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Example sentences for "anxieties"

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anuran; anus; anuther; anvil; anvils; anxiety; anxious; anxiously; anxiousness; any
  1. There were the old struggles, the old uncertainties of fortune to be faced, with new anxieties added.

  2. Her anxieties and hopes were freely communicated to her friends, whose answers show the intense interest felt in every movement.

  3. Mrs. Spalding's health was seriously impaired by the anxieties endured during the struggle, and many years afterwards it was deemed necessary for her to try the climate of Europe.

  4. Their father lived but a short time after his return to America; evidently broken down by his anxieties and probably dying of a broken heart.

  5. But her heart did not fail her; she could only feel that a captivity was over, and the most vague and terrible of her anxieties soothed, as she made her way into one of the long shady lanes of the Bocage.

  6. Your letter relieved my anxieties and fulfilled my hopes, by assuring me of your unabated affection.

  7. Remember, no agitations, no complaints, no fears or anxieties on the road, or I renounce thee.

  8. Your anxieties about me evince a sort of sickly sensibility, which indicates that you are not well.

  9. When the anxieties of her situation overwhelmed her, as they would again and again, she felt herself in the arms of this strange, resolute man whom all her own hated and whom she knew she already loved beyond all power to put away.

  10. De Spain, without giving the weather signs much thought, recognized their import, but his mind was filled with his own anxieties and he rode smartly back toward Calabasas, because he was not at ease over the puzzles in the trail.

  11. The thoughtfulness of Kate was narrowly observed, and even alluded to, but politely ascribed to the natural anxieties of a prisoner, and the very imperfect state of liberation even yet from prison surveillance.

  12. The anxieties of the farewell night at St. Sebastian were nothing to this; because, even if she had failed then, a failure might not have been always irreparable.

  13. The anxieties of his election turn him aside from his desire to go to entrap his wife.

  14. The enthusiastic reception granted me by the audience awakened in me all vigour, and the happy success of my effort compensated me a thousandfold for all the anxieties I had gone through.

  15. Amidst the general anxieties of the time this important question was presented for revision.

  16. She saw very little of him, and was too busy to think about him or note whether he came or not, having so many anxieties on her mind just then, of which the heaviest was the girl-wife Annie in the next cabin.

  17. For a half an hour after the magic doctor left, Stanley sat quietly in his camp, his anxieties now thoroughly dissipated, thinking over his speedy departure for the Nyanza.

  18. If there has been anything that clouds sometimes our thoughts, it has been that we were compelled by the state of Emin Pasha and his own people to cause anxieties to our friends by serious delays.

  19. But, true or false, she could but pursue the line of conduct she had adopted, and must have turned with relief from domestic anxieties to any other matters that could serve to distract her mind from her precarious future.

  20. In all the earlier years when her babies were young, carking cares and anxieties darkened the fireside with their brooding wings.

  21. Rebecca was full of small anxieties and fears, for matters were not going well at the brick house and were anything but hopeful at the home farm.

  22. Since she could remember, it had been an axiom in the family to spare the delicate nervous mother all the anxieties and perplexities of life.

  23. Even here, however, the fears and anxieties that beset him were too many and incessant to leave much leisure for the pursuits of scholarship.

  24. Some anxieties always, of course, but, as compared with the distractions of New Zealand life, it is pleasant indeed.

  25. You know that I sympathise with all your anxieties about Church matters.

  26. I baited at the Half-Moon; and now I learned for the first what anxieties harassed these good burghers of the old Dutch city.

  27. I, being in garrison at this fortress, which is the keystone of our very liberties, find that, in barracks as in the field, every hour brings its anxieties and its harassing duties.

  28. For Lord Stirling was already a general officer in His Excellency's new army, and I never expected him to remember me amid the desperate anxieties of his new position.

  29. Anxieties as to the future could not but press on the heart of the mother, but they could scarcely be said to deepen her sadness.

  30. We have had many cares and anxieties together.

  31. He began to fall away from himself; the anxieties and fears which a sense of sin had set in his heart were dispelled, and a certitude of the remission of his sins took possession of him.

  32. Cut off the cares and anxieties of mundane action; clear them away as a heap of rubbish which stops the fountain's flow.

  33. Porphyry, willy nilly, was drawn down to life, and suffered all the pain of keen mentality when limed and netted with the anxieties of common superstitions.

  34. Tullius thrust himself into the midst of the anxieties which have enveloped us since the betrayal of our city, so that in the happy eyes of men we are held unhappy through our sentence.

  35. The German poet is driven to a few reflections on the deceits of Eve's daughters, the anxieties of forbidden love, and the crown of worth and joy that a true woman's love may be.

  36. At times, his anxieties on Ulrica's account saddened him into utter despondency.

  37. The feelings of this period make me look with infinite compassion on the unhappy beings who take their lives into their own hands, and who extinguish all their earthly anxieties at a plunge.

  38. It is probable, as Mr Austin Dobson has pointed out, that the Mrs Daniel, whose anxieties Fielding here shows himself anxious to relieve, was his second wife's mother.

  39. But his brother seemed to know this instinctively; he bore the yoke in his youth, patiently if not willingly; he shared the anxieties as he parted the cares of his father and mother.

  40. Then there were all sorts of anxieties and perplexities about the dress.

  41. Yet her constitution had been shaken by the harassing anxieties of the situation, and added sorrow was soon to fall upon unhappy Prussia.

  42. The famous physician Hufeland describes the anxieties of the crisis: "The queen was in the utmost danger, and all night long the wind howled terrifically.

  43. We must devote ourselves to finding answers to these anxieties and aspirations.

  44. During the anxieties of war, when necessity seemed compelling there were excessive grants of authority and all extraordinary concentration of powers in the Chief Executive.

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