenous to the Cape.

  26. The so-called American aloe has also been naturalized.

  27. It looks like one vast garden, so thickly is it covered with vineyards, olive groves, and orange and lemon orchards, with an occasional aloe and palm tree to give an Oriental touch to the landscape.

  28. He found a young man lying among the sharp points of an aloe hedge, groaning as if at the last gasp.

  29. The gardener in the park, who exhibited the aloe for some time past, has suddenly disappeared; but the Netherlandress, who lodged with him, was found dead in her room an hour ago.

  30. At last Christopher said, "This aloe must have brought you many a fair half-crown, master gardener?

  31. Aloe plantations are everywhere to be seen, and at each station a huge train calls daily for the casks full of the liquor so dear to Mexicans.

  32. Dona Dolores, half-reclining on a hammock of aloe fibre, was amusing herself with teasing a pretty parrot half the size of her hand, and was laughing heartily at the little creature's cries of fury.

  33. However, I threw him on to the aloe tub and ran off.

  34. Lister leaned against the rail and laughed, because he knew aloe spikes are sharp.

  35. Shillito vanished and a crash in the gloom indicated that he had fallen on an aloe in a tub by the path.

  36. Secretion of mucus of the rectum is increased by aloe internally, by various clysters and suppositories externally.

  37. Aloe given internally seems to act chiefly on the rectum and, spincter ani, producing tenesmus and piles.

  38. Aloe and calomel, then the bark, and chalybeates.

  39. Twenty grains of calomel in small pills, or one grain of aloe every hour till stools are procured.

  40. Clysters with solution of aloe and oil of amber.

  41. The mucus of the rectum by aloe internally, by clysters and suppositories externally.

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